NFL in Toronto...another attempt coming up?

From the Boston Herald:

" In this June 26, 2014, file photo musician Jon Bon Jovi performs during a concert of the American rock band Bon Jovi in Lisbon, Portugal. Bon Jovi is part of a Toronto group that has retained a banking firm and submitted paperwork expressing interest in buying the Buffalo Bills, three people who have reviewed documents regarding the sale process told The Associated Press on Friday, July 18, 2014."

Here we go again. :roll:

Let the Bills come to toronto I say!!!

Then lets watch them crash and burn when they average 33000 fans per game with 15000 of those fans paying to be there with a bunch of players on the Toronto side who don't want to be there either. Sounds like a recipe for success to me :thup: :lol:

P.s. unless Roger Goodell sufferes a severe brain injury and goes the way of King Henry VIII I don't see him ever letting any NFL franchise move to Toronto as it would be a complete pie in the face for the NFL.....

and the CBC reported yesterday that the Toronto Group (Bon Jovi/Rogers/Tannenbaum) are casing NFL stadium sites in the GTA… :frowning:

[u]Bon Jovi group exploring Toronto NFL stadium sites: report[/u]

[b]- A Buffalo Bills prospective ownership group that includes rocker Jon Bon Jovi has conducted a feasibility study into buying the NFL franchise and building a stadium in Toronto, a person close to the situation said.

The study identified at least three potential stadium sites, two in Toronto, including one on the waterfront, and another in the suburb of Mississauga, the person told The Associated Press on Thursday. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because Bon Jovi and his partners, Larry Tanenbaum and the Rogers family, have not publicly revealed details of their plans to purchase the team.

Andy Bergmann, responsible for overseeing the Bon Jovi group’s stadium plans, confirmed Thursday in an email to the AP that his company has conducted stadium studies, “but nothing related to any specific site.”
“We have undertaken engineering and design studies,” wrote Bergmann, co-founder of Toronto-based Wessex Capital Partners, a growth equity investment firm that specializes in architecture, design and engineering services. "All of our work has been about a generic site and whether it was more rural or urban.

The Bon Jovi group has not said they would relocate the team, but Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz told the AP on Wednesday that he has no doubt the group’s intentions are to move the Bills to Toronto.

“It is my personal opinion that any bid associated with the Toronto group has a long-term interest in moving the team to Toronto,” Poloncarz said.[/b]

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Americans can keep there boring game south of the border :rockin:

A waterfront site? I imagine the site would be east of the downtown next to that old industrial area where they are doing the construction for the Pan Scam games.
I wonder if they have looked at modifying the RC? rip out the hotel put in seats up there and with an NFL field they could put end zone seats? Or is the problem that it was built for a CFL field and the fans on either side would be too far away?

Whatever happens we can’t do anything about it, it’s up to CFL fans in Toronto to quit complaining about the NFL and go out and buy Argo tickets and show that you support the CFL.

[b]slimjim wrote: Whatever happens we can't do anything about it, it's up to CFL fans in Toronto to quit complaining about the NFL and go out and buy Argo tickets and show that you support the CFL.[/b]
absolutely. the best way to combat an NFL-Toronto invasion is for fans to support the Argos at the turnstiles.

Few if any NFL investment groups would entertain the GTA market had the Argos been a significant player among the sporting landscape and regularly averaged 35,000+ per.

I, like Bob McClown, have heard about the NFL coming to Toronto for 40+ years. I'll believe it when I see it.

Won't happen. There is a 400 million dollar (per year) fine if the team leaves Buffalo within the next 10 years. New York state, Buffalo and Jim Kelly won't let this happen considering there are stadium improvements planned for the Ralph. Bon Jovi..............Rogers get a life.

Yaaaaawnnnn, opps sorry but this is a very very tired idea.

Get over the inferiority complex and build a sweet 30,000 seat stadium for the Argos in either Mississauga or Vaughan and move on everybody. The CFL is the league to invest in in Canada. Ottawa is set for the next twenty years and even us long suffering Cats fans will be financially stable with our new stadium for the next twenty years. And Saskie look out when they get their new place wow, the money will be rolling in like a prairie breeze

Oh wait that does mean THF has to get done at some point but that's another thread. Bring on Halifax in the next decade!!

Hey everybody is entitled to their own opinion, peace,


Yes I’m tired of talking about it, same arguments over and over again.

You say build a 30,000 seat stadium for the ARgos?? who would do that? no one can make money out of the Argos, no one is going to fund a stadium for 9 games a year.
Ottawa had the real estate investors and came up with a plan to re-develop Lansdowne and they justified the stadium by bringing in an NASL team too and the potential of the FIFA Womens and mens U18 Worlds, plus outdoor entertainment in a big venue.

That’s not going to happen in Toronto, they already have an MLS team and plenty of large outdoor venues. The ONLY hope is MLSE and at BMO in the re-configured 24k stadium.

The argos sold 16,000 tickets for their home opener, and many reports said there was about 8k in the stadium.

An NFL team would have zero effect on this. Why do Canadians get so defensive? Id be there in a heart beat.

It’s $400 MIlion total not per year and Bon Jovi’s partner is Tennebaum and MLSE as well as Rogers. Probably more financing available with the MLSE/Rogers group than any other bidders.

That $400 million dollar penalty is reduced to $28 million for a window of time after the 2019 season during which any owner - even those promising to keep the Bills in Buffalo - could escape the area to greener pastures money-wise any place else - not just Toronto. Other than that one cheaper window the penalty is a one time $400 million penalty until the lease expires after the 2022 season..

So no matter who ends up buying the Bills it won't be 100% certain where the Bills will be after 2019 until a lease is signed for wherever a new stadium ends up being built for the Bills - be that in Batavia, Buffalo or Niagara Falls. Until that stadium is a done deal and whoever the new owner is signs a long term lease to play there nothing is finalized. Between now and then we will see dozens and dozens of 'Will they stay - or will they go?' stories about the Bills.

The group consists of Larry Tanenbaum, the Rogers family and Jon Bon Jovi. Rogers (the communication and media company) and MLSE are not part of the group.
It has been reported that Jon Bon Jovi would be declared the controlling or principal owner should the group’s bid be successful since NFL rules do not allow equal partnerships in NFL team ownership.

Yes, Tanebaum as chairman of MLSE and the Rogers family are the figure heads but the money will be coming from MLSE and Rogers corporations plus Bon Jovi’s contribution.

The Rogers family has a reported net worth (2013) of about $7.6 billion and Tanenbaum’s net worth is about $1.2 billion while Bon Jovi’s reported net worth is about $290 million.
This group does not need any financial help from MLSE or Rogers to purchase the Bills.

"K/P"]Let the Bills come to toronto I say!!!

Then lets watch them crash and burn when they average 33000 fans per game with 15000 of those fans paying to be there with a bunch of players on the Toronto side who don’t want to be there either. Sounds like a recipe for success to me
Bills in 2013 averaged 66,300 attendance for their home games.

Yes, really.
It was in the TSN article

Show me where the TSN article states that MLSE and/or Rogers Communications Inc. are providing funding to the Bon Jovi group for the potential purchase of the Bills as you contend.

The failed Bills experiment dealt the NFL-to-TO effort a body blow. Also, there are plenty of very wealthy US bidders who want to buy the Bils that any Canadian group would be fighting an uphill battle. The agents handling the sale of the team said that some of these interested parties wouldn't even be names familiar to the public (reported a few weeks ago in the National Post).

The NFL may one day have a team in Canada but it's years off in the future.

An Argo-Cat fan