NFL in Toronto looks dimmer now!

From what I heard is they "Rogers" gave out close to 17000 free tickets and loss nearly 4 to 5 million on the game last night between the steelers and the bills! Forget all the whining americans telling city tv they dont want the team in toronto ,they dont have a choice. Its us the paying crowd that has the last word and for the CFL it was a good sign people beleive in the CFL!

As a Toronto repoter put it last week:

Buffalo's old rich guy, Ralph Wilson, duped Toronto's old rich guy, Ted Rogers.

Look, Rogers has basically bought themselves a very good shot at an expansion team, maybe even the Bills but I don't think so, with this $78 mill deal to the Bills with these games. Sure, they overpriced this ex game when they could have easily packed the place at lower priced tickets, they goofed. But what's some $5 mill loss to Rogers, peanuts. They are in this for the long haul to get that team and I think they'll get it and just about any cost. They are just laying the seeds with these Bills games to try and get more of the socalled NFL fanatics in T.O. and area used to the NFL and used to shelling out some bucks to see it in Toronto. And the regular season games will be packed I'm sure.

Not for me thanks, I could care less if T.O. gets an NFL team but I'd put my bottom dollar on it will happen.

I think the regular season game will be a better time to judge what is happening, but as J4 says above, I can see a lot freebies and 1/2 price ducats to at least make it look good.

It was interesting on the Buffalo News after the game. They look at the games in Toronto as a good way to make money to help the team stay in Buffalo!

They also look at it as protecting their fan base area and that if another NFL teams tries to move there, the league will say they can’t infringe on the Bills territory.

They are conviced that the money will be there to buy the team when Wilson passes on and keep it in Buffalo. This was the theme on all 3 stations that I managed to catch.

Maybe the Bay Street Boys better sit back and have a second look.

Oh, it's going to cost them Matelot and plenty. But Rogers has some 5-7 bill and Tanenbaum is involved. They splashed out some big bucks for an NFL ex game and have committed $78 mill for this. The NFL is going to watch and let them keep spending and I think it will be enough for a team if Rogers wants it eventually despite how many freebies or discounted tickets or whatever. I really think so, I don't see them stopping unless the shareholders, if this is right term, get involved and say "enough".


 NFL game in Toronto last night??? Jeez I must have missed it. I was watching the Tiger-Cats. <!-- s:P -->:P<!-- s:P -->

Yah? I was too! I would even say last nights game we had with the bombers was very entertaining too and didnt need 17000 free tickets to be given away, to get fans attention! :wink:

nfl game? who care. Great CFL game last night. CFL’s the best.

At least Rogers cable will not be sending me those anoying emails asking me to buy tickets to watch the NFL for a while. I also watched the Cats game - Could care less about the NFL

I didn't hear TSN mention the NFL game in TO once during the Cats game and I loved that they were plugging the CFL every chance they got. Goof for them. Even if they did buy the HNIC theme song. :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a great game last night dispite the Cats loss.

Doesn't matter who is playing, Argooos still suck. lol

It was also the first CFL game on TSN this season where (at least on my tv) the picture didn't continually black out, freeze up, or go all pixelated. Suspiscious!

Remember... this was a pre-season game and ticket prices were ridiculous.

The regular season game will sell out. It will be televised so the production will be a lot better and an "event" will be made out of it.

The NFL is great at putting on events... too bad the excitment ends at kickoff.

Toronto will end up with a team. I am certain of this. But, unlike many other people, I don't think it will hurt the Argos or the CFL.

Does anyone else suspect cable rates are about to go up?

Toronto is the fifth largest market in North America, however, the NFL will expand/re-locate to Los Angeles long before they look north of the border. There are probably some other US markets that would clamour for a team also.

My fear is the evil Rogers Empire brings a NFL team to Toronto, corporate marketing dollars get diverted from the CFL, the blue team or even the entire league folds.

And for what? Why does Ted Rogers want a NFL team? What purpose? It's all about billionaire ego or some Freudian inferiority complex.

Based on the two minutes I watched during half-time last night, Toronto isn't getting a permanent NFL team without a new stadium. Will Lord Ted shell out the cash, because I'm pretty sure no politican will cut a cheque.

Boycott the Rogers Empire!

Money! When Rogers video had rental fees they made half their profits from rental fees. How does Rogers make more money? An NFL TV Contract, a stadium could be empty in the NFL and the team would still make millions per game just from the TV Contract alone.

Money Money Money money Money---- I"m the million dollar man Ted Rogerdibiase

2 points...

It will be interesting to see Ted Rogers (and Company) whine and complain if the Canadian government steps in to prevent the NFL from invading Canada.

Much of his wealth comes from the protectionism offered by the government to his media empire. (ie, cable and cellphone near "monopolies") so he will be quite the hypocrite if... WHEN he and his supporters moan and complain about free enterprise and interference in the business arena.

It will also be ironic and look good on the other NFL-wannabe partner Larry Tanenbuam and his Toronto Maple Leaf empire if the Bills invoke a franchise protected territory, considering the grief Hamilton has had with NHL.

Aren't territorial rights a b_tch ? :slight_smile:

In both case, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Hard to imagine Miami vs Buffalo selling out especially at the prices their asking. I am not saying your wrong, just that it's hard to imagine.
Two mediocre NFL teams with a combined total of 8 wins in 2007. Wouldn't you think the NFL would want to go into this Rent-A-Team experiment with competitive teams?

Many a press article has been critical of CFL, if Tickets are discounted or freebies after initial ticket sale hasn’t done to well,for grey cups past, IS the MEDIA critical of the fact that a Majority of Bills/Steelers tickets were discounted or freebies ??

people spending too much energy whining about the nfl, if it happens, there are more crucial things to worry about in life, y'all need to relax, life is too short to stress out.

more tsn stuff comin up on the new tsn2.
hey, does anyone know if rogers cable has that on their agenda yet ?...stay tuned.

i read they even covered banners over the skydome hotel windows and hard rock to block fans would didn't pay 10 or 500 bucks to watch game.
typical corporate garbage.
you even had to have the 500 buck ticket to get in their beloved budweiser "tailgate party".
betcha a lot of these "football fans" had a ball. maybe they should actually go to buffalo to see what a real tailgate party is all about,,or they can pop over to scott park labor day and we'll even let them bring their own bbq and plastic cups.

It's interesting how in Waterloo, Sportsnet is available on basic cable, but TSN is only included in the VIP package (a $35 vs $60 dollar per month upgrade).