NFL in Toronto...I'll be watching the Ticats/Bombers

check this out...

These guys will rain on Roger's parade

Oh, I may flip over to look at it during commercials...BUT THAT'S IT!


I'll definitely be tuned to CFL on TSN.

CFL game all the way of course. A peak or two at the NFL game though during a commericial break have to admit.

I have never been able to watch a pre-season anything.

NFL(No Fun League)= yawn.

Thankfully I will PVR it and watch the Cats maul the Bombers on live TV! :wink:

Preseason games in the NFL are what they are -- if one accepts that most of the new players are not going to stick, then some of the unfolding ineptitude can be patiently glazed over. I always find some new guy from a club who makes a WOW play sometime during a game and it's monitoring the progress of players like that which makes it most worthwhile.

The CFL preseason's brevity reduces that, so camp practices and drills there have a greater impact than the NFL since the whole minicamp industry and four-game exhibition run makes the big plays of the preseason that much more important re separation on the depth chart for less-established players.

Oski Wee Wee,