NFL Hands Out STIFF Penalties

Sorry, slightly off-topic but relevant. The NFL handed out huge penalties today to the New Orleans Saints. ... d-present/ What does everyone think? Do you think that might be going on in CFL too? Or do you think this is pretty much isolated? I have heard both sides. It was interesting to hear Henry Burris discuss at the Ticats Awards Dinner a couple of weekends ago.

Apparently the NFLPA is set to go the distance with this to protect its players.

Why couldn't they try and resolve this amicably without fear of going to courts? :?

When a jackass player takes 10000 of his own money out of his bank account and puts it on the table for anyone who is willing to hurt a QB he deserves whatever he gets. Not only do I not condone this type of behaviour, but the coaches were so arrogant that they discussed it while someone had a camera in their faces for a documentary. If stupidity was a crime punishable by jail time those idiots would be going down for life I'm all for a good clean hit, but I don't like guys who try to hurt guys and especially ones who try to end careers. The coaches should be ashamed of themselves.