NFL drops the ball on the HOF Game

This excerpt is from a deadspin article that I unfortunately can't get a link to right now on my phone.

"So to recap, it sounds like some jamokes put house paint on the field; busted out hair blowers to try and dry paint that was sitting on top of small, rubber, easily meltable pellets; and finally tried to clean up the mess with a toxic and skin-melting chemical that was to be imminently rolled around upon by short-sleeved men."

The groundskeepers in Canton completely dropped the ball with some really stupid planning and ideas which ultimately led to the first official sanctioned game of the season to be cancelled.

Reason I am posting this is to show that the almighty NFL that the CFL is always being compared too really only have twos things over the CFL which directly correlate, the States have a larger audience because of their population obviously which directly means more money, but other than that, the NFL has dumb rules, a dumb commissioner, some really shady owners, some horrible uniforms, terrible referees, some great players, some really crappy players, a playoff system that is constantly argued about, delayed stadium deals, dwindling fan support in some areas, suspension and fines out their ass..etc. You get my point, the NFL does have a higher profile and more money than the CFL but other than that the leagues are one in the same just two different countries trying to keep a dying game alive however they can, each making a ton of mistakes along the way.

Just trying to offer some perspective for people who always want to sing the praise of the great NFL and why CFL is so amateur, but news flash NFL pulls some of the most amateur crap in pro sports including the debacle with the field in Canton, obviously not a huge deal for a preseason game to get cancelled but it does screw over two teams, fans who bought tickets and ruined a tradition of the opening game being played in the Mecca of football in America, plus just the whole situation was a hot mess, they literally were melting the field. Add in the whole Tom Brady situation that finally got solved after two years and other than the lots of money and fans part, not sure I ever want the CFL to directly follow in the NFLs footsteps, they are lucrative in spite of being a horribly run league.

Preaching to the choir, but I try to always point this out.

A friend on Facebook went on about how bush the league was for allowing Edmonton to take a time-out in the Grey Cup so that the Eskimos could determine whether a pass interference challenge was worthwhile. He's strangely silent on this one and it's tempting to call him out.

Has the CFL ever had a power failure in the middle of its championship game? Can you imagine the calls of what a rinky-dink league it is if that ever happened?

You are reading too much into it. They play one football game a year at Canton a pre-season game. It was canceled because some groundskeeper screwed up.
Yes the mighty NFL has had some failures and this is a great opportunity to get the haters to start venting............. :smiley:
Let the anti-NFL rants begin

That's the thing. to listen to some, you'd think the NFL can do no wrong.

Surely you recognize the double standard? Even if this had happened to the CFL in Halifax (to make the situations more similar), you don't think that the CFL would get crucified in the media, and by other sports fans, for it?

Loved the speeches by HoF enshrinees - espec. Kevin Greene, Favre & Eddie Debartlo.

Question: any word Herr Goodell and the NFL will refund tickets for non-game, provide merchandise certificates to compensate for the poor fan experience, etc?

Was actually touched by DeBartolo talking about taking care of each other. Of course, that's what they all say - right after that Eddie would tell his charges to slit the throats of their next opponents immo.

Of course, its a sports story of something going awry.
So-called sports journalistas - ie. McCown, Lawless, Timid Sim, Zurkowsky, etc. would be on any mishap like a dog on a bone, that's a given.

That's a great list. When I have a little time I should go find their respective articles about how unprofessional the NFL looked as a result of this. It probably won't take long though.

Delategate is another example of this double standard.

Imagine in Mike Reilley was accused and proven of using a deflated football en route to the Esks Grey Cup win last year and if Orridge spent the next two years trying to suspend him?

A captivating story in the NFL yet, it's bush league if it we're to happen here.

But the CFL did get crucified in the media, remember last year Ottawa at the Als in Quebec City for a pre-season game, the only fans that showed up for the game were fans that came in from Montreal and Ottawa.
Same thing with the Fort MacMurray game - the media was all over the tiny crowd for a CFL game.
The headlines for the second Argo game at BMO was all about the announced 12k crowd.

The fact that the NFL screws up too doesn't make it a double standard. The media are going to jump all over these types of stories and they have jumped all over this Hall of Fame screw up too, it's not like they are not reporting it.
We get bad press when tiny crowds show up for a professional CFL game, pre-season or not.

I couldn't care less if people get their money back or not, it has nothing to do with the CFL.
If I posted on here that the Bills were playing this weekend and it looks like it could be a great game, posters would be all over me as "nothing to do with the CFL" take it off line.

You won't see Gary "Gooner" Lawless inflicting harsh criticism of the NFL. Him and his tiny radio buddy Hussler pay their own way to NFL Super Bowls (aka Radio Row) and get a tremendous rub for their brand by simply rubbing shoulders with a ton of NFL B & C listers (Bill Romanuk is already booked) with the odd A-lister giving them 5 minutes of face time.
They wouldn't want to jeopardize their spot on radio row by getting tough on the NFL.
Guys like McCown don't care one way or the other - guy just likes to wear his shades, unshaven for 3 or 4 days, look dour and dispossessed and take 5 or 6 seconds between words. Getting so bad his occasional clone/fill-in Jeff Blair does almost the same thing minus the sunglasses. Only problem with Blair is he's ballooned to about 325 lbs. and can barely fit in McCown's chair. Don't know if Zurkowsky and/or Timid Sid go to Super Bowls.

aside - just watchin' the Canada vs Germany game in Ziko de Janero. Almost looks like an Argos game at the Skydome. About 8,000 people, mostly empty seats, no atmosphere whatsoever. Actually, argos might have had a slightly better atmosphere.

They are reporting it, we agree. The argument is not that it's being ignored.

The argument is that those who have criticized the CFL for being unprofessional for much smaller infractions tend to forget about the NFL's missteps awful quickly. Maybe I just don't read enough sports reporting but I doubt many of the sports writers who have mocked the CFL will apply quite the same amount of enthusiasm towards doing it for the NFL over this incident, if they do it at all.

ESPN is letting them have it.

[url=] ... -the-blame[/url]
As is so often with the NFL, you don't know whether to laugh, shake your head or wag your finger at Sunday night's decision to cancel the Hall of Fame Game. So let's do all three.

It's funny, of course, because it's only Aug. 7 and already the league has provided fresh grist to a sporting public that craves moments to rake its credibility.

It's ridiculous, naturally, to think that an NFL event -- preseason or otherwise -- was scuttled by something as dumb as congealed field paint.

And it's genuinely concerning, unfortunately, that the league still has enough holes in its recently strengthened stadium protocol for this to happen. According to officials from both teams, no one discovered the field's poor conditions until two hours before the scheduled kickoff.

Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker said "it was an easy ethical decision" to cancel the game, and a joint statement from the NFL and the NFL Players Association touted that "player safety is our primary concern."

How comforting it is to note that, apparently, no one struggled with the idea of playing a game on a field that had deteriorated into a tar-like substance at midfield and in the end zones. Seriously, though, the spin on player safety -- See, we treat our players well! -- shouldn't overshadow an embarrassing logistical gaffe on the part of a league that puts on hundreds of events per year.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay seemed to implicate the grounds crew at Tom Benson Stadium. In an interview with ESPN, Irsay said the field passed an NFL/NFLPA inspection earlier in the day. At some point afterward, he said, the nefarious paint job took place.

"This shouldn't happen," Irsay said. "It's not difficult. Obviously everyone out there says, 'Hey you're a $12 billion league. How could you not have a field out there ready to go?' Well, the Hall of Fame is sort of separate and gets run a little differently from the league. But ... as owners, we'll have to get it right so it never happens again."

While technically accurate, Irsay's explanation was weak and a cop-out of the worst kind. Surely it won't register with most fans who don't care about the corporate distinction between the NFL and the independent Pro Football Hall of Fame. This was an NFL preseason game to be played by two NFL teams, Irsay's Colts and the Green Bay Packers, between players employed by the NFL and to be televised via the NFL's contract with ESPN. The league must own this preseason game as it does all others.

