NFL keep your overrated boring game on your side of border

I just watched the Calgary and Winnipeg game in Calgary, great game, great receivers on both teams and two great qb`s. We should be proud of our great game and great product and our great leaque.

                 NFL Super Bowl so called world 

champions,if your are so good why don`t you play the Grey Cup champions at BC place because of their support of the western final, our rules if you think you are so much better. I would like to see the faces of all the Canadians who run down the CFL and all the rotten media who should all go live in America.

Doug Futie knows whats going on, he played in both
leaques and said you would be surprised of the talent of the CFL players and the outcome.

Remember when we played the Russians in hockey for the first time, we were suppose kill them right, wrong!

          CFL Grey Cup Champions would to better and their game then the NFL would at ours. Ask Rickey Williams, McMahn and Smith former QB of the stamps that was released. Why didn`t they dominate their NFL players aren`t they, their the greatest aren`t they

Canadian NFL lovers.

         I was down in US and they love our game better and are very impressed with our game and the talent, and watch it regularly in big numbers. One US CFL fan told me Canadians don`t even support their own leaque,instead run it down and praise the NFL like it`s God. He said Canadians don`t know what they have and just support their own game and leaque much better and never allow the NFL to take away what is ours. He told me the he knows Americans that go to the Grey Cup every year and like it better then the Super Bowl which is more about hype.



                  CFL FAN HALIFAX NS

Holy crap man. You're on a CFL forum. We already like the CFL. Talk about preaching to the choir.

Enough with the NFL threads!

This is CFL.CA not NFL.COM!

If we're going to have a new NFL thread every day let's at least merge them into one.

I don't come onto these forums to talk NFL ball, or to compare them, it's been done hundreds of times before, let it go!

What the heck every second thread is a bout the NFL coming to Canada. You five year olds got nothing to do.


Well so much for you!

Wspidel well said, but this is nothing new as most of us have been echoing for years.

What is it every third post now it is about the NFL coming to Canada this is getting tiresome. These rumors have been around since the 70's. Support your CFL team by talking about them not the stupidity around such humors. Next up Berezin with the Media reports nothing but NFL! Grow up! Both leagues are football enjoy.

Promoting NFL in Toronto and saying it`s ok is wrong Mr.Cohon and wrong of you to say.

       You are taking about our country and our game here. Chris Schultz is right keep them out of our country and let them have their NFL in America not in Canada when we have our leaque and own game and tradition.

              This is all about the city of Toronto and money. Toronto and the people of Toronto become a America city and then join the NFL. All you  Toronto NFL FANS that knock the CFL are basicly Americans not Canadians. 

Im going to the Toronto Grey Cup and after reading all the ignorant and negative posts from Toronto NFL fans knocking the CFL and wanting the NFL who dont care about the CFL and their suppose to be Canadians turns my stomach. Why do you watch Hockey then it`s Canadian.

        Come on Comm. Cohon stop the NFL along with our Govt. to protect our game and our GRey CUP

and build stadiums in Halifax and Stadiums now and grow and promote the CFL, not the opposite and promote and expand the NFL in Canada when we have our game and our own football leaque, and the Grey Cup for 95 years in our own country.

                 I`m sure many CFL fans that have watched and supported the CFL and the Grey Cup and are proud Canadians and proud of the CFL would also agree. 

                From all CFL Fans across our country