nfl lockout management has officially locked-out their players.....hmmmmmm could be a long one going by the war of words on the news....I hope Hunt got a good signing bonus...He might not be playing in 2011 and that could hurt...It's the chance he took :roll: I wonder if he's having second thoughts????...I know OUR league is a go this season :wink:

He said he wouldn’t sign unless he got a signing bonus that was worth it financially, especially knowing the lockout was looming. I’m guessing it would have to be not too far off what he would’ve have made playing here this season. It kind of hurts the Blue more than anything if the lockout lasts because, as much as I would like Phil Hunt to succeed I also would like him back in blue and gold chasing QBs down like he did last year. Statistically the odds of a CFL player sticking with an NFL club are less than 50-50 so chances were decent we could have seen him back here in September, or even sooner depending on how their draft and minicamps went. Adding a player like that in the 2nd half of the season could’ve been a huge. If there is a protracted lockout we won’t see him back this season for sure. What I’m wondering is I believe this season would’ve been his option year, which if he misses the entire CFL season sitting out because of the lockout, he would then technically become a CFL free agent. Am I correct in that? So if the lockout lasts for a while and he fails to stick with the eagles he won’t necessarily be back here?

...the way i see it is Hunt signed a contract with the nfl, that through no fault of his own, he is unable to play, therefore unable to honour said contract ( most likely if the nfl doesn't get off the ground this year)..He should be free to pursue other interests ..I know that's not how it works but considering the 'irregular' circumstances he finds himself (and others who have signed), there should be a loophole for him to be released from his current signing....Hunt has probably received a hefty signing bonus so that cancels out his options....The only way i see him returning to the CFL is if he is released by the eagles once the nfl gets it's act together... Mack was prepared to make him a great offer, so he would most likely return to the Peg (not sure about his CFL status if he was released ).... So all in all it's too bad for us and not so great for him...other than the signing bonus...I hope it was substantial.. :roll:

....there's one other thing i'd like to add.........IF i was running a business and the economy looked weak, would i go out and hire a man and give him a big bonus to sign on with me....That's essentially what the eagles did when they signed Hunt with a work stoppage in sight....IF i were the guy doing the hiring for that club, i would expect my position to be reviewed, for signing and paying a guy a bunch of cash, to essentially sit on his bum...Stupid money...i guess the nfl is flush with it :lol:

According to this article papa, Hunt and Fantuz can not return to their former CFL team. :expressionless:

…Naylor says they are in ‘limbo’…no-where land…but yes it does look like they cannot return to the CFL…unless of course the club that signed them has a change of heart and releases them…Can’t see that happening after both Hunt and Fantuz were paid bonuses…IF i’m Philip Hunt i take the money (bonus) and keep myself in shape till the nfl resumes play …However, who knows if he’ll stick down there and that brings up another whole kettle of fish :roll: We WILL be playing in 2011 and Mack just might come-up with another Hunt :wink: we’ll see

NFL teams cannot release players during the lockout; CFL players who signed with NFL teams,cannot come back to the CFL,until a new deal is approved and if they fail to make the team.


...yes that's true Richard.....during the lock-out they can't be released.... with regard to Hunts status ...I guess i was looking ahead to when the nfl resumes play and gets back to normal... :wink:

Signing bonus: Since the 2010 NFL season was "uncapped", teams were less reluctant to give/pay with a signing bonus; we also have to take into account that salaries for a 2010 NFL team were roughly $125 millions; a signing bonus of $75,000 or so is equivalent/"proportionnel" to a signing bonus of $2,550 in the CFL.

Good moves by NFL teams to give signing bonuses in 2010,since they did not know what 2011/the future will be.


I’m still interested in an answer to Wolverine’s question about players who signed during their option year being CFL FAs if the strike lasts the entire season. Unless the CFL and the CFLPA agree to a one-time extending of rights then I think those players will be FAs.

If the lockout lasts the entire NFL season, players such as Hunt,Fantuz,Arcenault, will be free agents,from a CFL "view".


Thanks Richard, that's what I figured. So basically instead of getting your option year player back in the latter half of the CFL season if he fails to make an NFL squad, which would give the team a window to sign him to that lucrative extension he left on the table when he signed the NFL deal, because of the lockout if/when he comes back the blue lose that exclusive window and he becomes a FA. This is probably the biggest impact the lockout will have on the CFL. That and maybe a few guys who don't get drafted but would normallyl sign FA deals for training camp down there might forego that and try their luck north if the lockout continues to drag on.

okay so what exactly happens to the NFL.. if players stay locked out because thats all thats locked out correct the league itself hasn't gone into a full lockout? So would something like the movie "The Replacements" happen?

There won't be replacement players. This is a lock-out. The labour dispute that had replacement players was a strike. The owners would have to end the lock-out to bring in replacement players.

.....UNLESS our league allows teams ,to keep a rein on their free agents, for an extended period, due to the extra-ordinary circumstances...It could be a one time thing as was suggested by someone earlier...Somethings are never cut and dried, when such an occurence happens like the lock-out , which can affect our players...I'm not saying that scenario will take place but the league office might have a look at it... :wink: