NFL in Canadian territory

Would Americans be opposed if the NFL came to Canada? Could the NHL survive if it was just in Canadian cities? Would anyone be opposed if they knew the CFL would be sucessful in the US?

If it would be succesfull for sure, then sure I guess that'd be fine. The problem is that it has already failed.

As a Canadian I would be opposed to the NFL coming to Canada. I think it would be hard for the CFL team in that city to compete with the NFL, especially if it is Toronto. Not only for fans but for media and merchandise sales.

The NHL would survive if it was only in Canada but the salaries would be a lot less since it would lose a lot of market the US teams bring to the table. It'll always be a North American league so that doesn't really matter.

I would be opposed to the CFL going to the US even if the Us teams were successful becuase of the import ratio which would create an unfair advantage for the American teams.

I dont want the NFL in Canada either.

me neither i just cant see it happen

The NHL could survive with lower salaries as roughy pointed out.

The CFL has already failled in the States, and I hope we never try that again. It would throw the Import ratio rule out the door.

No don't want the NFL in Canada. If I want NFL, I'll drive to Seattle! :lol:

I would welcome the NFL with open arms in Toronto as would most football fans in Toronto. I know people from alberta or some place like that wouldn't want it because their market would have no chance in sustaining a team, and they have a huge Inferior complex. Hey If I can watch the best talent in the world play in my backyard, why not? 8)

But it would take away from the Argos.

and I hope you were kidding with that last sentance.

Yeah it would kill the argos, but ohwell... it's the NFL.

Keep the NFL American and the CFL Canadian.

No thanks. If the NFL came here I would not stop them. Im not going to lie and say I think the CFL is better than the NFL.

You dont have to lie.

Do people from Alberta have an inferiority complex or do people from Toronto have a superiority complex?

I vote the later!

If wanting the best = superiority complex than I agree.

Wanting, and pretendint to be be are 2 different things

RO you are right on and unfortunately I live here in the land known as the self professed “Center of the Universe”. As for Argos Bills why bother and stay on this site if you are a No Fun League first fan.
For most of us, we can’t stand the No Fun League and to us CFL is the BEST.

where not , until recently , the U.S. the best in Baseball , wasn't Canada the best in Hockey?

Superiority is a relative term.

In my opinion the CFL is allot more exciting game. And more fan affordible.

Excellent point , low NFL T.V. ratings , non sell out of NFL ex games.

The NFL don't want to come here. :smiley: Maybe 20 years ago , but not now!

That would be the TORONTO media , not all of us.

And as for inflated egos , some people from ALBERTA here have very large egos. :wink:

  1. possibly, if it meant that teams from the States moved to the north
  2. yes, but it helps to have teams in North US and a few in the south and west (like the early 90's). doesn't help when the US dominates everything
  3. Yes, I would, both counties need league where only their teams plays each other. the CFL is a Canadian league, it will for the most part be that way.