now that i got your attention:
there is a poll on, askin which is the best football leage...please click the link and vote CFL

Wow I was getting readu for quite a fight with you my friend :lol:

haha...aslong as u vote and vote everyday, until the CFL hits 90% of all votes.....

60% so far

got to vote in this one , just did.......what a ? to ask on , GREY CUP day?

Do you think that any American paper would even ask this?

i vote CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who cares..its our chance to crush the NFL in this poll....muHAHAHAHA

everyone tell your friends to vote CFL!!!

OK, njow that I have clamed down a bit. I voted for the CFL BABY!!! 60%, a clear majority!!!!

I say it like this:

  1. CFL: Better rules, Great CANADAIN PLAYERS, ok other players, ok teams
  2. NFL: Better players (that aren't on drugs), RULES AND TEAMS SUCK!!!
  3. CIS: I haven't seen any games yet and I barly know the teams, but the rules must be great
  4. NCAA: They are 1000% overrated and all talk.

Like you ro1313 I was getting ready for a big fight, thinking it was one of those misfits that seem to attract our CFL site around this time of year with the biggest FOOTBALL game awaiting crowning of a WORLD CHAMPION GREY CUP.
But, its OK good teesor DG, I think.

I thoght that too at first, but I doubted it meant it because of drumming_gods previous posts. Godd way to get attention though.

NFL- 26%
CFL- 60%
US College- 11%
Canadian University- 3%

479 votes

we were at people!!!

vote , vote , vote CFL and thanks........d.g. making a statement like that is like getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick....dollar for dollar ...pound for pound....the CFL is definitely a superior game....all of the NFL dough and glitz...does not make up for the fact that we have a superior there... :!:

read the first post..this was never about cfl vs nfl ( cuz cfl would win )...this was about drawing attention to the poll on

CFL vs NFL ? ? ? ? ?
2 differnt games CFL is more of a finese and quicks game and the NFL is more of a strength game .
its football i like them both ! ! ! !

OMG....bricks for brains
read posts b4 reply.

i thought the topic was which is beter cfl or nfl and i replyed with my thoughts i didnt relise that i was dealing with a moron so i guess that i wont disscuss this any furter with a dumming gob

sorry i cant spell must be the brik