NFL footballs

3downnation reporting that the league has experimented with the NFL footballs. With what was described I would agree the NFL balls should be used.

As long as the CFL ball remains distinct (stripes on the ball) i'm OK with the proposed change.

A bigger fatter ball is more likely to be dropped and or fumbled. For quarterbacks, only a select few in the league right now can throw a tight spiral for any considerable distance . A lot of these issues would be solved with the use of a differently sized ball.

All of these issues if corrected, would make our game appear to be a lot more polished, and as a result, would quiet a lot of the critics who claim that the CFL is inferior and really help in marketing our unique brand of football.

Those same critics, and I'm sure those critics don't actually watch much CFL anyways, would just say the CFL is just copying the NFL to try and make the league look more legitimate and criticize the league just as much.

Hey, I don't really care but sure, make the balls easier to throw and catch, fine with me.

Not that much of a change, actually. The two standards mostly overlap anyway. Sounds like the stripes and laces will remain the same.

I wonder if this is more just a way to reduce the cost of the balls, going with the existing mass-produced NFL ball - with some minor customization.

The larger CFL ball MYTH:

NFL spec's allow for a larger ball in both dimensions than the CFL spec's. The question is whether within normal manufacturing tolerances how are they actually delivered?


"Many believe by sight theCFLball is currently bigger (generally fatter around the short circumference), perhaps due to continued statements theCFLball is larger even though that has not been true for 30 years by specification"

"If the current (since 1986)CFLball specifications are at the maximum limits and the Wilson NFL ball is made to the minimum specs, theCFLball would be a 1/4 inch larger on the long circumference and 1/8 inch larger on the short circumference."

No supplier is going to consistently deliver balls at either the maximum or minimum allowed as that allows no margin for manufacturing tolerance or material characteristics, so I'd guess the normall difference is going to be 1/16 - 1/8 inch max.

Agreed, a football should be standard no matter where you are.
Can you imagine the MLS playing with a different ball than the Euro or Brit ball? or Canadian CIS basketball playing with a different baketball than the NCAA or NBA
Balls should be standardized.

Don't take me the wrong way but....who cares?

This is our league....I don't care either way but I don't think they should be standard just for the sake of being standard. slay me sometimes ed... ;D

From Justin Dunk's article (my underlining):

"If a CFL ball is constructed to themaximum specificationsand the NFL ball the minimum, which is how they’re currently made, the Canadian football would be a 1/4 of an inch longer and 1/8 of an inch bigger around."

So it sounds like the way the NFL and CFL footballs are manufactured, our balls actually are bigger, although not by much.

I see that official baseball size and weight have a range, narrow range, as well to be official. Never realized that.

I don't believe there is much of a difference right now, unlike in the 80's and earlier. I have an old J5V game ball from the early 80's and that thing was a balloon.

As long as the stripes stay, having the same size football as the NCAA and NFL is fine.

It would be too bad though, the " Our balls are bigger" campaign is one of the best marketing attempts the CFL has ever done.

I love the stripes as well. How about, with the theme of Saturn's rings, a campaign like "The CFL, Our League Is Out Of This World".

Just a thought. :wink:

That is why the NFL have all these big one handed catches, is because ethe ball is better for it. Let them try it with the bigger ball. Look at all the great catches thisyr in the CFL, imagine it with the smaller balsl.

The differences are very slight, as mentioned above. The NFL would still be filled with spectacular catches if they used the CFL ball.

Yeah, I think that campaign helped turn the league around in a big way. But it was about 20 years ago, and the legitimacy of the claim was questionable even back then. At this point, the minor difference in ball size between the two leagues should hardly register. If they changed the balls without announcing it, how many would actually even notice?

True enough PTBO but you never know who will notice, look at the crap a company in the Niagara Falls, NY area dumped into the Niagara River and they didn’t think no one would notice. :wink:

I’m all for though making the balls easier for players to throw, catch, punt, run with. Just use the exact same NFL ball with the stripes I guess.

If the CFL wants to play around with designing a better ball so be it. I'm all for design changes and improvement so long as its still unique to the CFL. Just copying the NFL ball to me would just feed the anti CFL haters out there.
If the CFL re-invents our ball and it is similar but better than the NFL's?? even better.

I'm not in favour of any change to the Ball. If you want an NFL ball, go south and get one...

I can see the new ad campaign:

Our balls are stripier!

If it's not broke, don't fix it. It's how we ended up with that disgusting grey blob logo. Stick to the current balls, and let the NFL keep their miniature, deflated balls.

Besides, the CFL is already enough of a passers league to be giving receivers yet another advantage.