NFL kickoff rule

Tuning into the NFL games yesterday (Thanksgiving) and throughout the season. I have noticed that there are very few kick-offs being brought back. I know they implemented the rule that kick-offs are to take place five yards further up-field and a majority of these kicks sail through the endzone and out of play. What is the purpose of this? Is it to protect the players?

Maybe I have been spoiled watching the CFL and actually seeing kick-off and punt returns. It adds an element of excitement to the game experience.

Hmmm. Maybe the NFL should expand their field by adding a few more yards to the endzone, and give the kicking team a chance to score a point if it is kicked into or out of the endzone. Which would facilitate the receiving team to catch and carry the ball out of the endzone.

While we are still on the kicking game, why not eleminate the fair catch rule in the NFL and implement the no yards zone.

That should make the NFL as exciting as the CFL.


Your kidding I hope :roll:

Let them have their NO FUN LEAGUE...just the boring, predictable way it is. :wink:

The NFL... adopted this change in March for the sake of safety. In conjunction with moving the kickoff line, the rule also prevents coverers from getting more than a 5-yard running start before the kick. Under the previous rule, would-be tacklers could mount a 15-yard head of steam before the kick.

By slowing the momentum of kick coverers at the start of the play and by reducing the number of returns, the league hopes to significantly reduce injuries. This follows a rule change last year that redefined wedge blocking by limiting the adjoining players in the scheme to two, outlawing tactics that sometimes included as many as five wedge blockers on a kick return.
The league has contended such emphasis on special teams was needed, given the higher injury rate on kickoffs when compared to other plays. When the wedge-blocking rules were modified, the NFL said, according to The New York Times, that seven injuries occurred on every 100 kicking plays in 2009, compared to five injuries on every 100 non-kicking plays.

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So the idea is to reduce injuries resulting from kickoff returns? And their answer is to just reduce the number of returns? By that logic, they could eliminate the risk of injuries on kickoff returns all together by just eliminating kickoffs. Just give the receiving team the ball on the 35 and be done with it. Problem solved.

While their at it, they could eliminate all that other dangerous contact. First, eliminate the offensive and defensive lines, replacing them with a five second delay before anyone on the defence can rush the quarterback. Then eliminate tackling by having the players wear flags or something that the defence has to grab and remove to stop the ball carrier. Again. Problem solved.

:roll: Wimps.

That's exactly what I've been saying to all my buddies!

If anything, the NFL needs to make their kicking game more exciting, not less by significant;y increasing the amount of touchbacks which is what has happened.

The chance of even seeing a return is just 53.8 per cent. That means nothing happens almost half the time. Not a single second is wasted on the game clock.

When the league's competition committee decided in March to move kickoffs up to the 35-yard line, everyone expected more touchbacks. That's what they got. Touchbacks are up nearly 30 per cent from this time last year.

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CFL rules/regulations are what makes it unique and indigenous to our country's sports culture.

The U.S. has already pillaged much of our own identity so why abscond even more?

So here we go again., CFL season over and it's time to start knocking the NFL. I guess it's an attempt for some CFL fans to try to boost the league by knocking the NFL. I always find if funny how , so called CFL fans come out of the wood work and start bring up things like "the no fun league" etc Come on guys you are better than this childish stuff, it makes you look like you are jealous and envious. Get over it! if you like the CFL then tell us why you like the CFL not why you dislike the NFL.
Some of us like football, no matter what the rules or where the league is.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I prefer Canadian football. Here's why:

I like the 3 down game and the larger field with the 12th player
I like having a deep end zone and wish we would go back to having a 25 yard zone
I like the unlimited backfield motion
I like the rouge, and if anything I would take steps to increase its significance in the game (there are a few ways this could be done)
I like the no yards rule and don't like the fair catch at all
I like the live ball and do not want us to adopt the touchback in any way, shape or form
I don't want to watch players surround a punted ball and watch it roll around until it stops
I like having a short time clock
I like having fewer time-outs and wish we would go back to having none at all
I like a smaller roster and would prefer an even smaller one to encourage two-way play like we saw from the likes of Garney Henley and Hal Patterson
I like the ratio, and wish we had even more Canadian players

American football is okay, I just don't enjoy it so much. If others do, that's fine with me.

