NFL Hall of Fame game

It will be interesting to see how a couple of Argo draft picks perform with the Colts tonight.
Dan Federkeil is listed as 2nd string at LT and Clifton Dawson 4th on the depth chart at RB.

Colt Brennan made his way into the game too. He played well.

Clifton Dawson didn't do much in a few carries. I can't recall seeing Federkeil in the game, or Samuel Giguere either. They could all be in the CFL after September 1st. IMO
Washington's Canadian kicker Shaun Suisham missed an easy field goal but probably isn't in jeopardy.

Colt Brennan did play well. Quinn Gray the 3rd stringer for Indy was also impressive. A big guy who can throw and run.

Federkeil played alot. He started at guard (first string) and later played tackle. I don't think the argos will be seeing Federkeil soon, but they could be seeing Dawson soon. Unless the colts cut Keith and keep Dawson because of his special teams play. Giguere dressed but did not get on the field. I think the ticats will be seeing him soon.

Thanks. I must have missed the part where they showed the starters. I kept looking for Federkeils name on the back of a jersey and didn't see him. I do remember seeing a number 76 playing.
This is the year he has to show he is capable of at least being 2nd string as his salary goes up. The Colts did draft a couple of O-Linemen who would play for the minimum. That seems to be the way it works in the NFL. If you can't be in the top two at your position by the third year they replace you with a minimum salary rookie.
Which is good for the CFL of course, bad for the guys on the bubble down there.