NFL Flops that could have (or should have) come to the CFL

Who are some NFL flops that you think could have had a decent career in the CFL rather than just pack it in and become another NFL trivia question?

I think that Charlie Batch could have been a really good CFL player.

kordell stewart is still out there :smiley:

simeon rice isnt currently on a time but he'll likely get signed....but who knows maybe no1 will sign him and we could bring him here

and i would say daunte culpepper is out there but he signed a one-year deal today with the raiders

Kordell Stewart is an interesting name. He did some NFL/CFL commericials when the NFL and CFL signed their little agreement thing. I could see that working.

Culpepper... I'm not too sure. He had his NFL stardom so I don't think he'd be willing to take a "demotion".

Who,s idea is it to bring in NFL qb flops., Has the Feragamo fiasco been forgotten, ? . Why recycle the NFL,s garbage- At least flutie had some success wherever he played .,But some of these guys just dont deserve the Playing time ,If they bombed in the nfl they will certainly bomb here, The CFL has (some cfl teams ) have discoverd many good undrafted ncaa qb,s who Dont fit the nfl mould and dont come with big ego,s , ie- Williams in Hamilton, - Imho it would be better to give a CIS top qb a shot rather than bring in these other re-treads like McMahon for the arg,s :oops:

I agree and disagree with your reply.

After reading what you wrote you had a really good point about undrafted NCAA QB's that son't quite fit the NFL mould. I'd totally rather have an NCAA QB than some failed NFL reject that comes with superiority complex in tow.

But the CIS QB thing... I don't agree so much. The talent gap in the CIS compared to the NCAA is a VAST one. For a CIS QB to really make a name in the CFL he'd have to DOMINATE.

NCAA D-III football is better than CIS...

BUT... I still cheer for the Windsor Lancers. I just love football.

But yeah... I really agree with you on the NFL rejects.

The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers! :smiley:

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I agree and disagree with YOUR reply

the talent gap between the CIS and NCAA is pretty vast overall, however to say that Div.3 football trumpets the CIS is simply ignorant IMO. I guess we'll never technically know cause they'll never play, but for you to sit there and pretty much say that such CIS stars as Jesse Lumsden, Andy Fantuz, Jason Clermont, couldn't play in div.1 ball is ridiculous. They fit in great at the shrine game and now they star in a league comprised of former Div.1 players and NFL hot shots and even made Ricky Williams look pretty folish....I agree there are some bad players in the CIS, but guess what ? There are some really players in the NCAA to...

As an apparent Windsor fan, you seriously think that Darryl Stephenson is a div.3 RB? Laval's budget is equivalent to what a NCAA div.1-AA team spends (2.5 million)

As far as CDN QB's go, I agree that it is hard for a team to give one a chance because one that is talented enough to warrant a shot is a rarity indeed. From the Ticats perspective, really, what would we have to lose at this point ? another 0-5 start ? big deal. If Teale Orban or Josh Sacobie have kickass years bring one of em in.

I still think that Aaron Brooks could come to the CFL an light it up. He's got decent wheels and has a good arm. With some work he could be a top-flite CFL QB.

I don't recall one NFL player who came to the CFL and "lit it up". If the CFL is a "feeder league", why haven't any of the NFL boys stood out?

Umm Doug Flutie, David Archer, Zeke Moreno, Robert Edwards etc.

The problem is a lot of these NFL players come over at the end of their careers. You'll never see a star NFL player in his prime come over to this league unless it's their only option left.

And a back up q.b i'd like to see come over is Seneca Wallace.

And i'm not ready to dismiss Mcmahon, that guy has a canon and can gun the ball into really tight spots, anyone else watch what he did against us when he came in? I think the problem is he is doing something that defences are seeing on film that is giving his plays away or something, because this guy is the most talented q.b in this league right now, besides Bishop.

Flutie and Archer - yes.

Moreno - not yet.

Edwards - Nah. A good player, but I wouldn’t say he lit it up. BTW, he just lost his starting job.

End of Edwards in Montreal?

I'll give you Flutie, but he wasn't even established as an NFL player before he came over. He had 5 seasons and the only season he played 11 or so games was 1988. So he really developed in the CFL and then went back to the NFL. Archer? Was he really a star player here. Zeke is in his first year and is doing okay. Edwards. He hasn't really lit it up. So we have one so far.

I think Archer is only one of three or four CFL QB's to have thrown for over 6,000 yards in one season.

I think the others are Flutie, Austin and Calvillo. Not sure.

Dunigan maybe?

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Found this on the web:

David Archer, QB; Sacramento, San Antonio – Passed for 6,023 yards and 35 TD’s in 1993; one of only three quarterbacks in CFL history to surpass the 6,000- yard barrier; passed for 3,340 yards in 1994 despite two finger dislocations; played for the San Antonio Texans in 1995 and passed for 4,471 yards and 30 TD’s.


[i]In 2003, Calvillo completed 408 of 675 pass attempts for 5,891 yards and 37 touchdowns, which were all Montreal franchise records at the time. As a result, he was named the league's Most Outstanding Player.

The following year, he rewrote the Alouettes' record book again, becoming just the fourth quarterback in CFL history to pass for over 6,000 yards.[/i]

Okay, we'll throw Archer in there. That's 2.

why not try both vicks, one of them could play WR and the other could be QB, think about the ticats have nothing to lose, and nowhere to go but up, both vicks would be exciting and bring some entertainment, hamilton has always lacked exciting black players.

Grover ............