I prefer Canadian football too, but I also love the NFL.

The NFL has been very exciting for the last few years now.


The CFL has nothing to apologize for when being compared to the NFL -- it is the superior brand of football, IMHO. That being said, I love the NFL too. To each their own!

Oski Wee Wee,


I wasn't comparing or intending to compare the CFL to the NFL, both are unique games and I enjoy watching them. I was commenting on the fact that by changing the kickoff location, they are taking one phase of the game out which I think is a mistake. With this rule I dont think you will ever see a kickoff returned for a touchdown anytime soon. As some other poster mentioned earlier, why dont they just give the ball to the opposition at a predetermined location on the field rather than kickoff.

just my two cents


I like having to actually play to the end of time, and not have everyone walk off the field with 40 seconds left, even if it is just taking one more knee.
I like the potential for a punter or an onside player to recover a punt.
I like the wide field, which allows for more big plays.

and you gotta love the out of the endzone kicks to prevent singles/safeties. :thup:

The NFL is definitely not gone pansie. The players are bigger, stronger , faster and better coached. The CFL was first to cut down on kickoffs by allowing teams to take the ball on their 35. I hate that, especially in a game where one team is down by 10 nearing the last of the game. You cannot kick a field goal first and go for the onside kick because the other team just takes the ball on the 35. Plain ole dumb.

The considered changing this back, but, player safety was quoted as the reason they have it.

Punt returners are definitely not pansies in the NFL. First when they catch the punt they can be totally run over, so an intelligent player seeing how he is going to be blasted calls for the fair catch. In the CFL we let the ball bounce around, and on a windy day, as it bounces back, defensive players have to scramble to get out of the way. It looks mickey mouse and is. How many times do we see, boring plays on punts in CFL. Pretty much everyone cept for Chad.

I would estimate that over 50% of the punt plays end up with balls bouncing around, a no yards penalty, or and illegal block. I dont find this exciting at all, give me a fair catch and the ability to down the ball by the defense.

What also sucks in the CFL is the way the clock stops and starts in the last three minutes of a half. This really can add up to an advantage for the team that is going with the wind. Maybe it should work that way at the end of every quarter so there wont be a disadvantage to the team going against the wind. Smart coaches take the wind in the 4th quarter. Too bad not all coaches are smart.

While were at it, give us the smaller US ball so QB's can actually lay it out on the line when they throw.

CFL and NFL balls are the same size, and have been for a long time, despite the "our balls are bigger" slogan.

The difference in tolerances for the two leagues is pretty small anyway.

Oh, and having 6 guys on the punting team surround a rolling ball until it stop isn't mickey mouse?

The team that goes against the wind in the 4th quarter, almost always goes with the wind in the 2nd. So it's already evened out.

The NFL is just fine for the old's nice and slow and easy to each their long as they keep it there...please leave our great country and our ONLY true Canadian sport alone...Can you imagine...all Canadian teams,rules,owners...etc...etc...without foreign control like hockey.

That slogan was used when the CFL was using J5V balls, which were bigger...

and that was one of my favourite slogans.. I still have a T-shirt with it on

Not according to the link. J5V balls were used until 1995, but the slogan is from 1996, one year later. Even if they hadn't switched from the J5V, though, the slogan would still have been inaccurate, since the J5V was made to conform with the NFL size already in the 1980s.

The CFL's new ball specifications (since 1986) are not exactly the same as the NFL's but the difference is so small, I doubt very many would be able to easily tell the difference between the largest possible regulation CFL ball and the smallest possible regulation NFL ball. The CFL ball would be 1/8 of an inch longer on the short circumference and 1/4 longer on the long circumference. That means that at the thickest part of the ball (i.e. the biggest cross section perpendicular to the long axis of the ball), there would be a difference of about 5/128 of an inch (or 1 mm) between the CFL and the NFL ball. The length of a cross section parallel to the long axis is harder to estimate because of the oblong shape of the ball, but it would be similarly small.