NFL Europe Dead Dead Dead.

The supposedly infallable NFL has failed. NFL Europe has crashed and burned.

The reason. People in Europe find American football boring. They came to games disguised as empty seats.

Which just proves my theory that the only reason the NFL is so successful is because its a popular sport in a country of 300 million.

This is the only reason the CFL struggles in Canada. Our population size.

Can't wait to hear what the excuse makers in the Canadian media will make up for this latest NFL failure. After all, they worship this league.

Like they say. Love is blind. And the Canadian media is as blind as it comes when it comes to the NFL.

Is the league actually ceasing operations?

I think the NFL would have found more success if it had made it a league of player continuity where teams have real character.

Am I right in saying that the teams were completely redrafted each year?

Naw. People do just not care about American football in Europe. Most of their fan support in Europe was from American servicemen.

Americans always boast how they hate soccer. Guess the Europeans feel the same about American football.

But how dumb are Americans to think a game played only in their country could become a world game?

Ok I think I answered my own question. From the NFLe site, it mentions that each NFL team must allocate a munimum of 6 players to participate in NFLe. These players are subsequently drafted by the 6 NFLe franchises. It also says that there are 200 players in this NFLe allocation program. Now that means each NFLe team consists of about 33 allocated players on average. Thats a significant chunk of the roster assuming that NFLe teams must dress 53 as in the NFL.

I'm still not sure if a returning NFLe player in this allocation program would have to stay on the same team. If they do, then there's a measure of player continuity.

NFLe teams also draw players from a free agent pool but instead of a free market system, there's a free agent draft. Again, I don't know if their contracts are for more than one year or if these free agents return to their NFLe teams.

The league set new attendance records in 2007
with an average of more than 20,000 fans per game.

But, according to German media reports,

the league, which is supported financially
by its parent league in the USA,

is losing 40 million euros (£26.9m) a year.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said
the move was the "best business decision",


"We thank our fans for the great support
in the past years."

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What they should have done is played a regular season game every year over there alternating between cities. Difficult to sell the game to people who haven't grown up with the game who have few if any locals playing and the rest what they would deem because of lack of knowledge "2nd rate" American players or Junior B players as John Nunziata says of our own CFL players on TSN Off The Record. What a goof that guy is.

Will this have any effect on our import talent in the CFL?

Minimal effect. The CFL could look at this as a way to expand to 10 teams, though.

CFL rosters are better than NFLE rosters were because of players that WANT to play in the CFL who COULD be second-stringers in the NFL. These NFLE guys are third-string at best, and probably will NOT crack CFL rosters.

Look for them to go to the Arena League, though.

So, does this mean the NFL is going to get rid of that crack pipe dream of playing several regular season games in Europe?

It's time now for the people in Europe to decide for themselves if they want their own league that they can operate and control. The NFL did it's part starting this up, now it's up to them to carry on with gridiron if they wish to do so and develop grass roots gridiron up to whatever level and style they want. Who knows, they might even want to incorporate some CFL rules into their new leagues if they want.

No, they're going to focus on it now.
Big bucks involved in that kind of a venture, you know.

And Earl, I don't think that Europeans will latch on to gridiron at all. The experiment is done, so until there's an NFL team housed in mainland Europe (ha ha ha), the interest will be on television, not in the stands. Aside from the overseas game, of course.

I don't know Steve-O but I agree that having a team there would help. But look at hockey, who ever thought someone from Finland would play in the NHL and now they do. If they do start up leagues and guys start playing with decent coaching, well, who knows, there are a lot of great athletes in Europe who might not want to ski, play hockey or soccer who could be excellent gridironer's.

TV is huge for sure. Without the NFL doing what they did and bringing the NFL to TV big-time, I doubt that football of any sort in Canada would be that popular.

It was a rhetorical question...

the CFL gets 400-500K people to watch on TSN each game.

comparing the size of Canada to the states that equals 4-5M people per game(reg season)
Playoff games the Grey cup averages 4-5M

that means 40-50M people in a country the size of the states.

If the CFL wouldn't keep taking these constant shots across the country as being "Second rate" and people would support the league the CFL would have a shot to get back towards competing with the NFL.

TV deals in canada can be enough to compete, if rating for the CFL got to NHL levels in canada(900K-1M per game and 5M grey cup viewership) one would expect a similar deal meaning ~10-12M per CFL team. That is enough for the CFL to stop any "upstart" league from competing and the NFL from taking CFL vets without atleast having to pay em good money.

It's far fetched, but hey the CFL actually looks like their making that pro push by TSN stepping up and improving their broadcasts. and the first 2 CFL games were top quality football. good way to start the year.

If the CFL wouldn’t keep taking these constant shots across the country as being “Second rate” and people would support the league the CFL would have a shot to get back towards competing with the NFL

I don’t know about competing but at least showing that we can really enjoy our Canadian game big time and respect it without having to look like we are just US of A sheep. There is no reason why all our stadiums can’t be packed for every CFL game and I’m not joking at all. Might take some novel marketing ideas and that but I think more and more Canadians are quietly realizing that they live in Canada, not the US, even if they prefer to attach themselves to US icons and business. When I do get to Toronto, few and far between, and see the odd kid wearing an Argos hat, that’s good, don’t see if often or much but you do see it. These are kids that know something IMHO.

Enough of the rosy pictures of NfL Europe.
It was an outright failure.

That supposed 20,000 a game was made up of American servicemen. Which is why all the teams were based in Germany.

Teams outside of Germany, like in London, died because of no fan support.

Bottom line is American football is nowhere near soccer or even hockey as far as world interest goes. It'll never be in the Olympics.

Because nobody else plays American football. Which is why nobody else cares about American football except American. On TV or in the stands. Get it?

I was watching NFL Network last night and they had a guest who put any interesting spin on the demise of NFL Europa. Not only was it a financial failure, but most NFL GM's didn't care about the players they sent over there. I believe the guys name was Mike Lombardi, former Personnel guy for the Raiders. He continued by saying that the idea of a developmental league was good, but most GM's didn't want to send guys that they had a lot of interest in, because they were so far away in Europe. They wanted guys who they saw promise in to stay in N. America, do the off-season program and be way ahead of the curve as opposed to the guys overseas. So NFL Europa was an organizational failure as well.

If I were the NFL, I'd set up an NFL2 league in small to medium sized American cities.
Accomplish the same thing but a heck of a lot cheaper!

Gee bobby. They tried that. It was called the World League of American football. It folded too. Which lead to NFL Europe. The NFL is a one trick pony. Its a big sport in America, but a minor player on the world stage.

They just realize that the only way to get American football going enough to the point that people will at least go to a game in masses and watch on TV if they can get it on TV or the web, is to take "the real thing" there and do what they do best, make an ordinary sporting game into an event full of pizzaz and all that even though the game itself is sort of ordinary except of course it's still gridiron with the great hitting and that we all love. They realize it's mainly about the glitz though and they are smart enough to realize it. Which isn't a bad thing, they will recoup the money they lost I think by taking "the real thing" there and maybe one day even getting a TV contract of sorts there. Who knows.

But rest assured that the games they play there, the NFL regular season games, will have reporters and cameras in the players faces, a huge concert etc. it ain't going to be just ordinary football games played on a field. The off-field stuff will be bigger than the on-field stuff. And guess what? It will have an impact I think. This will be the case in Canada also where games will be or might be played.

Also, the CFL will be able to learn from this. Example - a kickoff concert shown on TSN during the pre-game to the first kickoff game. I know, it's so "NFLish" but guys this model works!! And the group for the kickoff concert or the performer should be for the younger people while the GC halftime can be an older group.