NFL Free Agent Tracking 2011

I'm going to go out on a limb to state that Tennessee the better end of this whole shake-up though the Seahawks did get Rice who has upside in my view. :slight_smile:

Given Tarvaris' Jackson's inconsistent play over his career in a dome most of the time, I doubt he is going to shine outdoors.

Saskfan and Seahawk Nation, please pause and bow your heads and prepare now for the coming again of your own personal Clipboard Jesus.

Why would the bears trade Greg Olsen? Their offense is only going to get worse...

Maybe Mike Martz' offence does not want to use a tight end for near as much pass receiving any more?

We'll see if the Bears spread things out even more now, which of course in turn is not as easy to do in Chicago as it was on the indoor turf of the St. Louis Rams of yesteryear.

Needless to say Im happy as all hell now.

I KNEW it! He doesn't care about being the highest paid player. He wants a team that'll actually win a playoff game. Irsay has to be the biggest idiot. I said it a dozen times, he got lucky drafting Peyton. Terrible owner. :roll:

"While I appreciate Jim Irsay offering to make me the highest-paid player," Manning told The Indianapolis Star, "I told him I'd rather he save that money and keep whoever it is ... (running back) Joe Addai, (left tackle) Charlie Johnson... whoever that may be. I'm willing to take less than they've offered if they are going to take that money to keep players we need to keep and go get other players. All I want is for them to have the cap and the cash to keep the players they want to keep and to sign other players."

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Great post Chief! :slight_smile:

Brilliant move by Peyton here who probably gains even more of the public's admiration and will just make it up in more endorsement deals.

Also I like that Peyton exposes for all Jim Irsay's obviously bloated ego.

When Irsay's father Robert was around until 1995 before severe health problems, I think both father and son had steadier heads about managing the organisation.

Chief you are correct that his son Jim, who inherited it all, just got lucky to have Manning.

Many years later after pulling a great screwing over the the taxpayers of the entire State of Indiana to fund the new stadium after the Super Bowl win for the 2006 season, the financial success has only gotten to his bloated head.

Let's see what Jim Irsay does to try to regain public favour after being rightfully embarrassed at last.

Anyways who wants to talk about the Colts when you can talk about my Eagles?

I'm game -- see the Go Colts thread. :slight_smile:

I think I've talked enough about the Eagles until they make their next stupid manoeuvre, but hey they did get the biggest free agency prize in signing Asomugha.

The Eagles will have now the best secondary in the NFL since they have Rodgers-Cromartie now too.

Added Cullen Jenkins today! 5 yrs, $25m - but is essentially a 1 yr $4m deal. Dude had 7 sacks in only 11 games last year - not bad.

I hope they keep Asante. Have Nnamdi and DRC as bump n run corners then maybe have Asante at safety. :thup: :thup:

I hope tomorrow they will have paid DeSean then we'll be good to go.

Irsay finally came to his senses (thanks to Peyton going public). His deal is 5 years for $90 million. That's $18 million a year, which I believe equals Brady's contract.

Colts re-sign Addai. I'm underwhelmed. It seems like Indy has a massive collection of mediocre backs. Addai hasn't done anything since his rookie season. The only reason he has 38 touchdowns on the ground is because Indy likes to punch it in when the offence gets within the 5-yard line.

Running backs for Colts, big deal, that team is about an average running game, it's Peyton's ariel show that they are designed for. AddIa knows the system, they don't care nor need a real premier back.

It's hard to argue with this point, but I wish there were some depth at the position besides the rookie with Addai hurt so much in the past.

Man, it's going to be fun watching Vick choke in the playoffs this year with all the talent he has around him.

Go Bucs!

Indy is a passing team with Peyton, there's no question. However, with a running game and a defence, this team would probably be more likely to win a playoff game. Instead, Irsay and Polian just put it on Peyton year after year.

Moss is calling it a career. :o

Here's some food for thought from a friend and I on the matter of free agency including especially of special teams players, practice roster guys, and un-drafted rookies. Note that some of the guys who drift around in the NFL, and then find a real future actually playing a position in the CFL, are amongst these.

Note in another thread I calculated that there are otherwise about 600 guys available per year in the pro football pool who do not find work in the NFL yet are looking for it:

90 players are going to camp for each of the 32 NFL teams, which in turn would leave a gross pool of 1696 players after the final cuts to 53 players on each roster.

Let's cut out from the 1184 cut
another 160 (average 5/team) who are just not quite pro material for any league but more like camp bodies and fine athletes all the same,
another 256 (32x8) who will make NFL practise rosters,
another 128 (average 4/team) who will be out for any season injured or kicked out of football altogether for other reasons,
and finally another 32 (average 1/team) who will end up filling other teams' slots after being cut.

We are still left with 608 pro-calibre players in the pool from which to choose, so there is plenty of potential for eight teams to examine from these though not all of these are CFL material either.

That's still quite a pool from which to choose and plan strategically near the trade and/or free agency deadlines.

As provided by my friend,

League Minimum Salaries By Tenure (excludes signing bonuses and performance incentives)
0 $325,000
1 $400,000
2 $475,000
3 $550,000
4-6 $635,000

My comments:

For special teams players, an NFL team can sign 3 free agent rookies and/or guys off practice squads for every 2 guys with 2 years of experience who otherwise are not good enough to be a solid backup for any given position. Certainly some of these guys are worth the extra for experience and peaking talent or if like Bill Bates, Larry Izzo, or Steve Tasker is a special teams ace, but it won't be all these guys with two years under their belts. On the other hand many of these guys cut will be picked up by other teams for their experience, but their ability to command increases in pay after being cut will in many cases be diminished.

Take the case above for year 4 at which point a special teams player for the most part has to be an ace or a solid backup or he will be cut. The teams can get two guys to replace him as free agents and/or off practice squads. This is assuming after three years of the grinder of special teams that the player is still at least even in athletic ability with those guys fresh out of college.