NFL Europa gone

So with NFL Europa now gone the NFL is planning to take league games around the world, England is first. Also on the list China, Mexico & Canada.

i sure hope they dont come to canada. i hate to admit it, but if a nfl team was ever in toronto, i dont know if the Argos would survive

Well at this point they are only stage 1 game not really adding any teams. The Fact Canada plays football which is close to the NFL I do not see how this helps get more people involved in the league. Now England, China etc makes more sense.

NFL Europa closes

The NFL has determined that it will switch the focus of its international business strategy to presenting the NFL to the widest possible global audience, including broader media visibility and the staging of international regular-season games, and will discontinue NFL Europa.

“The time is right to re-focus the NFL’s strategy on initiatives with global impact, including worldwide media coverage of our sport and the staging of live regular-season NFL games,? commented Mark Waller, senior vice president of NFL International.

“We will continue to build our international fan base by taking advantage of technology and customized digital media that make the NFL more accessible on a global scale than ever before and through the regular-season game experience. NFL Europa has created thousands of passionate fans who have supported that league and our sport for many years and we look forward to building on this foundation as we begin this new phase of our international development.?

Last October, NFL owners passed a resolution to stage up to two international regular-season games per season. The new international series will launch on Sunday, October 28 when the Miami Dolphins host the New York Giants at London’s Wembley Stadium.

In addition to the 2007 game in the United Kingdom, the NFL is preparing to stage regular-season games in future seasons in Germany, Mexico and Canada, with Germany being a strong candidate to host a regular-season NFL game in 2008.

NFL Europa began in 1991 as the World League of American Football, with 10 teams competing in the United States and Europe. After a two-year hiatus (1993-94) following the 1992 season, the league returned in 1995 as a six-team, all-European venture, with five teams in Germany since 2005, and has existed in that format through its final season in 2007.

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NFL Europe died because Europeans have seen American style football and taken a pass.

Oh the odd NFL game in England or France may draw well, but a game every week? They'd play to more and more empty seats.

Because Americans have to face the cold hard truth. Their favorite games like baseball adn football take a distant backseat to soccer, cricket, rugby and cycling in the rest of the world.

I’m not so sure that NFLEuropa was a failure with the German and Dutch public, they did draw an average of 20,309 this 2007 season, with a regular season high of 38,125 in the Amsterdam at Frankfurt and a World Bowl attendance of 48,125.

I’m sure, they’re the kind of crowds that could have sustained a [lower salary capped] league, they’re certainly better than some of the crowds at 1st (premier) divison soccer leagues in some of the medium sized European nations.

NFL Europe did not fail because of a lack of interest in Europe, fans came out to the games.

The league failed because the costs of importing and housing several hundred players, coaches, officials, and staff for 14 weeks was too high and NFL owners decided it was no longer worth the cost because they were not getting the player development results anymore.

The attendance at NFL Europe games was nearing 20,000 a game, that is sustainable for a minor league, just not one where you have to not just pay salaries but also housing and travel expenses.

NFL Europe was a developmental league that no longer developed players, that is why the league was dropped, not because Europeans didn't attend.