NFL Europe

:wink: Anyone watching Berlin vs. Cologne on Fox right now? Of course it's not cfl, but I am so hyped about the upcoming cfl games that I am finding this game not too bad - better than the usual, very mechanical NFL game. The world Bowl is next weekend, but I think I'll be so wrapped up with the cfl by then that I wo't watch it!

What do you think?

i wish i had fox…

It should be the German bowl … 5 of the 6 teams are in Germany … and any time a team relocates, it goes to Germany :wink:

Euro Bowl isn’t taken, to the best of my knowledge … it might have something to do with NFL europe being the new version of the World League of American Football.

German Bowl is the final of the German Football League (GFL)

and Euro Bowl is like Champions League final…in soccer

NFL Europe sucks. Its the worst football around.

There’s a German football league? (I assume you’re not referring to the Bundesliga)

Champions League final isn’t referred to as Euro Bowl, though … the European Cup, sometimes, but not bowl

the official name of the 1. Bundesliga is GFL …the 2. calls 2. Bundesliga


Euro Bowl is the final game of the European Federation of American Football (like UEFA in soccer)

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