NFL - In a league of its own

Thought some of you might enjoy this article in a Milwaukee (remember Milwaukee, the Pack used to play some of their home games there) online paper. I got a chuckle out of this one especially since it is written by an American. A few references to the CFL.

NFL: In a league of its own

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nice find !

Maybe in the Canadian Football League, it’s not as bad when you commit costly turnovers. In fact, given the current dollar exchange rate, I bet that turnovers are far cheaper by the dozen up north.


Although, The NFL does have another advantage over us...Hot Dogs! Terrel Owens, Randy Moss,

.....think I might try the "in this league" game.....good article, Earl!

Funny article! I think instead of saying "in this league" they should say something like "at this level" thus seperating their pro game from the NCAA ranks, which is what I think they are trying to convey.

jm02 You've given me some ideas....

"In this league, we have the "weanie" fair catch."

"In this league we have (Yawn) exciting 9-6 games"

"In this league, we still call time out after spending 40 seconds trying to pick a play."

Hows that for ideas!

how bout a CFL drinking game?

A drink for every time Donny Brady molests a WR and gets away with it

A drink for every time Walby tries to tell us what a reciever is thinking

A drink for every player participating in a stampeder touchdown dance (warning, this will get you corked pretty quickly)

A drink for every time Ted White enters the game (a must for Al's fans)


half a bottle chugged for when Danny Macciocia celebrates a victory with either time or downs remaining. Eskimos fans chug the other half when they end up losing after he has already celebrated as they did against the Riders on that blocked field goal!

Quick, Get the patent lawyers out....Esquimaux is on to something!

I'm in.....start first week of the season???

I give that drinking game a go during the Super Bowl.

You know, I was thinking the other night about the Super Bowl and I know for me and a lot of us here, the Super Bowl doesn't mean nearly as much to us as the Grey Cup and usually the game is more boring than the Grey Cup. But I have to say that I think that those people who just love to say that the Super Bowl is way bigger for them than the Grey Cup and love having their Super Bowl parties are really helping the Grey Cup and football in general. I mean these people show us that football, even in the more boring variety like the NFL, is such a fun game to watch and go to and I think that this helps generate more interest in the CFL here. Now I'm not saying this applies to me specifically as I personally don't think that the presence of the NFL has much to do with me enjoying the CFL, I would like to think that I would enjoy the CFL as much as I do with or without the NFL. But I think for a lot of casual fans here that the presence of watching the NFL may have something to do with them watching the CFL especially in cities in Canada that have a CFL team.

So I say to those "NFL only" people, keep on partying people, you actually may be helping the CFL flourish and grow!

"Soup Bowl!"....It's about as exciting! OK here goes! I don't make predictions
But after watching a down to the wire 38-35 Grey Cup this past season, I'm going on record that the Stuper Bowl will, in no way shape or form, on this or any other planet, be anywhere near as exciting a game.! I will admit however to trying to fit the commercials in the game into my busy schedule that day. :roll: Some are pretty good.

Side Note: I have the radio on an am listening to INXS's new single "It aint pretty" Featuring their brand new lead singer JD Fortune from Canada and from the TV show "Rock Star INXS. Congrats to him. And I am ssssoooooo glad they didn't pick an american!! :smiley:

I think I'll give this game a go as well.

I'll use QC as my example of "Whalallapa".

“Maybe in the Canadian Football League, it’s not as bad when you commit costly turnovers. In fact, given the current dollar exchange rate, I bet that turnovers are far cheaper by the dozen up north.”

I liked that line too … unfortunately, there will be idiots out there who assume he’s saying that a turnover isn’t actually costly in the CFL (ie, they won’t pick up on the sarcasm) …

What I do like by them pointing out “in this league” all the time, is the acknowledgment that they are NOT the only football league on the planet …