If the problem occurred as Irsay claimed -- that an independent grounds crew applied paint that ruined the field -- it's the NFL's fault for not providing the proper post-inspection vigilance.

As funny as this episode might be, it's not just a Keystone Kops comedy of errors. It's a reminder that NFL players must fear injuries not just from contact with each other but also from faulty field conditions that should be entirely preventable in 2016.

The NFL has canceled only three games in the past 21 years because of field conditions, but players routinely complain about surfaces at Chicago's Soldier Field and Houston's Reliant Stadium, among others. Last season, then-San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush tore his ACL after running into a wall on the slick track at St. Louis' Edward Jones Dome. And for Pete's sake, Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham tore his ACL in last year's Hall of Fame Game.

Amid widespread complaints about the field conditions in that game, the Hall of Fame imported a used playing surface from the Superdome in New Orleans. That transition alone should have heightened the NFL's sensitivities in the days leading up to Sunday night's game.

Earlier this summer, the NFL and NFLPA formed a Field Surface & Performance Committee to, according to a media release, "provide advice and guidance regarding the safety, performance and testing of non-NFL game day and practice surfaces." In other words, its first charge was to prevent exactly the type of mistake that occurred Sunday night. The answer appears simple: Don't stage any games in non-NFL stadiums. Next year, put the Hall of Fame Game in nearby Cleveland.

"The paint job that occurred is really unprecedented," Irsay lamented. He added that he wanted to "get to the bottom of exactly who got this paint job done and why was there incompetence."

And there you go. We are but one week into August and already the NFL must root out the source of a new ineptitude. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry or whistle. Let's do all three -- just to be safe. For those who like their "-gates," we can now add "Paintgate" to the list. Welcome to the 2016 NFL ... preseason.

Having experience in property management with clients with far, far less money during my 5 years in Florida, such painting folly by painting contractors is INEXCUSABLE in business in general and BEYOND INEXCUSABLE for a top-notch operation like the wealthiest sports league in the US and probably the Western Hemisphere!

On the level of gross incompetence and outright negligence by the NFL and/or an owner at the very least, put this one up there with the Super Bowl seat debacle by Jerry Jones and company in Dallas a few years ago as well as the whole Replacement Referee fiasco in 2012.

Far worse is happening elsewhere on the globe of course and hey we in the US have been out of the recessionary times since at least late 2013 at the very least, but just what year is this that some guys cannot even paint a football field properly as if this is something new? :roll:

And quit trying to sugar-coat the folly folks. I don't give a rip about NFL preseason football otherwise, but this result is bush league for any league or business for that matter and damn right there is a double standard when the CFL comes up. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I bet that mammoth spokesman lost 10 pounds in standing there fielding questions for hours in his suit and taking one for his employer as otherwise he soiled 3 pairs of drawers that day.

At least for once ESPN is letting them have it as opposed to the white kid gloves kiss-butt treatment the NFL gets typically in all its folly.

As another example of the kiss-butt treatment of the NFL by US media was the mass-hype last September by the two top Daily Fantasy Sports site, which is gambling but "legally" not gambling in every state in the US, for which media scrutiny was avoided when they ran constantly those annoying ads to pander to mostly sheeple amateur gamblers (aka fools!). Then came of course the unsurprising revelation of impropriety, errr cheating!, by employees of one of the by golly unregulated gambling sites. :roll: As if all that was such a revelation and unpredictable? :roll:

It just so happened that NFL owners Bob Kraft of New England and Jerry Jones of Dallas had financial stakes in those gambling operations, so the media scrutiny was amiss until the cheating was revealed. Hmmm ... :?

Rinse and repeat on when the NFL screws up big again, but at least there is scrutiny early this time and I say when the NFL screws up let 'em have it given their track record in especially since about 2009 when they were still hyping up the big, and now illegal, hits above the shoulders.

