NFL game for Montreal

The San Diego Chargers to LA Chargers is one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed in pro sports

Team is mid range in NFL. Decides to move to a terrible market; one where multiple other NFL franchises have died and who never seems to do well attendance wise. Arrives in LA and it is made very clear there is a near boycott as fans mock his team and he draws worse than a CFL franchise would draw.

And yet he refuses to give up despite losing millions (billions?)

The Chargers even made an official post standing up to swear they will not leave LA (haha) like seriously this is insane


"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad" as the ancient saying goes.

Such a proclamation is being uttered by an owner who is convinced that at the rate they are losing money, it will always be his choice.

And we know even if he has a sprawling business empire otherwise and wants to fund those losses with that many, well he's no Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and perhaps about 200 others like them around the globe who can seemingly defy the laws of math and finance.

When capital is destroyed at higher and higher rates by the several millions per month like this, into the void the largest vultures and dragons shall swoop in due time.

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All of the manipulation just to keep the Raiders out of the LA market as they are the most popular team over the Rams and definitely the Chargers.


Did you happen to see the latest 30 For 30 documentary about that?

That whole ordeal was about personal animus of the Eastern team owners as well as power more than even money.

I highly recommend the show.

Pete Rozelle I reckon died a few years earlier due to greater smoking along with the extra stress from that whole mess, an in retrospect we can see this fight the NFL put up for the wrong cause was not worth it though I figure a few of the fat cat owners like the Rooneys and the Maras disagree.

NFL game for Montreal?!:wink: