NFL Free Agent Signings of Canadian Players

In addition to the free agent signing of offensive tackle and 2006 Ticat draft choice Peter Dyakowski by the New Orleans Saints, there have been at least two more signings of Canadian players by NFL teams:

  1. Patrick MacDonald (6'3", 247 lbs, Feb 20/82), a defensive lineman and long snapper who played for University of Alberta in 2006 and is eligible for tomorrow's CFL Canadian Draft, has signed with the New Orleans Saints to compete for the long snapping job. It is quite fascinating that MacDonald was not even mentioned in fan and media discussions about this year's CFL Draft. Maybe the Ticats should consider taking him as a mid to late round pick tomorrow as he could become their long snapper at some point in the future if he is released by the Saints;

  2. Clifton Dawson, a running back who played for Harvard in 2006 and was chosen by the Argos in last year's CFL Canadian Draft, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Probably because he isn't that good of a player. I mean, kudos to him for getting an NFL contract but remember he's going in as a Long Snapper and not a DL. It's not as if they're bringing in a CIS QB. He could possibly get selected tmrw but his hype factor indicates it's nothing to get excited about.

-Eric Deslauriers has signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers

  • I think that Cedric Gagne-Marcoux has something going with the Minnesota Vikings.

If Patrick MacDonald is selected in the CFL Draft, he will be chosen mainly because a CFL team recognizes that an NFL team has seen potential in him as a long snapper. For example, the Ticats have not yet re-signed incumbent long snapper Matt Robichaud thus they might be looking for one in the draft.

By the way, the website reports that Canadian defensive lineman Corey Mace has signed a free agent deal with the Buffalo Bills.