The NFL has lots of egg on its face that the adoring media glosses the hundreds of fans who showed up for the Dallas Super Bowl only to find their seats hadn't been installed yet! This cost the NFL millions, having to give these fans free tickets to the next SB including transportation and accommodation. The media largely ignored it, but could you imagine the outcry if that had happened in the CFL? Another example is the NFL's much bally-hooed invasion of China with regular season games scheduled for Shanghai, but ticket sales were so slow the NFL abruptly cancelled the series, claiming they wanted to "concentrate on London." The media bought this hook-line and stinker and there was nary a critical word about the NFL's retreat from Asia.

The NFL in Toronto was a colossal failure also...only mitigated by Rogers giving away thousands of NFL regular-season tickets for each game of the Bills series. Despite Rogers signing up for another 5-years, the series was abruptly cancelled after one game when Toronto drew the smallest crowd in the NFL that year...with Rogers massively papering the crowd with free tickets. The NFL will not tolerate anything which might tarnish their glowing image...probably writing off Canada for the next hundred years or so. :wink:

Some good discussion on this thread, just wanted to clear the air saying I am not a NFL hater, far from it, my room and wardrobe is stocked full of Baltimore Ravens gear I absolutely love football period, but just wanted to point out as many have figured out that if this happened in the CFL, holy hell we'd never hear the end of it, but since it was the NFL, oh well shit happens let just move on it was only a pre-season game anyways...the CFL would never get that type of wiggle room from fans or media, as soon as CFL does something close to "bush league", than people jump all over them, meanwhile NFL is as bush league as they come.

To tell the truth, I've seen some American media take the NFL to task and copied the one article earlier.

Where it irritates me is from Canadian members of the media who seem to wait for opportunities to dump on the CFL, yet ignore this kind of thing. Lyle named McCown earlier and that would be a good example. Maybe he took a poke at the NFL over this, but I doubt it. Had it been the CFL though, there's no doubt in my mind he would have.

Note now a $5M lawsuit against the NFL for the cancellation of the HOF game and rightly so! Settle it NFL and don't screw it up again you greedy morons! :x

(Annoying Autoplay Warning)

[url=] ... ncellation[/url]

Note ample precedent of incompetence as cited for the playing surface last year that quietly ended the career of a top NFL kicker ... ng-injury/ as well as the 2011 Superbowl fiasco in Dallas as noted below.

Given some of these fine comments including that last one by QQ, Xvys and 2EZ, I think I am going to stand with my Canadian brothers here on all these bush league pro football antics more now.

I've already been on the case of the NBA for years since the referee cheating scandal of about a decade ago and the associated cover-up as well as all the other rot of David Stern still coming out each year now that he's finally gone. And then there's the NHL. :roll:

When the NFL screws up, I'm going to be all over it mercilessly all season. Maybe we'll have a new thread for it. And when I hear of any media bashing the CFL for usually far inferior offences by especially Toronto media types, I'm going to be right there with you all too.

Enough of the underlying nonsense from wealthy owners of professional sports franchises and other businesses, all represented by highly-compensated and educated commissioners doing their bidding, yet all too often only because they were being so cheap on spending on resources so as to aid and abet such inevitable gross negligence and incompetence at minimum. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

And screw all the media ball washers with their cover stories to try the fool the bojack sheeple again and again. So many folks no doubt are quite dumb, such as your local Wal-Mart on an average Saturday at least in the US, but not so many are fooled by all the glib double-talking overpaid media stooge nonsense any more. :x

I'm going to help call out those spineless puppets and parrots out even more too and too with many of those types in the US in New York (and add politics and you have Washington DC types who are not even in media too) in contrast to those media schmucks in Toronto all too at the ready to bash the CFL. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I liked the one article that pointed that everyone seemed perfectly willing to suggest both teams play after using paint-thinner on the field, until a member of the Packers noticed that it can cause skin burns. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right? THEN it became all about player safety.

I need to be more vocal about this the next time the CFL is accused of being bush league. Many years ago now, but I used to point out that the NFL is the only league to have a simple coin flip turn into a controversial event. (Detroit/Pittsburgh Thanksgiving) :wink: