NFL easier game and players big time overrated

Just because it`s the NFL in the US does not make their leaque and players Gods and the best football and football players in the world. Same thing was believed by Canadian hockey fans until the Russians beat does. In professional sports there is no greater odds the 3 to 1.

       If they think the NFL and brain washed stupid Canadian NFL fans are so much better and they think their the world champions of football, play us

AND IF THEY THINK their so superior play us at our game. Why not NFL you are the greatest arent you, then you should beat us easy, right. Wrong like Doug Futie said on David Lettermen when he won a Grey Cup with the agros and with that team playing the Super
Bowl champions that people would be totally surprised of the outcome.

          NFL with all their hype and over selling their game and players and a much easier game to play with 4 downs, tiny field with and tiny ball and the qb`s are virually untouched, Canasdian NFL brain washed fans are being brain washed because it`S the NFL and it`s American. CANDIANS HAVE SOME PRIDE AND SMARTS AND DON`T BUY IT, IT`S AND THEIR NOT NEAR AS GREAT AS THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IT IS, BUT THEY WANT YOU TO BELEIVE IT IS SO THEY CAN TAKE WHAT WE HAVE, OUR GAME, OUR HISTORY, OUR CFL, AND OUR GREY CUP.


Great post ws. Just want to add that the NFL does know how to make the game look "bigger than life" using TV cameras and broadcast production and makes their business the best in all of pro sports. They have a lot of down time in the NFL with the 40 sec clock but still know how to engage fans big time. Yes, the CFL game is better but that doesn't mean it will sell better even to Canadians. So let's bring in NFL TV production and work with the CFL I say, what do you think?

The CFL has to improve the onfield presentation of their games.

There's too many penalties and bad calls. Too many play stoppages for the refs to hold meetings. Too many clock problems. Too many offsides and illegal procedures. Too many bad plays by QB's. Too many dropped balls.

I don't really care how the NFL does things, but at least they put on a good TV show. The CFL has to improve their game presentation. Because right now it sucks big time.

Great post berezin, I don't agree it s.ucks big time but agree with your overall premise. :thup:
The CFL has a gem in the rules and the league, now they do have to do it more "NFL like" with the whole production as you say and we aren't talking rule changes.
One rule change though I'd like to see if the damn receivers can't time running up to the line to time when the ball is snapped, go to the American rule with this one, stupid penalties with this we see all the time resulting in stupid flags. The NFL rule is easier for players to handle, unfortunately since the CFL motion rule in theory is so much better, but that's just in theory if a flag is going to be tossed every 5th play or so.

They don't have to change the motion rule to fix it. They just have to give the players an extra yard. Since the defence is a yard off the ball, they should allow the in-motion offence to encroach up to the defence while in motion.

Well I did have a post on this thread but I think I got it yanked off the site because I accused wspidel of being ignorant.

You don't argue any good points.

You call me a stupid brain washed Canadian, then my post gets pulled for calling you ignorant.

Wspidel has agression issues and the only time I see him post is when he is showing his insecurity by insulting the NFL.

The good news is the CFL and the NFL are both FOOTBALL. If you think I am stupid and brain washed for watching footbal then you are confused.

Now don't pull my post off this thread it is the one above this one and if you pull it you have to pull two.

I don't know what thryllin said, but it's one thing to state a preference for one style of game over another, but to say one is objectively "better" doesn't make sense to me. Nor does saying the NFL is easier. That's just wrong.

I agree with Thrylin. And if you really watch a NFL game without thinking the NFL is so big bad sport league then I bet you would be like it since it is Football.

hmmm, you dont think that speakes to the quality of the players in the game, thereby actually making a point in favour of the NFL???

You want to see some bad football this year, if you get a chance to watch the Detroit Lions I'm sure you'll see lots of it.

That's already allowed.

Thryllin, your post did not get pulled because you called someone was pulled because of the other lovely adjectives you selected to accompany it. And spidey didn't target you specifically - he was speaking about a collective in a general sense. You, on the other hand, targeted him directly.

Easy fix on the receivers not blowing the line early and being called for offsides; it's called discipline and waiting for the ball to be snapped. Why keep changing the rules to benefit people that are not keeping the rules. It's like saying we are taking out the roughing the passing rule because it's happening too much.....

As for all you people who are badmouthing and thinking one product is superior to the other.... it's opinions people based on biases likes and dislikes. Don't be so judgemental of others opinions and calling them down. As for me I prefer College football over all other because they are true athletes who aren't paid to be there(in most cases) and they have the most to prove.

It's awesome seeing a 21 year old kid playing his heart out ad leaving it all on the field-- are all the pros in either league doing that?

Awesome I will remember that when I am insulting anybody on here. In order for the insult to be legitimate I must insult a "collective" group.

Thanks for the info.

I meant nothing by what I said just trying to defend my stance by proving I am not a stupid brainwashed Canadian.

The NFL players are not overrated. They are great at what they do. Just because they may not excel in the CFL doesnt mean they are overrated... If anything, that shows that the CFL in underrated.

I agree 100%.

He was referring to a specific segment of the population that are the brainwashed collective, who think the NFL is a bigger and better league on name alone, Thryllin…is it not possible you can be a NFL fan and not be typecast in that light, as I supposed his post to read when I read it? If it is possible, then his comment wasn’t directed at you even remotely.


....and if it was directed at you personally, then I would apologize profusely, and regret that I didn't catch the comment earlier, for the record.....