NFL expansion - RE CFL

There are some very ignorant people who actually think that NFL in Canada would not hurt CFL. Well, not gonna rehash the points against that that have already been made, just got one more point.

Like it or not, CFL depends on NFL rejects. If this wasnt so, we would not need import ratio rules. Now, If NFL expands, in Canada or otherwise, then there will be that much less quality US talent left over for us.

Instead of wanting CFL expansion, we should be campaigning against NFL expansion. We need to get somebody in on the inside to sabatoge any plans they may ever have for this. I suggest Paopao..who would ever suspect him.

Besides Tillman that is.

Talent is less of an issue then media coverage and sponsership/

Why do you think the league will have a problem with an NFL team in Toronto? I don't see why the CFL can't start at the beginning of June and end around Thanksgiving weekend.

less games = less money

It has way less to do with conflict of games than it does competition for ad/promotional/sponsorship dollars.

Corporate sponsorship would flock to the NFL franchise, and dry up for the Canadian one.

So too would media coverage.

Do you think there will be a league wide drop in attendance? If you shift the schedule then you're still the only game in town (in TO anyway) for the majority of it. You're assuming that the CFL will lose its sponsors. I don't see how or why that will happen.

Corporations that sponsor football want the most bang for their buck - right now the CFL is that. But a Canadian NFL team suddenly gives them a choice as to where to put their $$, particularly in TO, but league-wide as well.

Think about it - would Wendy's Canada rather have its kick to win contest promoted as it is now, or as part of the marketing giant that is the NFL? Same thing for all the big sponsors that buy field-side advertising - if you're Molsons, where would you devote the lion's share of the ad money? It's a no-brainer.

Not to mention all the smaller sponsors who buy corporate seats, etc. IF they can afford to purchase corporate seats for one team but not both, which way would you lean?

It would have a huge impact, especially in Toronto, where the CFL has battled a recognizability problem for a long time.

If you really feel that way then the worst case scenario, depending on who you ask, is that the CFL will have to become more similar to the NFL product.

My apologies. I haven't looked at a media kit in almost 10 years, but I figure there would only be so many parties that would entirely leave the CFL to support the one team in Toronto.

I think you're still missing my point about the schedule and workaround for conflicts.

That made me laugh, because it is so true.

This is never going to happen unless a Canadian City gets the NFL to give them a team. The NFL is such a powerfull league in the US so a new team is not going to happen in a very, very, very long time. And when or if it dose there are still alot of Football cities in the US that would be consider first. So the CFL is safe.

Well, Canada is certainly on the NFL's radar in the next several years.

The good thing is there really aren't any NFL-ready stadiums in Canada, so someone would have to build a new stadium before it's even a possibility.

Thats right, and we can't even get stadiums built for Canadian cities for CFL teams.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I don't think the NFL coming to Canada will kill the CFL. I do believe it will affect it but you have to know how western canada feels about the CFL. Not to mention the anti-Toronto sentiment in many places in Canada. I don't think the ratings for the CFL games would go down. I do think the Toronto NFL team would get great ratings however.

Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Calgary are always going to be pro CFL places. I believe that BC, Hamilton, and especially Montreal would not only survive but do well in a NFL Toronto scenario. Do you really think people will become less interested in the Alouettes because Toronto has an NFL team. The same goes for the prairie teams.

I don't think that current national sponsors would forsake the rest of Canada to join the NFL movement. They would likely wait to see what happens with the new sponsors etc. Once they'd see that the CFL which is our only truly national league is going to be fine they would stay put.

Just a few thoughts about it.

The NFL doesn’t want to go into multi-purpose stadiums any longer and with the new football only stadiums built recently and being built, the Rogers Centre just is nowhere near what the NFL wants.

It’s going to be a long time before any city in Canada gets an NFL franchise unless a football only state of the art facility is built, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

The NFL will put a team in LA before they even think about moving up north so i dont ever see a team up there.

my point was, ANY nfl expansion, ANYWHERE, would not be good for the CFL.

Tell me again how an NFL team in Toronto kill the CFL?

Like, has the NHL, NBA and baseball in Toronto killed the CFL?

Why would the CFL die in Toronto? YOu're telling me people in Vancouver and Montreal and Edmonton are going to desert their own teams to support a team in Toronto?

One guy says we then shorten the schedule? Ending at Thanksgiving?

You people do just not get it? The NFL is not that big in Canada. It is to the media, but not to the average Canadian.

The average Canadian does not need American sports. Corporations still support the CFL even with baseball and basketball and the NHL up here.

I just do not understand where some of you people are coming from? The NFL is big in the USA. But it will not kill the CFL. Or NHL. Or curling. Or lacrosse. Or anything else we do up here.

In fact after a few years once the novelty wears off it'll be just another team in Toronot, fighting for the Leafs leftovers. The way some of you people bow to the Americans makes me laugh.

Er, what?

Dude, argue your opinion if you wish, but that there's crazy talk.

I'll go see if I can find TSN's Sunday Night Football ratings...hold on.

From on the announcement TSN's 2006 NFL package:

"....NFL on TSN ratings have increased dramatically over the past five years. TSN recorded an average audience of 340,000 viewers during the 2005/06 season, marking a 34 per cent increase over the season average in 2000 (254,000)*. TSN has been televising NFL games since 1987. "

That was 2 years ago. I guarantee you viewership is higher that that now. Even at these numbers, NFL Sunday Night Football, at worst, is roughly even with TSN's Friday Night Football.