NFL GAme Tonight Best Advertisement For CFL

That slow paced, monotonous game at the Skydome tonight was the best bit of free advertising the CFL could have gotten.

Not only could they not fill the place with freebies, the game itself looked like it was going in slow motion compared to the Ticats Bomber game.

So the NFL has come. It has barely caused a ripple in the Canadian sports scene. In fact now that the novelty is gone, you wonder if they can even give tickets away for the rest of the games.

After tonight, the CFL has nothing to worry about. The NFL is not the beheamoth the media kept telling us it was. The CFL is king in Canada. The NFL, the last boogeyman around the corner has been exposed as a ten pound weakling. Its upward and onward for the CFL from here!

I don't know why everyone was so worked up about a meaningless preseason game in which the average ticket price was around $300.

I didn't even pay that much for my U2 tickets the last time they came to town, why would anyone pay that much for an NFL preseason game?

It's the regular season games that will be a big deal, if anything.

Less than a sell-out for a preseason game and Ted Rogers will say "It's just preseason, don't read too much into it, look at all the full seats"

Less than a sell-out for the regular season game and Ted Rogers will say "It was a meaningless game against the Dolphins, don't read too much into it, look at all the full seats"

Less than a sell-out for all eight games and Ted Rogers will say "It isn't even our team (yet), don't read too much into it, look at all the full seats"

I think the novelty is already over. If Toronto is this huge NFL town like I've read the past two months, this game should have sold out in minutes. But it didn't. Because Toronto is not a huge NFL town. The regular sesaon game will be no different. If thousands of people don't come up from Buffalo, they will not be able to give seats away.
But like I said. We have seen the beast. Its nothing but a big pussycat. Not even these pro NFL media types can sugar coat this fiasco.


I try watching tonight's game on TV and it was awful. Too slow for my liking. There's no way 48,000 people were at the game.

We didn't get the game out here on the west coast, Rogers Sportsnet chose not to air the game... So, I was curious to hear whether it was a 48,000 person crowd in reality.

According to TSN, Ben Roethlisberger doesn't like the turf. Don't they have fieldturf in the Dome?

The game was on CityTV in Toronto. I can't believe how much hype CityTV is trying to create for NFL.

Well I think it was proven tonight that the NFL is mostly Hype with a little substance!

there was no way they had 48,000 fans in the stadium.

and I bet they were pretty bored. Plus whoever is stupid enough to spend $500 on a ticket deserves what they get.

The game was on CityTV in Toronto. I can't believe how much hype CityTV is trying to create for NFL.
CityTV is owned by Rogers Communications. Not surprised Ted is trying to promote the game on one of his channels.

What's a NFL?

Hey every once in a while the NFL presents a thriller. Every once in a while. The games are fun to go to, but I still think CFL games are way better to watch on TV. I had a blast going to the games years ago, and I'm sure CFL games are still a blast today - especially with the great competition this year.

I remember going to an NFL exhibtion game in Vancouver, this has happened before. Big deal. Our league is getting back to where it should be, after 10 years of poor management which doesn't mean we don't deserve our league, 10 years of it going up and up and better coverage from CBC in the 80's and 90's and we'd be lookin at a 10 team league already with at least 10 million dollar salary cap. We have nothing to worry about.

48,000? is that what they announced?

I watched a few minutes of it and no way there was 48,000

The claimed 48,000 tickets distributed is 8,000 fewer than the claimed attendance for the last Bills preseason game at Skydome. Has interest in the NFL dropped that much in Toronto? I bet the Hamilton game on TSN killed the NFL in TV ratings.

Here is an exerpt from the Toronto Star news story of the event:

...As an Ottawa fan spoke (who had paid $1800 for a 3-game pack), a scalper passing by paused to inform him that he had been ripped off, and that seats that retailed for $300 were available outside the Rogers Centre for $20 or less.

The scalper said the high initial ticket prices – some seats cost up to $600 – coupled with reports that Rogers and other sponsors gave away roughly 15,000 seats for free, combined to make business difficult for scalpers outside the stadium last night.

"There's more (free) tickets on the street than I've ever seen for any event," he said, adding that he hoped to net $100 for seats that retailed for $550."

Oh man, I like the NFL especially when the CFL season is over as I then rethink my brain into a slower different game which is ok. But give me the CFL any day, monotonous and slow paced, you got that right berezin despite that run back and some good plays. But can't they speed the game up a bit? I'll never pay for that here, maybe in the US where it's more all part of the package type of atmosphere but not in Canada, it comes across as snoozeville city.

The ticket prices were hillariously high. Even the Leafs couldn't sell out the Skydome at those prices, and the Leafs are the kings of Toronto. There was no chance for a meaningless NFL game.

Don't worr ythough. Rogers will make up the reported $5 million lost on this game by jacking up cable rates.

Prices were too high? And I kept reading for the STephen Brunts of the world that they would sellout the NFL at any price? YOu mean Stephen Brunt was wrong? Shocking!

And considering too they were basically giving away tickets to anybody on the street, thats now much of a price if you ask me.

And whats funnier is to read and hear all these Hogtown sports "experts" who had predicted teh games would be sold out in minutes now making excuses for the lack of interest and ticket sales.
Which is why I have little respect for most of the sports media in Tranna.
BEcause all they know about sports is what they watch on US TV.

Someone messed up on the pricing for this preseason game, why they didn't price the tickets much lower and make the demand there and the stadium packed to the brim, well, they messed up with this. Instead the pricing has made the headlines as more negative than positive that people won't pay these outrageous prices for an NFL game, even it was a preseason game. Heck, the almighty Pittsburgh Steelers were there, they are almost godlike aren't they? Rogers screwed up and made this more a non-event that what might have been.

They were giving away tickets the past week and there were still thousands of empty seats.
And take away the people up from Buffalo and Pittsburgh, and how many actual Torontonians showed up for the game?
This thing has the makings of a fiasco.
I could see it coming from a mile away.
Couldn't happen to two nice people.
Paul Godfrey and Ted Rogers.