NFL Invincibility Cracking Just a Little?

Will we see Toronto based media pumping stories about the weakness of the NFL? :smiley: Jaguars pumping free beer for people in order to put bums in the seats.

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Law of CDN sports media :

When its bad news concerning an NFL team it's a reflection of that team and that team only.

When its bad news concerning a CFL team its a reflection of whole league.


That guy writing the article has no clue. They always do things like that for us here
Having said that there was 59,000 + fans at the last game
Not bad for a team with no hope this year ..... We are not losing fans here 60,000 was the average for last year

bet the cfl wishes they had that problem

You bet we do. :slight_smile:

The whole point of the thread (which if you live south may not get) is that the media here picks up any little thing and twists it out of proportion to show the supposed weakness of the CFL.

BTW, where you at? The old iteration of this board gave where somebody was posting from.

I was born and raised in southern ontario know all about it.

Ive been in the jax area for about 7 years now

CFL players and coaches should pay attention, and watch what they say to the media after losing a game!! IMHO

Why is this bad news??? I’m scratching my head trying to figure this one out. A promotion at an NFL stadium and you think this should somehow be reported in the Canadian press?

The Jags have been struggling for years, off to a 0 - 3 start and risk of attendance shrink.
They may “struggle” to keep 60,000 fans in the seats…
Don’t you wish Toronto was struggling like that…lol, the Argos can’t draw a crowd and they are the GC champs and the best team in the CFL right now!!
The Jags are in a very small market where the Florida economy is not exactly booming right now. I’m surprised that Jacksonville can support an NFL team, I’ll be surprised if they aren’t moved in the next couple of years,

Who knows maybe the owner will look north to Toronto and see the potential of a huge, rich city in need of an NFL team, where the fans will gladly pay out $120 a seat and pay $10 for a small beer.

Let’s just stop the NFL bashing (if this is bashing) I call it good marketing. Let’s put our own house in order before talking about other leagues.
The OP thought that this was somehow a story that the Canadian press would go with??? seriously? Aren’t the Ticats going to do the same thing?? The new “Club Seats” will have free beer to try to sell the Club seats??? Is this a sign of desperation that the Ticats have to give away free beer to sell tickets? It’s good marketing.

You mean, kinda like this?

Argos a ticking time bomb for CFL: Cox
Short of a miracle, the Argonauts may be Dead Team Walking when they get booted out of Rogers Centre.

What, are we talking Phoenix Coyotes here, $25 gets you a ticket to the game, hot dog and a drink sort of thing? Or was it $20 bucks? Something like that. :wink:

8) You obviously have not checked what is included with the new TiCat Club seats !!
  Food and non -alcoholic beverages are included.....No Free Beer at all   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  You will  pay for any beer or liquor you wish to consume.

How is what Damien Cox writes in his column twisting things out of proportion? Those are legitimate and valid concerns for both the Argos and the league.

Ownership issues aside, the Argos have 4 years to find (and perhaps build) a new stadium somewhere in the GTA area that at the very least maintains the status quo as far as their attendance goes.

Damien is scared poopless, probably a few others there in Toronto as well, that Braley with the help of some friends in business and politics might actually get a stadium deal done and show a few people how it's done. I get he has to stand up for people like Sokolowski and Cynamon who admitted in writing they failed to do that, get a stadium deal done. They are fellow Torontonians and you stand up for your brother of course.

Maybe the Argos will be dead team walking. And maybe they won't. Will be interesting to see what happens. Legitimate concerns, yes, but everyone knows that anyways, nothing we don't already know.

Oh I forgot this is Ontario you can’t give a way free beer. So they are giving away free food and non-alcoholic drinks to sell tickets???
It must be the Private Suites that include the beer - I suppose it’s not “free” as such it’s included in the price of your ticket. I was treated to a private suite at an NHL game in St Louis a couple of years ago, all the beer you could drink, was it “free” ? no not really there is a catch, you have to pay for the suite!

There is also a bar bill at the end of every event. You just didn’t see it.

This is the start of a very long campaign to stir up the masses. Pre-emptive blows to try and get the Nimby and any semi-angry tax payer to take up the cause against any partnership that will invariably include some kind of public funding. This is just the beginning by the paid shills.

Pure speculation on your part. What I do know is that Damien Cox is a CFL fan and enjoys the game.

True enough kicker. As I say though I'm wondering if that article isn't somehow a bit of support for Cynamon and Sokolowski who couldn't get the stadium deal done and admitted in the news that it was their fault? If Braley does get it done, well, that could be perceived by some as a bit of an insult to injury for Messrs. Sokolowski and Cynamon. If it does happen hopefully Braley and the Argos will indicate that C & S were operating under different parameters at the time and it was more difficult back then.... sort of thing to soften it up a tad. I think a lot of people in Toronto really liked C & S, just not enough power folks who liked the Argos enough to maybe work a deal with them on a stadium. :?

I'm glad to hear he is a CFL fan, that I didn't know.

Law of GTA sports media Part Deux
6-3 Final score
NFL - Epic struggle between two titanic defenses
CFL - Two crappy offenses

Heard Cynamon on PTS and if I was Braley, I’d be feeling a little stabbed in the back as he supposedly forwarded funds to C and S. Also Cynamon was talking about equalization payments. WTH? Little Regina is supposed to help big Toronto develop a backbone and support its own instead of pining to be part of a club that doesn’t want it.

As for Cox, he may be a fan but that article is pure conjecture and harkens back to the bad days of the 90s when hacks kicked the CFL when it was down because they didn’t have any talent to do otherwise. I know, I was in the business.

GTA media nickname. Goliath’s cheerleaders. Oddly enough, the other day, it came to me, the new connection, it was David (Braley) vs Goliath and we all know what happened there.

That is too funny, equalization payments from Saskatchewan to Toronto. Has to be a first that anyone in Toronto expected anything out of Saskatchewan! :o :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: