NFL Jaquars working out Mike Reilly

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Well if he can't make it there he probably wont make it anywhere lol :lol:

Great pickup under the radar Hfx. This news explains in some part the move away from Tebow for good last week.

At the very least I think Reilly looks better than does Gabbert for sake of pro ball. He's certainly worked the rounds far more.

for Reilly. He has worked hard. got an NFL tryout as a rookie coming from a top DII school went to the CFL with an open mind and worked hard. The situation presesnted itself where he got to play and then became a free agent. The CFL may lose him but what they will gain again is to be much more relavent again for a QB. It has been relevant for players at other positions over the past few years especially DE/OLB. It has taken the last few years of the Cohon ERA to shake that bad rap that the league got after a poor attempt at US expansion which made the league look bad and almost bankrupt.
The Arena League fell in 2009 and the UFL had two good seasons in "09 and "10 and bombed after the "11 season.
The CFL, However, during that time has gotten stronger while no one was looking.
Good for the CFL, Mike Reilly, and football in North America