NFL draft

did anything happen that could be a benefit to us? One thing for sure is Chase Daniel went un-drafted! I have a feeling he will find a team to sign with though... Hopefully within the next year or two hes up north!

I can't see him signing anywhere. He didn't get drafted for good reason. There are many guys that went undrafted that rate higher than CD on many teams lists due to CD's poor performances down the stretch last season. Darian Durant will be the incumbant Riders QB in 1, 2, and 3 years so good luck to Mr. Daniel.

I watched 15 of his college games on TV, because of the Riders neg. list, and I don't even want to have a looksie. I say we trade his neg. rights while they're hot. This guy hasn't won since HS, lacks leadership, and doesn't look like he has the tools to compete and succeed in the heat of the CFL's west division.

Actually, the word is he has already signed with Washington.

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And ET thinks very highly of this kid so I doubt we'll be trading him anytime soon.

Don't worry im not hating but this has to be the most negative review i'v seen about CD, intresting.

No kidding! Yikes!!