NFL getting door slammed on them from their own

Interesting article here about the problems some franchises are having getting new stadiums built and the big problem of LA telling the NFL bye, bye.

Cities Can't Handle Cost of the NFL

"Football is arguably the most popular sport in America, but in the past two weeks, the league has been told by both Los Angeles and Anaheim that those cities aren't interested in spending huge sums of money to build stadiums to house franchises." ...


Geez Earl, if Big Cities like that can't afford it, how will Paul Godfrey afford to do it in the Centre of the Universe?

I wonder though Sportsmen if this just makes Godfrey more of a "legend in his own mind" if he and his friends can bring a team to Toronto. Then they can say, hey, look at us, we can do what LA "can't" do. Of course it will really be a "don't want to do at that price" but you know the spin we'll hear on it.

Why not New Jersey?

I know they basically already have The GIants and the Jets but they don't have their own state named team.

Or how about Portland?
How about one of the south states where college football is so huge like Oklahoma or Arkansas?

Whatever happened to the potential Mexico expansion?


Long Island?

Shreveport? <<---(okay maybe not)

San Antonio?


Toronto is intriguing though, Tanenbaum, Rogers are so loaded, it ain't funny and Toronto has more world-class appeal than say Portland or San Antonio, it is the 5th largest populated metro area in North America I think. Granted, the NFL likes football-only stadiums but they may overlook that if the money is right and there is some sort of a promise to build a bigger football only stadium at some point down the road.

And right now, ask yourself, where would the NFL rather be, Buffalo or Toronto? Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that one out.

Thryllin, you forgot that little West Coast town....Los Angelas. I still think they are the next NFL team, regardless of all the press thoughts being passed around.

Of course they are. Anybody who doesnt think the next NFL team is gonna be in LA is either kidding themselves or they are on crack, but probably on crack.

I find it funny how L.A. wants a team... or wanted a team.

How many teams does the state of California need exactly? 49ers, Raiders, Chargers... am I missing one?

Scratching my head a bit, but they have just as many Hockey teams (Ducks, Kings, Sharks) as they do Football Teams!

How many basketball teams do they have, just out of curiosity? Maybe they should consider branching out into that sport. :smiley:

LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and the Sacramento Kings. They've got bunches of teams in pretty much every league, not counting the CFL.

I think I just got a new idea for an expansion thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn't the topic of this thread about how L.A. does NOT want a team?

How the hell did I blank out on the Lakers? I'm a Kobe fan. :oops: