nfl in canada

as i was looking through the message boards here, i noticed that the cfl is starting to gain coverage in the us. but since i am not canadian, i cannot answer my own question? how much coverage does the nfl get in canada, and how popular is it?

The NFL is extremely popular in Canada from my understanding. A lot of guys opt for the NFL satellite package where every game is televised. Currently I only get 3 afternoon games, the Sunday nighter and Monday night football.

I have Satelite, which gives me all the Globals, which sometimes is 2 game,s mostly 1. I get CBS which is usually another one. TSN for sunday Night, and ABC for Monday Night, but wasn’t ABC not doing it anymore now? I think i might get some of the NFL package too.

As for popularity, some of us choose not to watch the NFL. Myself, I will only watch NFL games once the CFL season is over out of respect for the CFL. I doubt that would be the average CFL fan’s position.

I follow both. They’re both great leagues. And it is extremely popular in Canada

I’d say it’s the third-most popular league in Canada, behind the CFL and the NHL (providing, of course, the NHL is playing games … stupid NHL. I hate it)

When there’s a choice between watching an NFL game or a CFL game, I’ll always choose CFL. When NFL is the only football on, I’ll watch it, albeit with much less interest (and to keep finding ways to put it down!!! :slight_smile:)

The CFL is a LOT more popular here than it used to be! But the NFL is still too popular for my liking. It seems to me that most people are simply swayed by the extra money the NFL has. It boggles my mind how someone with no link to, say, Houston would prefer the Texans over their local CFL team. Honestly, why would you do that? In my opinion, those individuals are more than a little snobby.

Also, the NFL is riding a huge popularity wave these days, too. I bet you if the CFL was gaining popularity even quicker than it is, and the NFL was losing popularity (or not playing a season … ) then all those people who turned up their noses at the CFL would all of a sudden be 100% behind it.

Honestly, I do think the CFL is more popular in Canada - though sometimes the NFL gets more media attention (frankly, that drives me NUTS). More people watch the Grey Cup than the Superbowl on TV … and more Canadians GO to the Grey Cup than the Superbowl! :wink: (just kidding, that’s not a valid comparison). I’m not sure how the CFL and NFL do when they’re head-to-head with, say, a regular season game in both leagues. Also, in the NFL, it depends a lot on the teams playing. Of course, nowadays New England is the trendy team to like. The 49ers are also popular, as are the Bills, Packers and Seahawks. Interesting thing is, those are all northern teams (except for San Fran). My guess is Detroit will become popular this year (Garcia).

If both leagues are playing games, CFL media coverage will usually come before NFL coverage (at least, it damned well should if you’re in Canada). If neither league is playing, NFL coverage usually comes first, but that’s usually only in that all the minor signings are announced. The sports media in Canada is kinda annoying in that regards - covering a “foreign” product before their own half the time.

Popularity-wise, the NFL is slightly less popular than the CFL … in terms of media coverage, the two are about the same (though I’ll admit I wish they weren’t!)

Growing up in Newfoundland with no CFL team, I found most people were cheering for an NFL team rather than a CFL team. Out here you got to cheer for a foreign team anyway so I guess most people jumped on the media bandwagon and friends’ bandwagons to cheer for an NFL team. I was a Bomber fan and I only ever ran into 1 other person that was a Bomber fan.

Go Stamps Go.

I follow both leagues. When there’s a CFL game on TV, that one is first though. But as a football fan, how can one spit on the NFL ?

The NFL used to be more popular in CANADA when the BUFFALO BILLS were winning and for a short time in ,Vancouver. It was also popular in QUEBEC.

The NFL will always be popular for betters.However, the 4 NFL exhibition games in CANADA did not do very well with and they had " announced crowds " for the attendence and lots of free bees.

They only announced the T.V. ratings for, ONTARIO. I don’t know about the Vancouver games T.V. ratings, sorry.

In the last five years the CFL has over taken the BLUE JAYS , THE RAPTORS and the NFL in the T.V. ratings in CANADA.

The CFL is and has been second only to the NHL and
before this the ratings where great …on TSN and the CBC , but the problem was getting people to pay for a game in certain markets.

TORONTO , HAMILTON , …for example…but NEW smart ownership helped turn that around.

Recently , the game in HALIFAX had over 450,000 T.V. viewers at its peak time and that was for an ex. game. They sold out for that game in a city with NO CFL team and the tickets cost 40$ and 60$ a ticket. 11, 000 people went to this game , but more tickets were asked for. They just couldn’t make the collage stadium any bigger.

Those may not sound like allot of tickets sold ,compared with the NFL , however , the U.S. has 10 times CANADA’S population.

In other pre season games this year… as more examples , EDMONTON had 37, 000 fans , SASK had 25,000 fans …MONTREAL SOLD OUT AGAIN …ect…

Some predict that this will be the BEST CFL season in history…not only that ,sponsorships are way up…with SONY , REEBOK and ROGERS on board.

There is now a CFL MAGAZINE , and 2 CFL DVDS…

The STAMPS have their own DVD call… CFL TRADITIONS [ the CALGARY edition]

FOR NFL games , GLOBAL , FOX and TSN carry NFL games.

I personally like the CFL better than the NFL but I like football in general so I watch both but I have to watch every CFL game on TV along with going to every TiCats game whereas I am very selective about what NFL games I watch.

