NFL In Toronto Wouldn' t Affect the CFL One Iota

What is with these people? They think if the hallowed NFL came to Toronto the CFL would roll over and die? Huh?

Just like baseball coming to Canada was supposed to kill the CFL? Like basketball was? Funny, but while baseball and basketball are on the virge of extinction up here, the CFL is getting stronger.

I think we should take pride in what we have. Not worry about the next boogeyman around the corner that will kill it.

And about Hogtown getting an NFL team? While it’ll never happen, it would probably do well for a couple of years attendance wise. Like baseball and basketball did. But after the novelty wears off the NFL team will be down there with the other teams in Toronto, fighting over the Maple Leafs leftovers.

Good point berezin, I guess we have to remember that many in Toronto probably just feel that if the NFL came to Toronto it would kill the CFL since, well, Toronto is Canada, anything without Toronto just couldn't "cut it", so to speak. Not all from Toronto but a certain percentage for sure would think like this from their upbringing that Toronto represents Canada more than any other city or region.

Thank-you for an intelligent post. This myth that somehow the CFL or the Argos will die when or if the NFL set up shop in T.O.

I am one who subscribes to the theory that the Argonauts and an NFL team could coexist in Toronto. (Just as I thought they would've in Baltimore if given the chance).

A well-run Argo team will bring in people with or without an NFL team to compete with for half the season.

May we never find out how wrong you guys are.

Oh please. Toronto is not a football town. Its a Maple Leafs town. The rest of the teams don't matter. I remember reading before the Raptors arrived how big a basketball town Toronto was. But hell, without the Leafs propping them up, the Raptors would have already rejoined the Grizzlies down south. The NFL would be the exact same thing. IT'll be hot for a few years, then it would fizzle. And if you people in Hogtown do want a team so bad, get out your wallets for a stadium. Because I ain't paying for it!

an NFL team in TO would be bad for the Argos, and I'd rather not take the chance, besides the NFL looks at Canada, and says that a pro league is already there, makes them partners, and moves on to Mexico or other markets.

I agree... I don't think it would happen cause I don't think the NFL wants anything to do with Toronto but if it did I don't see it being a problem.

you guys have got to be joshing.

Toronto hardly supports the argos.

Another football team, even arena, would hurt the argos. With an NFL team, the media would all but forget about the argos with their fawning of the "big league" Toronto is so full of american wannabees that a number of casual fans that show up at argo games would disappear and well as even some ST holders.

One team would fail, and the NFL would have the bucks, and the blankety blank toronto media supporting them.

As for the CFL, an NFL team in lower Ontario, after killing the argos, would so lower tv numbers and revenue that the whole league would be in jeopardy purdyQ.

I disagree... I think most true Argo fans are biggier fans of the CFL and not the NFL... I hate the NFL, don't even watch it... so yeah attendance might go down from some of the casual fans, but I don't think they would ever lose their main fanbase.

Plus on the side, I still think the argo have to get out of the Rogers centre and build a smaller stadium. Montreal did it with the big O to Molsen, and they are of the most successful team in the league when it comes to attendance... Just my opinion.

I don't see why the NFL would ever branch out to Toronto when the Argos have such garbage support. The turnout there is usually no better than in Regina - the city is 20x bigger!

NFL makes good business decisions - I don't see anyone seeing T.O as a fruitful environment to make $$

AFL did have a team in Toronto called the Phawtons, they are now dead.

Yep, the ARena team in Toronto was known as the Phantoms. I remember reading when the Phantoms arrived how they would "threaten" the future of the CFL in Toronto.

Goofball and newshog Paul Godfrey who suckered Rogers into buying this arena team was going to use this AFL team to show the NFL how well Toronto supports American football! He even predicted that after year two the team would be selling out!

UNfortuanately for goofy Godfrey, like most of his predictions, the exact opposite happended. The team folded after the second year, and Godfrey went back to his other job. Killing baseball in Toronto.

Killing baseball in Toronto.
there now, ya see, nobody is all bad :twisted:

I see Canadians looking at my country and thinking that the nfl is the best thing ever because of one simple thing....MONEY! What many people seem to forget is that up until the late 1960's the CFL paid their players MORE then the nfl. The difference after that was the nfl found a creative way to score revenue by way of T.V.

You can do that in a country that has 10 times the population of Canada. But...what I have stated many times is this...That does NOT mean the talent is any better!!! Has anybody ever thought that the lazy person,having fooled people into thinking he is the best at what he does,takes the larger salary because he doesn't want to truly work and is really NOT the best at what he does? The nfl is NOT the end all of Football! Many players from down here have FAILED MISERABLY up north. And from what I've seen it's not because of money. It's because the two leagues (as similar as they look) Are TWO DIFFERENT GAMES!

The CFL is growing folks! may not be growing as fast as the nfl...BUT SO WHAT!!!? It's YOUR league and always has been. The quality of play is top notch and MANY nflers have failed, proving that NOT ANYBODY can play it.

Be proud and support it and stop comparing it to the nfl. The two leagues WILL NEVER be the same!

THE NFL IS NOT COMING TO TORONTO. WHY? , because the CFL is 3 times more popular than the NFL is here. The NFL has a team in BUFFALO and doesn’t want or need a team here.

There are 12 other U.S. cities that want a NFL team , like L.A. What makes TORONTO so special to the NFL any way? OUR 50,000 seat stadium. I don’t think so.

I will never happen period!

I agree whole heartedly. I mean, come on. Look at Ricky Williams! NFL all-star (apparently), and he comes up here and sucks. Why? Cause our game is totally different.

Totally agree.

About the NFL supposedly dying to come to Toronto. Mexico City drew 100,000 for their NFL exhibition game last year. Toronto, despite Paul Godfrey's blather, had seas of empty seats for their last American Bowl.

So tell me how Toronto is such a tempting market for the NFL? I mean the ARgos have trouble drawing fans. The Blue Jays can't sell tickets. The Raptors can't sell tickets. The U of T teams play to empty arenas. Junior hockey doesn't do well.
They haven't got a big enough stadium for the NFL.

So tell me. Why would the NFL want to come to Toronto? Outside of Paul Godfrey saying they do?

That's so well said I've got to show it again. Geo365, you wouldn't be an ex-CFLer would you? You seem to know what you're talking about. :slight_smile:

NFL will never go to Toronto. It would gain nothing. Even if, and big if, T.O. had a 65,000 seat stadium, the NFL is not a gate driven league. It secures the bulk of its cash flow through tv and other sponsorship revenue. Toronto is a very diverse city, not really interested in sport. So it brings no significant increases to the NFLs revenue stream. Simple, Toronto brings nothing to the table.

As far as the gentleman from Ohio seemingly praising our DIFFERENT brand of football, kudos to you my friend, for recognizing the distinctness of the 2 different games.