NFL hires first female coach

Arizona has hired a female coach as LB coach for training camp (internship). Woman is insanely qualified and likely can't take the pay cut of being a full time coach !

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Read about it on BBC. Nice that the HC talked to the players about this so she wasn't coming into a hostile enviroment. She has all the experience you would want in a LB coach so why not.

Great, why not? I think it's pretty cool, our female companions and friends do a great job at keeping most guys in line anyway what would be the difference at keeping 50 guys or so in line and motivated with the right female coach.


Of course, this doesn't belong in this forum as it's not CFL, but I'll leave it to the moderators to move it.

Arians is a 2-time coach of the year, and with 2 different teams, so I'll trust his judgement on this one.
She does seem VERY qualified!

Beats all the pita Toronto threads.

The CFL was WAY ahead of the NFL when it comes to hiring females.

The only difference between the women was that ours was a general manager, and she wasn't any good. Other than that, they're practically twins

I agree . there is a section called OTHER LEAGUES.

NFL needs some good PR right now.

Hmm…Deflategate and Woman coach…

Anyone remember Miss Ballbraker ?

With a last name like that, its no wonder she had such a bad temperament . Her parents should have changed their name to something friendlier.

I could see her as a linebacker coach.