NFL in toronto Tonight

I know this is a cfl chat room but did anybody go the game tonight, just woundering how the atmosphere was as well as was it a sell out?

i heard they were giving tons of tickets away agin this year.

Two very mediocre teams again this year, although that's basically the BIlls of the past 10 years.

Watched the game on the NFL network. They went out of their way to show happy fans high-fiveing and the like. The stadium sounded dead and the game was a dud IMO.

You wonder how many Americans came up. For baseball when the Yankees and Red Sox come up the place is 60% American fans. I would bet there were thousands who came up from New YOrk state to get cheap tickets.
But why is the media treating the NFL coming here like a visit by the Pope?
Its just a bloody football game. And it'll be forgotten tomorrow.

The game was boring. The QB;s were awful. Yet Steve Simmons of the Sun says he could see from the stands how much better the NFL was than the CFL. Like. This is the classic Emperor with no clothes scenario.

I hope rogers is losing a ton of cash on this I think there was more fans at montreals east final and more fans in edmonton for the one rider game. Plus there giving tixs away come on t.o. I thought this was BIG LEAGUE BALL

I forgot the game was on, got watching some Leafs and Jackets, CSI and HD Rush. Oh well, life goes on as they say. :wink:

Saw the highlights though on TSN (now if the game was on TSN, I'm sure I wouldn't have forgotten about this game actually :wink: ) this morning, the Bills just can't seem to win in I guess in what Ralph Wilson was thinking would be a home game for them. Right, when the coach of the Jets says he loves playing in Toronto. Good job Ralph for your team, take away a home game from your own team. Oh boy. I guess it's just about money. :roll:

Said on the radio this morning an attendance figure of 51K. Didn't say if it was bums in seats attendance, paid attendance, or paid and "distributed" ticket attendance. Still better than what the Argos can get, but despite all the boosting, still not sold out. It would be nice to get a final accounting, but that is not going to happen.

Watched part of the game on Sportsnet. Lots of empty seats regardless of what the official "paid" attendance was. Maybe 40,000 actually there, and I understand that Rogers gave away 20,000 freebies. The game itself was just brutal. But the Toronto media will fawn over it as if it was the second coming.

Can you beleive they're actually blaming the lack of tailgating as the reason for the small crowds?
Next year they'll blame a full moon or something.
Its ridiculous how the media in that city can't accept they've been wrong all these years about
NFL interest in Toronto and area.

People in Canada I just don't think will pay alot for tickets for football, period, CFL or NFL, because it isn't hockey. As a rule. If you're going to pay big bucks, it has to be for a championship like a Grey Cup or a maybe NFL playoff game if a Canadian city had their own NFL team. People are money conscience especially when it comes to football or any sport other than hockey.

Now that we know Rogers has given free tickets out for distribution, if Toronto ever got an NFL team people would expect very cheap tickets.

They were careful to not show empty areas, so it's hard to say how the uppers were populated. There were lots of empty green seats in that one field level end zone bleacher every time they showed that. On Tuesday you could still pull 5th row uppers in pairs at about the 20 yard line, so that wouldn't be a great sign.

What I could not get over was the atmosphere - on TV it sounded like a tomb. Did the Bills not bother to pay the extra $20 bucks and have the PA turned on? It reminded me of a baseball game in July. Which is weird, because the atmosphere is really what distinguishes the live atmosphere of a football game.

Not last night, though.

Brunt had a stupid article in the Globe. The guy basically was saying what I said two years ago, the CFL has nothing to worry about.

Yet, he forgot to mention that he was one of the most vocal about how the NFL is guaranteed to be in Toronto and how this would kill the CFL :roll:

Not sure if he went so far as to say it would kill the CFL, I’d have to read the orginal article(s). The problem is, apart from the price of the tickets, is that Rogers assumed bringing the NFL games here was basically the same as the Raptors and Blue Jays and it isn’t, neither of these teams has pro leagues in the city of Toronto already established. And then Rogers bullied in bringing the Bills series here without offering to give a good incentive for Argo and TiCats fans to buy in ie. no discount on the series if you were a season ticket holder for Argos and Ticats. Rogers basically said a FY to Argos and Ticats, well other than offering the Argos first crack at tickets to the overpriced series. What did Rogers (not Ted, the company I’m saying) think, Argo fans were that stupid en masse? No, and neither were Torontonians who don’t care about the CFL and only the NFL that stupid either, en masse.

Geroy is right about Brunt Earl.
Remember my Chicken Little thread a few years back?
Guys like Brunt, Naylor and others were telling us with the Bills playing these games
it would "threathen the existance of the CFL".
Gee. Lets see.
In the two years since, CFL attndance and TV ratings are huge.
Expansion is around the corner.
New stadiums are coming in.
If thats a negative impact, I wanna see more!

anyone else notice entire sections filled with marching bands and such, trying to make it look

anyone i know who went, did so cuz they 'won'

First Why is this not in "other Leagues" - second I watched part of the second Q and part of the 3rd, because i wanted to compare to CFL, -regardless of what S.S writes - Barfalo,s QB would not last in the CFL, the jets QB, Maybe. the replay refs blew a TD for the Jets, saying receiver didn't have possession, but Clearly the ball came lose after he hit the ground out of bounds, so CFL refs are doing OK in Comparison. American football is an easier game, shorter field narrow field extra down to make 10yd,s Its really like watching amateur football compared to the Canadian game.! :cowboy:

link to last nites 'off the record' where 3 guests with brains stood up for the CFL and put the pro-NFLer in his place.

have to click 'dec. 3rd podcast'

Sure, you can get blowouts and sleepers in the CFL no question but pound for pound, I’ll take our game any day of the week. What I really like is the kicking aspect and field position, the details of this, in Canadian football that is so important on the longer field. It’s crucial. And then with the 4 downs, a team that doesn’t deserve to keep the ball for as long as they can with the 40 sec clock as well, too much time elapses for a bad team to have possession. It just doesn’t work for me as much, I really like our emphasis on the special teams aspect so much more and the thing with you have 3 downs and no first down, other team gets it. We have a much more high tempo progressive game here. :thup:

I liked the comments about steeling the sky dome. IMHO there should still be a public inquiry into how a 600 million dollar stadium be sold for 25 million, :twisted: because that building was built for the Argonauts and Blue Jays, and their fans not Rogers.