I think one thing we should remember is that while all of us all over Canada probably see that more people are openly more enthusiastic about the NFL in gatherings of family, friends because this is the “cool” thing to do to associate yourself with the big-time leagues, secretively most of these people really do like the CFL better but can’t admit it openly for fear of being “finked out” because it is “just Canadian” and not “big-time”. I am not like this, probably because at 50 years of age I couldn’t give a rats a**s about who likes me and who doesn’t and what my “image” is in front of people who are timid of admitting to liking something Canadian like the CFL. So I don’t take at all the barometer of people openly liking the NFL better than the CFL, whether in Newfoundland or BC or wherever, this means absolutely zilch, it’s what in their unspoken heart that matters, and I know there that the CFL is no. 1 with most of these people. It’s just a lot easier to associate yourself publicly with stuff that is Yankee Doodle Dandy big-time for people who feel the need to “fit in”.

I would say that the NFL is second behind the NHL and ahead of the CFL.
Based on my circle of friends and co-workers, I can prob count on one hand the people who prefer the CFL to the NFL

Amen to that.

I would say that the NFL is second behind the NHL and ahead of the CFL. Based on my circle of friends and co-workers, I can prob count on one hand the people who prefer the CFL to the NFL
Again, this means nothing in real terms to me for the reasons I stated above. Just like saying there are more Super Bowl parties than Grey Cup parties, again it's just the "fit in thing to do", the Super Bowl party, doesn't tell you the quality of viewing when someone is watching a game from party to watching a game alone or with your wife where the quality of the viewing is much greater. I don't go or have Grey Cup or Super Bowl parties as I want to watch the game intensely and I've never been able to do this in a party setting.

RO1313 I think generally people in PQ like USA sports more than Canadian sports, I’m not sure why, but it always seemed that way to me, maybe I’m wrong but that is my impression. :twisted:

you may be right but I can only comment on what I see here.
I agree with the party viewing
Anyone watching the game at my place knows
Sit-down and Shut-up
You may speak during the commercial :wink:

One other thing I just wanted to mention briefly that I have noticed in Hamilton this year - the “I’m only an NFL fan 'cause it’s the big-time” fans, and these guys are hilarious when you mention anything about the CFL, well, these guys are getting nervous in Hamilton as Bob Young with his great TiCat website, the fans coming out in excellent numbers and talking about the TiCats a lot more now and the CFL, and with Bob Young having big street posters of the TiCats put on lamp posts around the city - these guys are wearing their NFL caps and t-shirts a lot to try and “outdo” the TiCat resurgence here! I was playing slow-pitch this weekend and having a few brews afterwards at the bar where the league is sponsored and got in a chat with a guy who really likes what Bob Young has done here and the guy next to him, wearing a Detroit Lions hat, put the CFL down in typical CFL bashing-style and I told him he was stupid, he and his buddies can’t stop the TiCats and CFL resurgence and this year is going to be great, I’m going to have a great time having brews at the games etc… Well, you should have seen it, this guy wanted to get up and punch me in the mouth. It was hilarious, this loser and moron can’t admit that the CFL is on a resurgence, these CFL bashers hate this!
I did apologize to him for calling him stupid though but I don’t think he accepted my apology, I better watch out this weekend, he looked about 6’2" and I’m only a little guy at 5’7" so I better not have a grin on - but I probably will when if I see the guy. I love it!

I would wager that in the prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) CFL is more popular than the NFL for sure.

The thing is, almost all football fans in Canada watch both leagues, but they probably care about who wins the Grey Cup more than who wins the Superbowl.

Where I live (Alberta) I’d say most of the NFL press in Canada comes after the CFL season ends in November, or if there is an ex-CFL star playing in the NFL like Doug Flutie or Jeff Garcia, etc.

You find that attitude wherever you go. Funny thing is if you hang in there, people start to change. I work with a couple guys from the states, one from Boston and the other from Washington, D.C. We are constantly talking football and thier attitude towards the CFL was to consider it as a semi-pro league. I am also an NFL fan, but I took exception to this and said so.

What has resulted is that slowly these guys are coming around to the point that I think we may even have them attending some games this season. We talk football all the time and I enjoy talking about the NFL with them, but they have started asking about the Eskimos now and again and showing some interest to the point of attending games.

I think that by showing interest in the NFL, I gained some credibility for the CFL with them. Although I can admit that the talent level is higher in the NFL, they have conceded that the different rules (especially the import rule) make the CFL a different game not necessarily a lesser one.


You are right supetoe and I did tell him I was a fan of the NFL also, I like both leagues for different reasons. But calling him stupid, well, he lost it after that and that was all that was on his mind so I shouldn’t have done this but when you have a few brews in you, you sometimes say things you shouldn’t. Hopefully he won’t knock my lights out sometime, I think I’ll tread a little lightly around him when I see him next.

I only get upset when news from some non-Canadian league pre-empts equally interesting/important news from a Canadian league. Namely, when NFL news supercedes CFL news, and they’re both big stories (for example). It’s the media feeding the (incorrect) stereotype that the CFL is a second-rate league. Why can’t we be proud of what we’ve got? Our great, Canadian league? (I know that 100% of the people on this site are; it’s more a rhetorical question!)

EskJebus, you had a really good point about people caring more about who wins the Grey Cup, than the Superbowl … (even if you are an eskimo fan :wink:)

Personally I don’t understand how a football fan living in Canada will NOT go to CFL games simply because they don’t think it’s any good, and because they’re an NFL fan. To me, that’s just retarded.