NFL Lockout Looming Large And Ugly

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Similar issues in the NFL, but with more money at stake, as for the CFL with regard to the ownership wanting to curb player pay but not turning over all the real books and matters off the books as well, such as revenue and endorsement rights of player images off CFL-sanctioned events as just one example, though the latter point on the CFL owners keeping two sets of books de facto I've seen contested hotly on here with regard to the CFL.

Guys let's enjoy the NFL season to come for awhile and pray for the CFL season 2010 and not take it for granted. :expressionless:

Such developments though not looking good are not surprising when you look at what has happened with labour actions in major sports leagues during past recessions, and this economic situation is by comparison The Great Recession still despite all the propaganda about some "recovery" lest one is in any one of the states from TX to ND in the US and perhaps Alberta.

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As solid an overview of the situation between the NFL and NFLPA after the conclusion of the owners’ meeting as you will read even though I think, at first scan, that the author slants too pessimistic …

Ug-ly development here:

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Geez I had some optimism after Goodell's comments earlier this week but now it's been revealed, and for all the obstruction of the president of the NFLPA DeMaurice Smith he's right on this matter, that the league had so much sway with the television networks down here that the league and its owners were able even to negotiate a position of profitability EVEN in the event of a lockout! :o

Something tells me that with the recent Supreme Court ruling that went against the NFL, and other anti-trust considerations, that the contract will be annulled if not modified beforehand, but the latter would have to happen as part of a larger, very ugly discussion for a new agreement with the NFLPA all the same.

I think perhaps it's best to uncap one, take a sip, and sit back awhile on this one whilst these elephants rumble in the jungle.

Interesting perspective here that apparently the NFL players are partying like it’s 1999, or 2007, as a lockout looms even though only the Green Bay Packers, showing record revenues for last season, have to show their complete books as the only publicly-owned team. Note that all other teams in some way are publicly subsidised one way or the other with a few with some real screw-over deals in their towns like Jim Irsay pulling one over royally on Indianapolis and others:

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Looks to me like no shortage of dirty tricks and greed to go around on both sides from all the articles I have been reading about the matter including those below. :frowning:

Ug-ly for sure despite the public goodwill on the part of Goodell to avert a lockout though the NFL owners have already insured their profitability even if it comes down to that.

Let’s hope, though seemingly unthinkable, that greed does not ruin NFL ball the way it did for example boxing via the likes of Don King and others as it has also the NBA and to some degree MLB as well.

while I enjoy watching the last two months of NFL, I can live without it. No worries here.

Two fine editorials today to shed more light on the financial reality of the NFL with its substantially private books on 31 of the 32 teams -- no doubt the NFL Players' Association is taking more notes.

Fold The NFL Network?

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If they did that it would be tragic for football fans stuck with ESPN piles of crap for sake of dominant sports TV coverage.

Greed & Hypocrisy Exposed On The NFL In Philadelphia?

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I was one of the many football fans living in Metro Philly pissed off at the NFL for opposing Delaware's successful effort to add sports betting, but I never did get over there to the other side of the Metro area and just worked with my prior local bookie for small action. Now look at the NFL go at it again only because they are finding some skin in the game. Meanwhile no Las Vegas commercials et al during NFL games ha ha.

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An additional US$1 billion difference for revenue sharing between the owners and players, on top of the other matters of contention, is an awful lot of ground to make-up by March to avoid the lockout. The situation is just not looking good and has not gotten better.

If the 31 owners other than Green Bay won't show their books to substantiate that extra demand, like Smith I have no doubt they are full of it when you read some of the schemes they have pulled on municipalities too.

The owners are making money. If they were all losing significant money, more teams would be coming out of the woodwork saying that their financial situation wasnt in the greatest shape.

I forget what or where I read this one article, but I read somewhere that a player said how their contracts are out in the open and that what the owners make should be too. I disagree with that myself, but it would definitely be interesting to see.

My guess is that in the end, the owners will win because they can afford to have a work stoppage while the players, some with ridiculously extravagant lifestyles, will need the money and cave in.

The members of the Saints, Eagles, and Cowboys have begun this process with the NFLPA to counter the NFL owners’ “insurance policy” tactics (see related previous post below) to ride out a lockout:

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Expect the Redskins to join these three teams tomorrow and then it’s off for a new round next week.

As I understand the matter yet only in part, this legal strategy is such that with no union there can be no lockout such that the owners would be able to cash in on their hedge made years ago for sake of such a potential lockout. And then of course the owners would have more incentive to come to the bargaining table with more information than they have already and in better faith.

Again on the matter of the lack of disclosure by the owners with regard to their financial records, real or creative, only the Green Bay Packers have released those only because they have to do so as a publicly-owned team.

doesnt matter if the owners are making billions, the players are still making too much money already.

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Add the omitted Cowboys to the list above and now one quarter of NFL teams' players in four of the biggest markets, and in the biggest division as far as revenue and ratings the NFC East, have voted to de-certify their union status already.

Now the owners can't cash in on their "insurance policy" strategy to cover their expenses and profit even with a lockout without inviting quite the vicious federal anti-trust lawsuit that I think the NFLPA would win.

On the other side of that coin...The players, if they want to play games by temporarily decertifying the Union, I say that when all is said and done they shouldn't be allowed to have a union afterwards.

Logically that could make sense because after all the players did choose to not be a union, but legally it is not he case because no employer by federal law can prohibit employees from forming a union or re-forming one.

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The owners' proposal for sake of expanding rosters for the 18-game season is not only laughable but it proves who they truly are at the core as we have suspected -- just plain greedy. This has nothing to do with the fans or player health and other BS the owners are trying to sell.

Anyway, they ought just compromise on a 17-game season with 3 additional roster and one additional practise squad spots, but that's hardly the major matter here with the owners refusing to open their books except in Green Bay.

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Uglier and uglier here and let's enjoy this season ...the owners have less financial incentive to give in now, and the players' legal position has only strengthened for a prolonged court battle makes one wonder when the new Congress will get involved not that they amount often to accomplishing anything good any more :roll:

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A collusion case against the NFL is looming in the next month after at this point I think most NFL teams have de-certified as union members.

All the better for the CFL if you ask me, NFLN (NFL Network) will probably fill there schedueling with more CFL games, draw some American attention to OUR game, probably destroy the Bills series in Toronto (hopefully) :wink: Don't get me wrong I enjoy the NFL my team is the Seahawks, but CFL comes first and if it takes a Lockout for the CFL to get some International attention, so be it, it's there fault there a bunch of greedy snobbes :cowboy:

NFLPA expects the lockout in March, tells players to save money in anticipation of it.

I hope they use replacement players like last time.

Now murmurs are going around that it might just end up being a shortened season that starts late. The deadline of the current agreement is 3 March 2011, but as this article also explains, there is a vested interest by the head of the NFLPA to not do a deal by that deadline as well:

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