NFL Game Thread: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles 8:15PM / 2015 14 Sept 2023

Ahoy ye mateys!

The game is here tonight and the weather is beautiful. I’m at work where it’s quiet, and I am off this weekend, so I’ll take it.

The game is listed on TSN1, TSN3, or CTV2. I think between all those, most of you are in great shape.

If you live in Minnesota or in Greater Philadelphia, the game will be on a local TV station. In any case in at least the 50 US states, the game is on Amazon Prime. :unamused:

Global or None of the Above:
Pirate Sports Network is on duty tonight. Just ask for the appropriate link via the direct chat if you need one.

Some of our crew are obviously fans of the Vikings, heralding some ancestral roots, but others are fans of the Eagles.

The crew are getting everything ready now before they practice some battle formations in the pre-game, and everybody is a bit dodgy with plenty of beady eyes leering about with also few swivel heads. Pirate Cat is a bit on the feisty side already as he enters his battle mode. We should be in for a great time no matter what though.

Here are the depth charts.

Enjoy the game, and we are always happy to see you here if you are around too.


Justin Jefferson is so good and must dream of one day having an actual decent quarterback.


Woohoo another opening kickoff Touchback!!

Devante Smith what a catch


I like Jake Elliot. Dude can kick a ball. 24-yarder is GOOD

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Let’s see how many more outro songs they play with Philly roots when they go to commercial.


The call on this broadcast is so much better than the call on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Monday Night’s call is better than that one now too. Wow did NBC screw up the announcing team for the #1 show on US television.


I just looked up sucks on wiki and it said Kirk Cousins.


Don’t know how he is still a number one QB…

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Nathan would look good in one of those vikings unis.

Eagles need a new punter. What poop placement

It seems to have worked out for them

You should look at the link to the quarterback depth charts as I posted in the general NFL thread.

Even before Rodgers’ injury, the slate of starters and solid backups now is about as sparse as I have seen it over recent years.

I don’t agree here. Yes it could have been a little more outside, the distance was good, but the coverage was woeful until Evans forced the strip of course.

Let’s give him another chance but hopefully not too many tonight of course. :smiley_cat:

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I love Al Michaels commentating. By far and away my favorite football commentator.


wow 3 turnovers already.


When Mike Tirico came over to NBC, whom some like me did not like when he was with ESPN anyway, NBC was going to have him call some games early in the season.

The NFL responded right away,
“Oh no. Oh no you don’t. The deal was done with Al Michaels on the call. He does the call unless we arrange otherwise.”

NBC tucked tail and turned around and rightly so.

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Make that 4

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Oh well. That was no gimme of course. He has the leg. We’ll see on the next one.

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I just found out im way behind live LOL

Giants at 49ers next Thursday night has the makings of a major stinker. I’m going to pass.