nfl is going to Eliminate Kickoffs ??

The no fun league is going to eliminate kickoffs and are thinking about eliminate blocking below the waste. What next put a flag in the pants of the players ??

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They might as well eliminate it. They kick the ball through the end zone most times any way. Next they will go o 5 dons to cut down on the number of punts.

If they implement a rule that makes blocking below the waist illegal, that would be the first rule change that actually goes to protecting defensive players. After seeing the cheap shot that Brian Cushing took against the Jets that cost him his season, I don't think players should be blocking at the knees.

Eliminating kickoffs is no biggie (CFL teams can opt to take the ball after a field goal, so it's not something that hasn't been done before), but I don't think they'll get rid of it. There will be a fight on that one.

And if these rules prove effective in cutting down injuries, then the CFL will look at them also. If you look at most of the rule changes the past few years, the NFL makes a change and the CFL follows suit a year later.

While they're at it, elimtnate punts too. Why waste our time watching touchbacks, fair catches, and the punting team downing the ball... BOOOORRRING!

That's garbage!

Maybe if they got back to playing football instead of trying to kill or injure other players, they wouldn't have the problems of changing the rules. I realize some players want to make a statement of "don't come down my side again" but it is absolutely not necessary to hit as hard as they do to bring a man down. If some players knew how to tackle properly, they wouldn't have to use their weight and force to whack someone. Nothing wrong with hitting someone hard, but it should be only hard enough to bring him down, they message will be sent. It reminds me of that other game, what was it now, oh yeah, hockey, where big hits got the crowd going. We never had these kinds of injuries or rule changes years ago, so what has changed? I know, the players are bigger, faster, stronger, etc. etc. but that shouldn't change how the game is played.

Well from a league that has the “fairy(y)” catch rule on punts already, this is the next logical extension (to me anyway). Continuing on this way, they will eliminate all contact and put flags in non lineman pockets. Oh the horror, someone might get hurt playing a contact sport. :roll:

:oops: :oops:

I always have said, the worst part of NFL Football is the touchback, and now it's going to kill the game. I sincerely hope the CFL doesn't consider this idiocy.

nfl is also considering going to 5 downs and making the field smaller

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NFL kickoffs are as bout as pointless as our 1pt convert as it is now.

Personally, instead of eliminating them, they should just move them back 10-15 yards.

Totally agree with you. I hate the thug mentality that has developed, where instead of playing a tough, clean game, players deliberately use the threat of lifelong disability as a way of taking an opponent off his game. I guess there are lots of factors to blame, not least of which is the amount of money at stake for the players in the NFL. I remember a quote years ago from Grover Covington, where he talked about not taking cheap shots, but how often the opportunity presents itself that a malicious player could roll up on a guy's leg, etc. etc.

Let's not act like goon behaviour wasn't prevalent in previous eras of football. We all love him, but fans of most of the other teams consider Angelo Mosca as dirty a player that has ever played. Jack Tatum paralyzed Darryl Stingley in 1978 (Tatum's nickname was "The Assassin"). Dirty play has always existed, it's just now we are more aware of it. So please, don't make it out like this "thug mentality" is something new; it's been a part of football for decades.

Maybe they should eliminate it, right now you see so few runbacks that it dulls the players to sleep probably and that in turn can result in more injuries, who knows.

One big problem, what about onside kicks? What about about the surprise onside kick? Kicking is a big part of the game and you can't eliminate it.

The way football is going, it's going to be flag football in 5-10 years.

Above me there is a discussion about dirty play. Dirty play has been around forever. The problem is that we didn't know the effects at the time. "Having your bell rung" of yesteryear means "concussion" today. I am 100% for more player safety. As much as we don't like the rules regarding the QB, I would rather see a great QB than his back up because he has just been carted off.

tc23: Your title reads: "nfl is going to Eliminate Kickoffs". This is nonsense. They are simply looking at a situation
that will LIKELY NOT HAPPEN, the same with blocking below the waste. Why would you sensationalize these?

I heard this anolgy at the State of the League Address at the Grey Cup and think it sums it up pretty accuratley.

Try watching a nfl game with the sound off and try watching a CFL game with the sound off and then ask yourself which is the better game ??

Yup, I can see that one tc. :thup:

I watch both CFL and NFL. It all depends on the game. Last years Green Bay vs New Orleans game was better then any CFL game over the past few seasons. The San Fran saints play off game was also great. This years grey cup was horrible and very boring. There has been some great CFL games as well and bad NFL games. I find there is far too much punting in a CFL game. Myself I can not watch an entire CFL game entirely outside the Cats.

I wish I liked the NFL, I really do, but the 2-3 yard rushes and fair catch just make it so boring. It's just a slower game. Plus being more of a rugby guy anyway, I have no problem with excessive punting :lol:

I agree that goon behavior existed in the past, but I think it is less a matter of us being more aware of it now, and more a matter of a greater number of players today acting like it is "normal and acceptable behavior" to try to end someone's career. Of course lots of old timers tried to inflict pain on each other through dirty tactics, but I suspect very few were actively seeking to literally cripple each other (you mentioned Tatum and Mosca; Ray Nitschke and Dick Butkus definitely belong in that latter category). It's like the difference between punching someone until he won't get up versus intentionally slamming a door on someone's hand. The latter is something socially unacceptable (even within the context of a fistfight between consenting adults) that only a few bad apples would do, but it seems like the percentage of bad apples has grown exponentially.