NFL in Toronto question to be asked Friday

I guess on the Bob McCown show on Fan 590, it was mentioned that, once again, the media will ask the NFL commissioner at the Super Bowl about the NFL coming to Toronto. If they do ask, I think it really makes Toronto look like poor beggers "please NFL, oh please, we need you so bad to make us look big here in Toronto, we can't take it anymore, please have mercy on us."


But I'm sure we'll see the question asked, it'll make them look stupid once again when the commish gives them the cold shoulder.

seriously, toronto might as well just join the united states. least canadian city there is.

I've read some reports about the news conference from commish Goodell and no mention of anyone asking him about expansion to Toronto. So I guess I might have to give more credit to the Toronto media if they didn't ask than what I thought. :wink:

Either that, Earl, or it was just too dull and predictable a situation to mentioned in the report you saw.

Stupid Torontonians begging for the NFL. :x

A quote from Roger Goodall responding to a question of possible expansion or relocation to Toronto; "The NFL is not in expansion mode right now. Toronto's a great city and I'm sure would be a great host for an NFL team, but that's for another day."

I expect you'll see the NFL stage one of their 'International Series' regular season games (like the 2007 London game) in Toronto in 2008 (or 2009 at the latest).

Ya, Hey, i live in Toronto.

But i would Toronto doesn't need an NFL Team, They can't even support thier own team.

Most People in Toronto don't even know what the CFL is. Let alone know that there is another team to watch in town besides the Maple Leafs and Raptors.

What i would say is Lets see how the new soccer team goes first. Toronto FC. Attendence Wise.

I went to the playoff game in Toronto last year and it was pretty bad how many empty seats there was, i was 21 rows up and we had a whole row to ourselfs center field.

But of course it's coming from the U.S.A more people are gonna watch! Boo.

I would have been moving to Calgary this year if i didn't get season ticket's to Argo's. Ohh well, i'll have to wait until after the Grey Cup. :slight_smile:

Most People in Toronto don't even know what the CFL is

Funny thing is, most people in Toronto don't even have a clue who they themselves are I've noticed. Not all but more than any other city in Canada I'm sure. :lol:

As a Torontonian, I can say we are truly f*cked up, complicated people. But we're still Canadian.

i thought i read a poll in the toronto star where it said like like 85%(dont no the exact #) of torontoians had no interest in the nfl...we dont need the nfl here ne way we got the best league in the world ne way...GO CFL!!!

Nice stuff cflrules!

Personnally I see no reason why the NFL would want Toronto.

The NFL business model is dependent upon national television deals with American broadcasters, Toronto does not help this in anyway.

The only way the NFL would want to enter a city is if that city would be worth enough money that the current 32 NFL teams would make as much or more after they split the money another way.

Do not see how Toronto could possibly meet this criteria.

LA clearly does and a few other American cities could probably be solid additions but unless Toronto is part of a bigger long term international plan, I see no reason why the NFL would want the city.

Toronto works for the other leagues because their primary revenue streams are ticket revenue and local broadcast rights, a large city like Toronto is good for those things but does nothing to help increase TV money from American networks.

Toronto makes no sense for the NFL.

I guess there is some internet rumour about the Bills moving to Toronto. Good read here from the Buffalo media:

[url=] ... ryid=45169[/url]

Also just read the following, interesting with a few words directed to our buddy Mr. Godfrey:

"Add's WGRZ Sports Director Ed Kilgore: "I'm being very sincere to Mr. Godfrey and the wonderful people in Toronto, but (for them) it could be another 18 years... Nothing is even remotely close to being imminent or discussed in the NFL."

Here's quite the response from the Bills forum site from someone:

"Until the NFL says they want to reach out and ruin our national game by inviting a canadian team..."

[url=] ... 06904.aspx[/url]

Well, the NFL announced today (May 10, 2007) that they are considering expanding the regular season to 17 games in order to feature more internationally-hosted games:

They're in the preliminary discussion phase, but what they're considering sounds a lot like a suggestion I was kicking around a while back:

If this happens, I am sure there will be NFL games staged in Toronto and probably other Canadian cities.

Hmmm 32 teams, 16 games to be staged outside the Country. I can think of a few places, but can't reach 16 yet:


Then it starts to thin out for me.......

NFL exhibition and NFL Europe games have been played in a number (22, by my count) of international cities in the past:

Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Sydney, Australia
Vancouver, BC
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QC
Ottawa, ON
Hamilton, ON
Mexico City, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Dublin, Ireland
London, England
Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Goteborg, Sweden
Barcelona, Spain
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Cologne, Germany

My suggestion was for the NFL to have 8 sites in which to play the 17th games (2 games per site). I was also thinking they could play in some non-NFL US cities ('neutral sites'), but the NFL doesn't seem to be considering that option at this time.

The NFL's announcement indicates they're considering 4 games per international site or country (so, perhaps, just 4 sites/countries per season).

I doubt that the NFL would hold a game in a small Stadium like Hamilton. Would they?