NFL Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend and commits suicide

Google the name and you'll find dozens of updates.

Unbelievable and so very tragic. Only 25 years old. She was only 22. He leaves a little 3 month old baby without a mommy and daddy. So needless, so senseless.

There can be no explanation for such tragedies.

The following is a Youtube link showing an interview with Belcher recorded 2 years ago.

He clearly, whatever the root of his problem, was an incredibly selfish, uncaring, contemptible person for murdering the mother of his child and then shooting himself in the presence of others, so they have to live with the horror of seeing that for the rest of their lives. What a complete a'hole. :thdn: His name deserves to be forever struck from the public record and forgotten as an ignominious lesson to others who might have thoughts of doing such unforgivable evil to others.

I feel GREAT sympathy for his now orphaned child and his various family and friends who all deserved a better parent/sibling/son/friend than he turned out to be.

I'm sure many share your sentiments rpaege. No doubt the little 3 month old is crying for her mommy as we read this. And as of this morning, mommy is gone.

the only good thing is that he did not physically hurt the child… how often in these situations do hear that the kid(s) are killed as well? far too often. Obviously I feel bad for the baby, but I also feel bad for his mother, who had to see her son shoot his girlfriend and for Romeo Crennel and the other chiefs staff who were standing very close to him when he shot himself.

Condolences to all those affected by this tragic event. Very sad. I guess it's not all about making big money in the "bigs" that makes people's lives happy and fulfilling. Obviously. :?

I gotta say rpaege, I am appalled with some of your comments. No question this was an intolerable act, but to label the man the way you have without knowing him is also selfish. There is obviously more to this story than any of us know and it will slowly come to the surface.;_ylt=AvbLpBYq2iUfUhy4atSTkgtDubYF;_ylu=X3oDMTN1aG02ZHI1BG1pdANGRUFUVVJFRCBNZWdhdHJvbiBORkwEcGtnA2RlNWNlMzNjLWNjNjAtMzA3ZS04OGQxLWU2N2E5NDg3ZmQzZARwb3MDNgRzZWMDbWVnYXRyb24EdmVyA2VkNDlkNzEwLTNjYjYtMTFlMi05ZWRmLTcwMDBmNTg2OGI2Zg--;_ylg=X3oDMTFoZHY1MWJpBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANuZmwEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnM-;_ylv=3

while there may be more details to surface from this story, is of no relevance to the depravity and cowardice of this man.
rpaege is correct.

To murder the mother of his newborn child, and subsequent suicide in front of coaches/players in order to evade personal accountability, is more than revealing in regards to the devoid moral compass of this individual.

there is no excuse rtk.

It's difficult not to get emotional and launch a tirade of descriptions if for no other reason to express our utter disdain for an abominable act.

We wish we could crawl inside the head of this guy to figure out what could ever lead a person to display such utter senseless behaviour. We desire this to make sense of that which makes no sense. We live in a finite world and cannot wrap our heads around such concepts as infinity, timelessness and senselessness. We think in terms of a beginning and an end. We always want answers and we are very uncomfortable when the answers are not forthcoming. We struggle with comprehending how someone can shoot dead someone else whom the person loves and then blow his own brains out.

It is possible that Belcher was in a state of rage when he killed his girlfriend. It is possible that after killing her he came to his senses and realized the magnitude of what he had done. At that point he may have been overwhelmed with guilt and remorse and believed that having done what he did that he himself did not deserve to live. In such a state of mind he would no longer be thinking of his little daughter, his loved ones, his coaches or anyone else. He needed to make one final statement.....a bullet through his own head.

Nobody is excusing anything tangledweb. I did not condone his actions nor would I ever. The actions were senseless and beyond comprehension. I think beagle put it best...

It is just a tragedy all around. God only knows what was going through his mind or what made him snap. It is easy to simply say that Belcher was this or that he was that. But in reality probably nobody, and certainly nobody here, knows what caused these terrible events.

That is obviously the worst part of this. I can appreciate that, as you know. She will grow up wanting answers that nobody can provide her, I just hope that because she is so young that it will make it slightly easier for her. Like if she was old enough now to comprehend what happened I wonder if she would have an even harder life...

Deadspin has an interesting article up right now.

[url=] ... -shootings[/url]

Sometimes I'll read a story about hunters shooting a bear dead. Moments later the little cubs emerge nearby. Do they know the mother is gone? I'm sure they do. Do they "feel" emotions at the time? I believe they do. And those are only bear cubs. I'm certain the little infant knows something terribly is wrong. She is longing to be cuddled by mom and dad and they are no where to be seen. Even at that tender age instinct kicks in and tells the little one something is wrong. The little rascal will cry longing for her parents, either one, but especially the mom. The pain the little one feels will be the emotional pain a 3 month old will feel. It will be as strong as it would be for any adult.

It is difficult to know what the infant actually saw and whether such images will remain in her subconscious and impact her later in life in some way. I don't know. She has not had time to accumulate memories so that is a blessing of sorts. At some point in her life the little girl will want to know about the parents she never knew. That is going to be the difficult part. I'm not sure how I would handle that.

I have a pretty good what caused this jman_135. I will share it with you by way of inbox if you are interested.

go ahead

we are actually both on the same page rtk.
My previous conveyance is that while we do not know Belcher personally, his actions speak louder than words, which sadly reveal a personality deviance of great depths.

yes, all humans are not immune to inherent flaws, although such flaws are usually exhibited within a certain social perimeter/limitation, of which were trounced immeasurably by this man's despicable actions that resulted in dire and inconceivable consequences.

Many lives have been irrepairably and irrevocably shattered, including family/friends/associates, and all due to the horrific actions of one individual.

oh, and apologies in advance for the rambling and partial incoherence.
this is most certainly one of my many personal flaws. :expressionless:

One of my flaws as well tangle. My guess, roids have a lot to do with this tragedy.

Here's a thought provoking take on it all. . .

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

From that article:

"How many of you have sat in your men’s league dressing room and listened to a guy brag about how his ex “won’t be getting a cent of my money. I’ll make her life a living hell.? That is just one kind of violence and it is carried out by all types of men. Few, if any of them, suffered a concussion or have mental health issues."

What? He kind of lost me there...

His point is that such a comment, "I’ll make her life a living hell." wreaks with inner contempt and hate towards the ex. If such hate is there it may not be a question of if but of when could such hate be expressed in physical violence towards the ex.