NFL Free Agent Tracking 2011

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Here's a great article naming the Top 100 free agents, but honestly I don't think there are much more than 20 solid guys for other teams to steal on this list rather than just to wait for those players to be cut to "steal" them for even less.

After most of the guys amongst the first 21 name there is considerable drop-off.

List #12 DE Charles Johnson already re-signed with a massive new contract:

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After almost all of those first 21 names, I like the following as steals:

  1. CB Grimes
  2. WR Floyd
  3. SS Mikell

There is now confirmation that Seattle has come to terms with former Vikings QB Brett Favre... :lol: just kidden it's Tavaris Jackson they are also saying that we will be signing Matt Leinhart in the coming days. That being said the Seahawks will not be re-siging Matt Hasselbeck :cry: and we will not be going after Kevin Kolb.

At first I was skeptical but Tavaris has close ties to our Offensive Coordinator, and doesn't have a bad track record 10-10 as a starter also it seems we are also going after Sidney Rice!. I guess it was time to move on for the Seahawks, wish Matt the best but it seems now they he may be heading to the Titans...

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Latest NFL free agent update.

Oh man I think now your QB situation in Seattle is not great considering the battle for the spot by draft bust Matt Leinart, subpar Tarvaris Jackson, and Charlie "Clipboard Jesus" Whitehurst as you called him in another thread :lol: :


Hasselbeck, aka The Great Bald One, I have to agree would be too much money given his inconsistent production, but then again I'm not impressed by any of these options and don't get why the Seahawks did not go after Kolb more.

On the flip side, they sure surprised and shocked everyone but two bold guys on this forum last season.

Ah Leinart backs out of any Seattle approach and stays in Texas, whilst The Great Bald One is worth $21M over three years to Tennessee.

Where will Nnamdi go? :o

As of yesterday it was the Jets and 49ers in the lead for the Asomugha sweepstakes. Now it appears as though the Texans may get him.

Haynesworth has been traded to the Patriots
Bush traded to the Dolphins
Apparently the Cards are going to give up Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie in a deal for Kolb (Terrible deal for Arizona, imo)

AZ needs a QB... not a bad deal

pwned... the deal went thru haha

The Titans grabbed Hasslebeck? What happened to Vince Young and Kerry Collins? Collins didn't retire, did he? I can't remember. It's been so long since I've followed the NFL. Stupid lockout. :lol:

I always considered Bush to be a bust. He was good on special teams, but it didn't seem like he ever did anything as a back. Maybe he'll do better in Miami with the wildcat.

When I checked yesterday, the Colts were quiet. I don't expect that to change. :roll:

I just saw a headline that said the Titans are prepared to release Vince Young. Ouch. :lol: It has been kind of a rocky road with him.

WOW The pats trade for Ochocinco to go along with Haynesworth.

What'd they give up for both? I'm surprised Cinci finally let Ocho go.

Young's been inconsistent for his entire career, and what a head case too.

Collins is 38 years old and no Brett Favre, so he retired weeks ago.

They just have to rebuild in Tennessee, and they have Hasselbeck to help groom Jake Locker and the other young QBs on the roster.

I guess it's Randy Moss Take 2?

All the same Belichek has a high percentage in moulding players favourably to the winning Patriots programme.

And here's how they stole Haynesworth with terms undisclosed for Ochocinco:

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Two biggest moves for the Colts so far: They re-signs Vanetieri and Bullit...

Seahawks flipped out the big bucks to wheel in Sidney Rice (WR) I feel a little more comfortable having TJack or Whitehurst at QB and also Leinart will NOT be signing with the Hawks he has resigned a deal with Texans. Also Vince Young signs 1 year deal with Eagles as Vick's back-up...

VY to be Vick's back-up :smiley:

My God are they just improving their lot as certified idiots in Philadelphia. :roll: Essentially they are going to use a player who is now in his career capabilities a Vick wannabe as his backup?

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Okay I understand, get rid of Kolb for his high value as opposed to being on the bench though Vick is a far cry from remaining uninjured. Sure Vick no Buck Pierce in that regard, but I can't remember the last time I saw Vick hook slide.

Both those guys in Philly should take a page from Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets, who actually had a coach of the New York Mets come in and teach him how to slide so that he would not be injured again playing reckless like that as a QB. Of course given that this is Philadelphia, they could not possibly copy anything out of New York even if it is good given their local sordid bum logic. If you are wondering what I am talking about, go live there awhile as did I.

The bottom line for the Eagles will be if they play against a moderately weak to weak defence, they will win with their power offence, but if their offence poops the bed like they have a whole lot lately even with all that wonderful talent, they are going to lose. And folks wonder why that batch of fans up there is so rotten?

Furthermore if Vick is out, Young is not saving the day unless the defensive coordinator is terrible.

For both Vick and Young, as I have said for teams playing against Vick over many years now who watch the film when Vick shines with effectiveness confirmed by what you see when defences prevail, you make these kinds of mobile QBs roll to their weak side to attempt to throw. Both Vick and Young are weaker throwing on the run to their weak side (to the right for the left-handed Vick) than are most QBs.

As a defence, you do not allow them to roll left or right respectively for they will beat you either on the run or the throw in that situation most of the time.