NFL is WAY BETTER than CFL!!! are smarter than u.

Just voted. CFL all the way!!! No brainer!

they keep dropping the percentage fro 61-58 %, dispite no more votes...rigged?

reminder to all ...VOTE


......ARE YOU TRYING TO CONFUSE US d. god ....C'MON RUN A POLL WITH SOME CLARITY....ONCE AGAIN .....No.Fun.League vs. CFL. NO CONTEST.... :stuck_out_tongue:

were slippin....VOTE for CFL

I voted again...........56%

its gay, cuz it keeps knockin the CFL number down, and YET noone else is movin up....fishy

NFL- 27%
CFL- 56%
US College 13%
Canadian University- 4%

814 votes

Need more for CFL!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!

go CFL go !!!!!!!!!!!

this vote will shyrocket today, after what was one of the greatest GCs.

they changed the poll and I cant find the old one to see how we did. Its not in the poll history thing. Anyone know where it is?

Paul Godfrey stole it.....

lol. no really.

isn't there a poll index of something on that site? check there

I did, it wasn't there.

AAAAAWWWWWWW *******************************************!!!!!!!!!!


Any other time, that would be funny.....but now ....You might actually be on to something!

they didn't like the answers of this poll and the last one....loll.........