NFL Experience Doesn't Translate.

This article was writing in the WINNIPEG SUN

This article could be shown to forum trolls :thup:

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The ARGOS had their largest crowd of the season Vs. Montreal and with out RICKY. :lol:

they said the same thing for Ricky...., yeah sure......and which QB would be throwing into the triple coverage?....TO would suck as much here as he does right now in D town.....

Maybe you should just read the article and stop living in your fantasy land. :lol:

They said that about Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson. He was a bust.

Good article Hellothere. I read something similar on another site. Some people keep forgetting that both games are different requiring a different style of athlete.

terrell owens is different, he is 6’‘3’’, 226 lbs. ripped, runs a 4.3 40, he can bench 400 lbs., he has a 44-inch vertical, he is a physical freak, terrell owens would dominate midgets like barron miles, mark washington, byron parker, etc.

Don't forget his big ego. :roll:

Owens is a cancer. Thats why Philadelphia got rid of him.

these cflnfl discussions are as pointless as argueing which is better, black, or white.

Exactly...Which Orange is better Naval or Mandarin?

the cfl doesnt care abotu cancers in the lockeroom, the teams always employ turds and only care if you can play, t.o. would dominate cfl secondary's , plus he could also play linebacker.

Those are just words and your own speculations.We deal WITH facts. :thup:

Like the many NFL stars [RICKY , is just 1 example] and HEISMAN Trophy winners who have bombed in the CFL. :wink:

Why is that? Now you can explain that to us? :lol:

...hilarious, pretty infacuated with TO aren't ya 88?......

Haha i'm a TO fan but that is just ridiculous. I can't believe someone would say this so soon after all-star Ricky Williams bombs it in the CFL.

If his head didn't fill up too big I think he would be one of the top receivers in the league, but he would not walk all over everyone.

playmarker, lay off the smokes if their doing that to ya, TO is just another NFL brat who would fall flat on his face in the CFL like RW now, hell, bring TO up there, let's watch and see how bad he really is! and see the NFL fans, like yourself, say that he was already washed up and not admitting the fact that the CFL is a better sport and PRO league.

DITTO :lol: :thup:

I am still waiting for his response to way so many NFL stars and HEISMAN TROPHY winners have done so poorly in the CFL :wink: :lol:

We already gave him the answer Hellothere, he just can't accept it!

For sure, you could take any NFL player right now in their prime, no injuries, no suspensions whatever, and if they came to the CFL and did poorly the "NFL only counts" fans out there would say well, he was washed up anyway, they would not recognize the CFL for the great league and skills required at all. It's just a fact - as our late friend John Candy might say.

there are HT winners who failed to do much in the NFL as well. There are CFL stars who fail to do much in NFL also. This doesnt prove anything. The two leagues are different, that is true, but it doesnt mean they are equal.

What does equal mean anyway? Unless you have a formula, no one can say anything other than they are different. And the formula would have to be tested for reliability and validity. It's a non-argument.