NFL in Toronto looks dimmer now!

There is no way that any level of government will shell out $500,000,000.00 (or more) to build a new NFL capable stadium. (The Sky Dump is just too small). With the extremely high (sky the limit?) expansion fees, or purchase price of an existing team, would Rogers et al have enough resources left over to build such a stadium? I don't think so, but only Lord Ted knows for sure.

My only worry about this "Northern Exposure" by the No Fun League is that it might drain off corporate support of the CANADIAN Football League. We as CFL fans and also as consumers can vote with our pocket book. I know that when my current contract with Rogers expires, I will definitely be looking elsewhere for cell phone service.

just wondering How many who went were from buffalo or Bills season ticket holders? was it part of their season ticket package?

Phil Lind, in the June 13, 2008 edition of the National post, was quoted as saying;
"The CFL's great, wonderful, terrific, but this territory is NFL territory, at least if you're 50 and under. If you're older, fine, you can go for the Argos or Hamilton or whatever."

He was referring to southern Ontario.
This is when I canceled my Rogers wireless subscription.
His 'tone' regarding age demographics really irked me.

right out of toronto,what do you expect..

The ironic thing is that Phil Lind is pretty damn old himself. He may did before Toronto gets an NFL team.