Just read in the Globe & Mail that NFL Europe has been folded.

The NFL will concentrate on NFL games in "international" areas.

i wonder what kevin eakin is gonna do now

I wonder what a lot of those players are going to do? Perhaps try-outs in the CFL?

Lots more players for Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy to bring in now. Talent shouldn't be a problem for any team in the CFL now.

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The CFL should become like a Farm System for the NFL.

I hope not.

No no no no no no no!

The NFL would want the CFL to change rules including the import rule.

No to farm league. What keeps the CFL prestigious is honest competition and homegrown talent.

Having the NFL pick our teams apart mid-season in a farm system would ruin the legitimacy of the competition. Having our players subordinate to NFL clubs would also cheapen our league.

As it stands now the NFL has a league in the CFL that keeps it out of anti-trust disputes and helps in its cause of making grid-iron football 'international'. Keep the competition legitimate and you have a healthy league in Canada.

It's time now for the people in Europe to decide for themselves if they want their own league that they can operate and control. The NFL did it's part starting this up, now it's up to them to carry on with gridiron if they wish to do so and develop grass roots gridiron up to whatever level and style they want. Who knows, they might even want to incorporate some CFL rules into their new leagues if they want.

The CFL outlives yet another league that was going to "bleed its talent base dry"

Remember when it was called the World League (early 90s) and when the MTL Machine got some good crowds it was proof positive of how MTL wanted NFL football and the CFL could never come back?

Looks good on you NFL-heads.


They can stay the No Farm League.

The thing i'd hate about it is that they would force us to play their 4th string q.b's and make all our teams give equal minutes to 2 q.b's sometimes even 3. Every game (i have seen) in NFL europe had a preseason type feel for it and all the players over there were more concerned with their own stats and impressing their NFL team than winning games.

I like your ideas because this 'folding' may be the kick-start of something bigger in the long run.

Wasn't the Sacramanto Goldminers in that league?

I like the CFL as no farm team for the NFL but cooperative with them in as much as possible without them telling us how we operate. A fine line without a doubt but a line that must be respected I think.


Sacramento had a team in the WLAF... they were called the Surge!

But, they brought a lot of that team to the CFL... Fred Anderson(owner), David Archer (QB), same stadium, same uniforms...

This news shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The reality is that Europeans just are not interested in minor league American football.

Germans are.

But then again, they love David Hasselhoff.

Sacramento Goldminers were in the Canadian Football League