nfl in canada

hey guys, don't hate me. i like the cfl and i'm from new jersey.

the nfl wants a team in caqnada. and the most logical place is toronto. the league will never put an expansion team there, that would undermine the bills. i see the following possibilities:

1: wilson dies and the team winds up, eventually, in toronto
2: wilson dies and the team moves to los angles and totonto gets an expansion franchise

either way, the bills are not staying in buffalo

wow.. i havent heard this a million times.
such amazing insight.

There is no garauntee that Toronto gets an expansion franchise or that a Toronto is successful in buying the Bills. They are possibilities, but there are others as well. All of this is preditcated on when the current Bills owner passes away. It could be a month, a year, 5 yrs or 10 yrs down the road. As long as he is alive the Bills stay in Buffalo. As for Toronto getting an expansion franchise, that is more likely, but I believe that is still a longshot at his point. I would think their chances are better if attendance is good, but the Rogers Center is too small by NFL standards. Toronto would have to build a larger stadium, I would say at least 70 to 80K. The other problem is the dollar. If the loonie gets weaker again, it will be very tough to sustain a franchise.

i don't think the nfl really cares much about saving the buffalo franchise. buffalo is a has been metro area. it is probably no bigger than the 30th largest metro area in the us. the stadium is not up to nfl standards. i have been there a few times. it's crap. giants stadium is much more modern and the giants are still building a new stadium, that should tell you something.

So the Bills couldn't relocate in Los Angeles or Oklahoma City, Columbus or even Mexico City? The international games were better attended in Mexico than they were in Toronto. The Bills could even remain in Buffalo, because Jim Kelly is trying to get a group together to buy the team and keep them there. Its still possible that the Bills are in Buffalo for longer than you might think.

columbus: no way, there are already 2 teams in ohio
okc: no, not big enough and part of the dallas sphere of influence anyway
mexico city: possibly
los angeles: possibly

the other teams that are "at risk" of relocation due to stadium issues are san diego and minnesota.

Sounds to me like a Giants fan who just wants the Bills out of the state :wink:

I don't think they're going anywhere!

nfl doesn't care about the Bills? :o Wow! where is this coming from? N.W. Ny State is a hotbed for high school and college football talent! You better believe that the nfl wants a pro team in that area!

Do your reasearch their stadium may not have been built yesterday but at 73,00+ seats it's just fine and i have yet to hear Bills fans complain. Honestly..Giants stadium is nothing special.

welcome and go giants! SB champs that is my team. as for your post. Buffalo is not going anywhere, even when Wilson dies, if there are no owners they will have community ownership.

When Wilson dies, there will be plenty of people putting in offers to be owners, as Ralph says, his family doesn't want the Bills, it goes to the highest bidder.

The last thing the NFL wants is community ownership of teams I think for a few reasons.

I didn't realize this statement would be true, interesting, article in a NY paper:

With a team in Toronto, the NFL can charge more money for TV rights throughout Canada, and there will be more opportunities for marketing.


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Some reader responses published by The Toronto Star. Interesting that they published a lot of pro-CFL type responses! Balanced and I would say in favour of the CFL here.


Good idea geo although I'm afraid my money won't be much good, that is the little money I have. But our, wife and mine, little 3 bedroom bungalow here in Hamilton will be paid for by November so I might be able to toss in a couple hundred bucks, will that help? :wink:

If you google "Buffalo Bill" you will find that in 1811, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody's father was born in Toronto (well....Mississauga, -old Applewood for those of us who grew up in the area), which makes Toronto's ties to the name more significant than that of Buffalo.

Another site ( ... 0839422624)claims that "The St. John's-Dixie cemetary at the corner of Hwy 5(Dundas Hwy)and Cawthra Road contains the Dixie Union Church, now renamed Cody Chapel."

And to further stretch the connection to Toronto, the above mentioned site claims that Buffalo Bill as a child actually grew up in a farm in - get this- Argo, Iowa, just west of LeClaire, IA.


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Buzz kill!! :thdn:

Interesting opinion article here on the Bills' site. The Toronto experiment, this author says, is already a positive for the Bills.

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