NFL in Toronto

Some of you old farts like me might rememebr when the WFL (?) wanted to expand into Toronto but the Federal government actually stepped in to prevent it. That was in the 60s I think and the owner was to be John Bassett.

I wish we still had some of that nationalistic feeling today.

An Argo fan


I do.

I wouldn't rule out the NFL coming to Toronto. The new group talking about the NFL in Toronto are looking at the Bills moving over to Toronto.

The NFL is very interested - right now Buffalo is a small market city that is 49th in the TV market. Toronto and the GTA would be the 4th largest market in the NFL.
The NFL wouldn't kill CFL football most Argo fans are true CFL fans and would still attend Argo games or also attend NFL games. There is room in the GTA for 2 CFL teams and an NFL team.

The Bills fans would drive en masse to Toronto to watch their old team. With Maple Leaf sports/Bell and the governments involved, building a decent stadium would not be a problem.

If anything there would be a more interest in football in Canada, more young guys watching and playing.

Can't see a problem at all - even if the Argos decide to leave Toronto what about the Missausaga Argos.

Or better still move the Argos at the end of this year to Ottawa, we would still have 8 teams.

Someone would still have to buy the Bills and the going rate for a franchise is $1 billion Canadian. I believe that NFL bylaws state that it can't be corporate money--it has to be an individual(s) who foot the bill. Rogers Communications and MLSE may have lots of money but Ted and Larry don't have that kind of cash. I can't see any circumstances where an American NFL owner would move his team to Canada. He'd be drawn and quartered back home if he did.

No government here will provide money to private interests to build a stadium. There are way too many other essential needs these days and it would be political suicide to give public money to private business. After all, we aren't talking schools and hospitals here.

However, if a NFL team did manage to establish itself here, the Argos would go the way of the dodo bird pretty quickly. And they couldn't set up shop anywhere else in southern Ontario because there aren't alot of 25,000-30,000 seat stadiums around. It isn't unrealistic to think that the TiCats would suffer the same fate either. And that my friends would be the end of the CFL.

I'm not sure what the source of your statement "the NFL is very interested (in coming to Toronto)" is but I haven't really seen much evidence of it in the press.

Remember too that as long as the CFL exists, it helps the NFL argue that they are not a monopoly in any anti-trust actions in the U.S. courts. The NFL actually benefits from a healthy CFL.

An Argo fan

Well, I personally am not all the moved one way or another to be honest. The only thing I will say in Ted Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum's defence is that these guys own the main sports events in Toronto outside of the Argos and Rock. And they don't want anyone in on any chance of getting an NFL franchise, they don't want another big sports player. So sort of by default, I see that they really don't have much of a choice but to be front runners from the beginning, if there really is a begging as mentioned above.

Take out the earplugs my friend. NFL publicly stated they are not interested in Canada. They need LA and LA only.

For all of those who say it will enver happen, you could not be farther from the truth.
Toronto will be in line as the next expansion NFL team right after Hamilton gets it's NHL expansion team.
(and for those who are not from the hamilton area, this could not be more sarcastic)

I never even read the other 28 responses in this thread. This pretty much sums up my understanding of the situation and my opinion on whether Toronto will get/should get and NFL team.