NFL game for Montreal

It would be beneficial if the Allouettes to have some sort a sponsorship agreement with the NFL in regards to the game.

Jumping the gun here don't ya think?

Heard the Spanos children are squabbling internally over the LA Chargers because the team's move to LA has run up the debt of the Family finances.

Owning a NFL team hurts the pocketbook and family unity

It's a wonder that Roger didn't pour water on this fire. I wonder if Bezos is going to buy the Chargers from the Spanos family

I thought money and a free stadium was the main they left San Diego for Los Angeles in the first place.

It was. But there was a 650 million dollar transfer fee and they are tenants in the stadium it shares with Rams, meaing that they are paying rent to play there

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They did, but also have to pay a relocation fee of 645 million over 30 years.

High value for sports teams only makes people rich when they sell

One set of team owners having issues that relate to a complex ownership structure, including a family charity trust as part of the ownership structure, hardly warrants a broad statement like "Owning a NFL team hurts the pocketbook and family unity"

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Families should not be divided over a damn football team. Family is what matters

I fail to see what any of that has to do with an NFL game in Montreal


There's a full article and some related commentary in the NFL thread about that matter too for those interested in more.

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By that standard, almost ANYTHING can be considered to "hurt family unity" because somewhere, sometime it has caused issues for some family ... everything from politics to religion, from applesauce to zucchini, from ... from ... from

But most working class family divisions are behind close doors. The Spanos Family is airing their drama in public over money.

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Why hijack this thread?

Getting back to the topic - What about the NFL game for Montreal - it sounds like a good idea if the Als are sponsoring it and getting benefit from it. Seems a lot of NFL fans in the area and they could fill 60,000 seats


Okay. Let's get back on topic. The NFL won't play in an old $h!t hole like the Big Owe. They want to play in new stadiums

The NFL cancelled a international game in Mexico for it's stadium poor field conditions. They don't want to injure their players on harden concrete with mold and cracks in the walls.

The Montreal organization should save themselves the embarrassment by not putting out any feelers

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But if the NFL did want to have a game in Montreal it would be good for the Allouettes to express interest in hosting the game.

Will help their bottom line.

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If the NFL wants to play in "new" stadiums then why are they playing in Buffalo or Green Bay. The stadium in Buffalo was built in the 70s with mostly bench seats, same with Green Bay. The Olympic stadium is all seats no benches.
The NFL would only care about the playing surface for their players, they won't care if the Olympic stadium has "shit holes instead of toilets.

Montreal will have to pay for renovations to satisfy the NFL's wants and needs. Where is the city going to find the money in a pandemic? The Packers and Raiders made a mess at IG Field in Winnipeg two years ago. The NFL demanded 5 million from Hawaii to host the Pro Bowl there for one game several years ago. How much is Roger's Shield going to extort from Montreal taxpayers?

Montreal should take a hard pass on international games being played there.

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They are going to do renovations for the World Cup, the city/province has committed to it.

The Big O was built in the 70's too. It shows it age. It has torn rips on the roof. The playing carpet has numerous seams and stains on top of hard concrete. The NFL will want a softer surface.

That's why you don't see slums and shacks advertise on Airhub.

The only play suitable for hosting NFL games in Canada is Edmonton and Vancouver. Montreal and Toronto(Sktdome) facilities are considered obsolete