NFL in London

Just for your info if interested, NFL planning for a London team by 2022, Brazil and Germany also on the list.

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Should be good game with my 5 and 2 Lions Vs the Falcons

London should part of the NFL It’s a world class city

They call the NFL Title Holders world Champs

Till they have Team in Every Major World city it means nothing

ya i'll believe it when it actually happens and the first game is played.

have fun being the road team travelling from sao paulo to london and back

I only see 1 problem with an NFL team in London. The time difference. When the Cats play in B.C. it's a 3 hour difference. The London (Knights?) playing in San Diego, I think that's about a nine hour difference. A 1pm game would feel like 10pm for the visitors. Picture a night game.

Great point....but anything they play they consider the best in the world...or they are the world...ha..ha.....I leave it to the "Olympics" to hand out the "World" honours.....our little american friends haven't figured that out yet...but give them time....cheers & good luck on Saturday!

Well they've don a pretty good job in the Olympics too!!...................and don't forget soccer it didn't take them long to move in the top 10 in the World, I think they are rated ahead of England.
That must hurt

Well its broadcast in 198 countries ...I think that has more to do with it
but in reality do you think sask could have beaten seattle for that title

lol - that's like saying could the AHL champions beat the NHL champions.

Soccer...really...I would rather watch chess played...more exciting...Oh well, to each their own.

Soccer yuck would rather watch Tile be laid and paint Dry .

I noticed that this time for the Detroit/Atlanta game that they are actually starting the game at 1:30PM London time, 9:30AM here so that we end up with an NFL quadrupleheader Sunday on Bell Media with games at 9:30, 1:00, 4:00 (CTV) and 8:00 (TSN). That's pushing the overexposure limits - don't you think?

What about Toronto? :lol:

IMO Toronto is not a world Class City That’s Montreal.

Yup, 2000 and change in attendace for the "majors" in MLB and the Expos where you could win the mighty World Series. Not exactly a way to endear onself to the title of "world class city", if in fact that's what a city wants to be known as in the popular media. :? I know local bands that I would rather see than whatever big band is out there making gadzillions of money playing in huge stadiums.

I know, there are perfectly well known reasons like Loria for why the Expos went caput. Ok. Hey, isn't it like the RC, "we are Cats fans, buy a ticket to see the Cats in the RC if you're a true fan even if you don't' care for the RC". Well, didn't work out that way for the Expos. Shouldn't have mattered with Loria and the cavernous Big O and strike, it's "the majors". Guess what? It did matter. Everything matters in business I would say. Everything. Know your market, your customers and if you think there are enough customers to make your biz work. And don't make mistakes, even perceived mistakes otherwise it all might come crashing down.

HOW About my Lions 6-2 Winning on last 2nd Field goal Great come back in Jolly old England :thup:

culture wise Montreal is world city Sports all they reall love is Hockey
But it’s still a world city culture wise

Montreal is predominantly a French city which makes it unique among North American cities so for us it seems more 'worldly'- but Toronto is MUCH more diverse and multicultural.

I've attended a number of international conferences or symposiums over the years either in Toronto or Montreal that were either travel related or because of my involvement with some international sports organizations - and many times when out for a meal or drinks with delegates from Europe, South America or Australia/New Zealand who had either been in Montreal before a conference in Toronto or came to Toronto after a conference we both attended in Montreal and they would often comment on the diversity of Toronto. They loved Montreal as a great French city - but especially Europeans would often talk about how to them how more international Toronto felt because of the diversity, hearing all the different languages being spoken as they walked around the city etc.

Back to the NFL in London - nice comeback win for the Lions - did take note of a few comments Troy Aikman doing colour for Fox made during the game. He talked about not being sure a team in London is feasible because of the time difference - even commenting in the first half that the Lions looked like they were playing a game at 9:30AM. He said having spoken to many players and coaches of teams who have been involved in London games over the years - dealing with the time difference was a real concern. He wondered if visiting teams might always need to be coming off a bye week or perhaps always have one after to be fair to them in dealing with the time change - with how it does take the body clock a few days to adjust.

Also I hope not too many TFC fans were watching the game because Wembley supposedly has the high tech hybrid grass that they are talking about putting in at BMO and that field was really getting chewed up - so much so it became a talking point more than once for the announcers.

What ??? they have given up and the BEST Fans in Sports ??? Toronto :lol:

Really though, who gives a rats rectum about the expansion of the No Funners.

so far, this season NFL has been more fun than this season CFL. I usually do not even watch NFL much until November, but in my hunger to watch some good football, I started much earlier this year. Still watch most of the CFL games but it sure is not as much fun.