NFL Game Day Thread Sunday December 10, 2023

As I don’t see one as of yet I’ll start one even though I won’t be around all day as the games are beginning. Game of the week being Eagles at Cowboys is tonight. A few other expected good ones on tap as well.

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NFC North annual pageant:
The Bears, with nothing to gain, will beat the Lions and screw up their draft order.
The Lions, needing a win, will lose and screw up their playoff campaign.


Rams with an impressive 10 minute first drive against Baltimore that started with 9 straight runs but had to settle for a field goal and are up 3-0.

Flacco engineers an impressive opening 75 yard drive for Cleveland to go up 7-0. The teams have exchanged punts since then. Trevor Lawrence is apparently well enough to be playing and the horse tranquilizer they shot into his ankle appears to be working.


That’s funny! For once this year your team is ok because they own Carolina’s likely first overall pick as you know.

Cincy quickly up 7-0 at Indy at home. First time in many weeks one of the teams I picked in the pool is up early. I should probably stop watching.


Since they always screw up their top pick, they need another high first round pick to have a shot at a decent player :laughing:


[Goodell steps up to the mic] With the first pick in the 2024 draft, the Bears have traded to Green Bay for Tony Mandarich and a handful of magic beans.


First quarter just about done and still 7-0 Cleveland. Lawrence appears healthy but so far can’t solve the best defence in the league. It’s a puntathon. An egregious defensive holding by Cleveland missed by the refs or it would have been 7-7.

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Cleveland starting to run away from Jax. 14-0 and have now intercepted Lawrence.

Rams giving the Ravens all they can handle at home although just fell behind 14-10. The Rams I think are a pleasant surprise and a lot better team than their record indicates. They might not make the playoffs this year but would easily be the best team in the Carolina division.

Half time scores today more or less below. Also Jets and Texans tied 0-0. All games are incredibly close.

The “Day of the Kicking F#%! Up”. Missed field goals, blocked kicks, guys running into the kick receiver and screwing up a fair catch, 3 missed conversions so far…

I thought ST’s got better with practice?


Your prediction looks like it’s coming true. Bears now with a two score lead.


Why did I think the Colts were the Cowboys when I picked these games LOL

“Yea Dak can for sure beat a Burrow-less Bengals”

Who even is the Colt QB rn?


Looking pretty good right now.

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Thank goodness Falcons/Jets were not on the list this week.

Edit. Texans/Jets.
Jets with a W

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I haven’t seen much of what you speak
of but was earlier watching mostly Jax at Cleveland and for a while now Rams at Baltimore which is turning out to be the barnburner on the early slate. Baltimore just went up 23-22 having to settle for a FG on a promising drive.

Two series before Baltimore’s shotgun snap was way early and sailed through their own end zone for a safety to put the Rams up by two.

Most of the rest of the close games at the half are now showing some separation.

Joe Flacco <3

Stroud hurt.

Not sure what you mean. Falcons are and Jets aren’t. Two different games. Unless you’re making a joke that sailed over my head. :upside_down_face:

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What a catch by Nacua! Stafford got drilled in the ribs on the play and is hurting but still in the game.

LA driving for the go ahead score with 5 minutes left.

John Harbaugh with an incredibly stupid challenge flag (loses a time out).

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