NFL Europe in Toronto

I wonder if anyone has told Andrus about the import ratio in the Canadian game?

I truly believe that team is going to suck huge this year.

The new Argo coaching staff is critically short on CFL experience:

-the head coach and three others have none;
-the defensive coordinator was a linebacker coach in the CFL for one season 19 years ago;
-the linebacker coach had one year in the CFL the defensive coordinator of a woeful 2007 Ticat defence;
-only Steve Buratto has deep CFL experience and was the only one who coached in the CFL last year.

The lack of CFL coaching experience is compounded by the loss of some key players who have signed with NFL teams.

This looks be a rebuilding year for the boatmen. The only potential advantages for the Argos at this time are that now have an enormous amount of salary cap space and can be huge buyers in the CFL free agent market and their head coach has plenty of fresh NFL contacts and can get an early heads up on available talent.

Everyone and their uncle saying how the Argos will be so crap. This kind of talk scares me. On paper, I agree, but you never know in pro sports.

If they're good coaches it wont matter at all.

Ironically Buratto is by far the worst coach on their staff, but he shouldnt hurt them too much as long as Andros is the one calling the plays like Trestman does in Montreal.

I agree with you Drexel. Something worth mentioning is that last season the Argos had a small coaching staff (they didn't hire a linebacker coach until 3 games were left..Brad Miller). This season they should have a good compliment of coaches. I also like the fact that Andrus is being allowed to hire his men without any interference.

Every team has a chance in February.

But 9 coaches total?

Where is Pinball in all of this

We now ask you to rise & remove your hats for the playing of the National Anthem of Amsterdam....

the argos are so cheap they hire nfl europe rejects that nobody else wants, burratto is demoted to special teams coach, and he's a scrub too.


I believe the Argos are paying Andrus in the area of $250,000 per year to be head coach. Can you tell me how much the assistants on his staff are earning? I assume you must have that info or you would not be making that statement.

imho the args made a good choice for HC, NFL pedagree will attract nfl fans , yet there is a seperation from mainline nfl (NFL euro)so there is a chance for the Args to be a solid franchise . Fortunatly for Ticats the Argos are a year or two from contending again , IF the new HC can adapt and they have the onfield talent.welcome to the CFL coach Andrus: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: