NFL has 17 minute longer games with 40 less playsper GM CFL

Heres another interesting note about difference between cfl and nfl:

NFL has 125 plays per game average over an average of 3 hours and 12 minutes per game

CFL has 165 plays per game over an average of 2 hours 55 minutes per game.

CFL has 40 more plays in a game on average and in 17 less minutes. Way more action in CFL in less time just from the mathematical breakdown not my opinion.

where do you get your numbers?

I randomly picked an NFL game from last yr and it had 128 plays.

Last nights ham/mtl game had 120.

I'd be curious how much Commercial time there is in each as well.

I'd like to know where he got his numbers too. I think his NFL numbers are not including any kicking plays since the average NFL game in 2014 did have 128.04 Offense and Defense plays per game. That is the total for rush and pass attempts per game and does not include kick-offs, punts, converts and field goal attempts which adds 25 - 30 plays to that total.

[url=] ... game/2014/[/url]
What was the league average Team Total Offense and Defense Plays Per Game for all teams during the 2014 NFL season?

The average Total Plays/Game in the in the NFL 2014 season was 128.04.

Admittedly this story below is based on 2013 NFL games - but it gives you a good overview of the 'typical' NFL game. [url=] ... e-nfl-game[/url]
The game starts with the first of 10.5 kickoffs. My apologies in advance if you like returns, because 5.7 of those kickoffs will be touchbacks. Of the plays you will see this afternoon, there will be 80.5 passes and 53.1 runs, so I hope you enjoy passing. From those 80.5 passes, 5.4 will result in sacks, all of which will be immediately followed by a very large man dancing as if he were a much smaller man. The remaining 30.9 plays will be kickoffs, punts, field-goal attempts or kneel-downs.

Please post links to back up your claims ? Why wouldn't you just post this on your other NFL tirade, thread you started 12 hours ago ??

The flags are one thing but there's always a ref huddle on every flag and some of them have taken too long IMO. Video reviews have taken too long in some instances as well. Considering they've set the bar that they won't overrule a call on the field unless it's blatant, seems like they are taking too long. The Austin PI challenge vs the Als last night was a perfect example. Seems like if they tighten those up they would keep some more pace to the games.

[url=] ... wful-games[/url]

Use the find option I typed in "length" says average time of games over that weekend of this article was 4 minutes lower than the previous season at 2 hours 51 minutes.

[url=] ... n-20120918[/url]

average NFL game althought a little old, was actually kind of hard to find believe it or not. 3 hours and 12 minutes

take an average of these numbers, most people on google keep repeating the 125 per game and I believe this averages 131.9375 which is up over previous years in 2014.

165 with kicks average

Did you numbers for 125 include kickoffs fieldgoals and punts? These numbers do from both the NFL numbers and the CFL numbers

It's just too bad that 30 of those 40 plays are penalties. Actual plays that count are roughly the same.

Again - just to be clear - the 128 plays per game for the NFL last season did NOT include any kick-offs, punts, field goal attempts or PAT's. The CFL number you are using DOES include all those.

And FYI - if interested last nights Cats - Alouettes game had exactly 160 plays including ALL plays.

not to the tune of 40 extra plays though.

Again as per the link provided earlier which was stats through the first week of December during the 2013 NFL season at that time the NFL had averaged 80.5 pass plays, 53.1 rushing plays and 30.9 'other' plays - (kick-offs, punts, field goals and kneel downs as they don't count those as an offensive play. It is unclear if PAT's were included at all in that total). So that would be a total of 164.5 plays per game through the first three months of the 2013 NFL season. I have not found a quick and easy compilation online for the entire 2014 season which is why I'm going with those numbers.

The only thing I could find for CFL is 'between 155 - 165 plays per game'. .

Going by the CFL website's Play-by-Play numbering Last nights game had 160 plays. Last week's games had 162, 142, 165 (10 of those in OT) and 148. The week before that 159, 147, 152 and 173 (25 of those in overtime) and in Week One the totals were 151, 150, 154 and 147.

So if those numbers are accurate that is an average of 155 so far this season.

In other words for all intents and purposes there is little if any difference in the total numbers of plays one will see in a CFL game compared to an NFL game - which is a very different story from what the title of this thread would have you believe.

I just did the average in my last post why do you ignore it

Average ALL PLAYS NFL 131 plays per game

24 more plays on average this cfl season with some games over 30 more than the NFl average meaning some games have a difference over 40 plays.


Even at 155 to 131

I averaged all nfl teams per game from 2014 not 2013

Average it yourself over 32 teams its 131 and this is one of the highest years ever when compared to most years are at 125

CFL as you admit 155 average so far lots of 160+ games

That NFL stat for 131 includes ALL PLAYS

Includes point afters in the nfl stat even incomplete passes same as cfl

Im giving current 2014 stats and 2015 cfl not 2013 nfl which was lower

So your 160 is inaccurate sorry


155 cfl


131 nfl there is nothing else to add to this number sorry to burst your magical nfl pipedream everyone

Or to put it in other words the cfl stat is the same as the nfl stat for plays per game

CFL 24 more plays in 17 less minutes than the NFL


Just drop it all ready.. You are wrong.
I proved you wrong on the last thread you stated this BS on.. Now you made a whole thread about it? You are ridiculous

no wonder Valerie had enough

LOL. Clearly adding skills are difficult for the original poster and/or he does not understand that the NFL stats for number of plays is for ONLY rush and pass attempts. All kicking play stats are kept separately in the NFL.

Here's your project for the afternoon Vanhalen.

Number of rushing attempts per game by team in 2014

[url=] ... e-category[/url]

Number of passing attempts per game by team in 2014

[url=] ... e-category[/url]

All 32 teams there with their average number of pass and rush plays per game. Add then up for each team. Let me knosw what the total is for each team. Average those out so that you figure out the average pass and rush plays per team.

I suspect it is about 128 - 131 range - and that does not include any kicks or punts.

I'm off to Toronto for the TFC game this afternoon but looking forward to your totals when I get back this evening. :slight_smile:

Travel, I guess we can eat some roast human tomorrow if you're going to the TFC game today, it's going to be a roaster out there today. Have fun! :o :wink: