NFL is back tonight

Big game tonight between the Bills and the Rams.

if only there was a way they could both win.

I see the CBC is trying to hype the NFL on it's morning show. the host, Heather Hiscox tried to create banter of the season opener with the weatherman(new guy, name escapes me), He said he was a CFL fan and it shot down any discussion between the two.

Well this game is an all out beat down.

Bills kicking ass .

Yeah the rams bought their Super Bowl last year.

This year they signed the old geezers club. Kinda like the Toronto Argos of the NFL


I give the Rams more credit for last year. Won their division which was actually competitive(looking at you East division). Then made it thru 3 playoff games to reach the final, not just one game and then into the Super Bowl.


Yes sir I wish more saw this and

understood your competing

with a story being told down south that has superior dynamics and variety

and the CFL story leading to the showcase Grey Cup needs more variety and honest seeding that will create a more competitive entertaining story .

Even then upsets still happen and as 2016, 2017 and 2019 showed us even when the best team is in the championship game against a weaker opponent it doesn’t mean they will win. The CFL needs some rebalancing of the divisions. I have seen many different ideas on this forum, each with pros and cons. I think adding a 10th team would greatly improve the ways the divisions could be redone. Time will tell I guess.

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2016 and 2017 showed us it was extremely bad seeding and there was no residual interest in the east helping the east get represented .

No divisions and it gets fixed .

Wait until there is sufficient expansion .

Right now with attendance and ratings they have nothing to lose and everything to gain .

I wouldn’t include 2019 in your example. The Bombers were by far the better team and have since proven that game, which they dominated, was no fluke. Although we didn’t know it at the time, Hamilton had no chance.

The Bombers record wasn’t as good because they had Matt Nicholls as their starter and then Streveler before they obtained their Greek QB god. They also had a much tougher schedule with more West teams vs Hamilton being able to disproportionately beat up on weak East teams. Their regular season records would have been closer had the schedule been more balanced, although Hamilton would still have finished ahead because of other factors such as injuries. The Bombers peaked at the right time and were the better team at the end, unlike the other examples you refer to which were more like flukie one offs.

I include it because when we played them in week 5 we got destroyed, and that was out best vs their best. I see your point with Ottawa and Toronto being awful that year. The thing is that Hamilton still did beat on the west. The loss to Sask was Dane’s first start and the Calgary game came down to a ridiculous once in a season play. Most pundits at the time were backing Hamilton for that Grey Cup game. So I would say that Hamilton was the better team going into that game although you are right that the Bombers were Peaking at the right time.

Why didn't the mighty NBC show the Ozzy half time show? At least, TSN aired the OneRepublic mini concert during the BC Lions home opener


No doubt that most pundits were backing Hamilton and deservedly so. They appeared to be the better team heading into the game as you say. I’m saying that in hindsight most pundits and the oddsmakers were wrong. It would have been almost impossible to predict that the newly acquired Collaros would elevate an already very good team so much.

The status quo of winning has remained intact since then. It can be debated as to which Bomber team of the last three is the best, but something this year’s team has over the previous two is the experience and culture of winning in every way possible and the opposition always having it in their head that the Bombers are dangerous and next to impossible to out perform in clutch time. But I digress…

Sorry but you are way off topic and it’s getting tiresome reading about the Ticat woes.

Great game by the Bills!

It's because they are all a grand bunch of LOSERS who have been ruining even their choicest sports properties the NFL and the Premier League.

NBC's main problem is they own a major cable company with a vested interest not to innovate until recently, and they are well behind the curve trying to hold on to the cable model.

Much like their crappy streaming platform, they are laggards when it comes to upgrading their production and most of those covering the games.

You can hardly tell the difference between NBC 2015 and NBC 2022 and times certainly have changed substantially.

Consider the experience of viewers of the US Open a few months ago as one of many examples of NBC's dated folly:

On their Facebook page, I remind NBC early and often also to take some notes from CBS on how to cover sports correctly.

Note that CBS is not beholden to the antiquated and generally obsolete cable framework as if it's still 2005 and HDTV is relatively new.

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it is called mercy

No, a crime against Heavy Metal

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This was mean by you this time, and I bet he will have the dog coming for you now too bwah ha ha ha ha! :ghost: :japanese_ogre: :smiling_imp:

same thing :slight_smile:

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