Will the cats pick up another QB after the NFL
Draft gets their pick ???????
any comments? :roll:

I would comment if I knew what you were saying???

I think hes asking if we think the Cats will attempt to sign an undrafted QB...If so, my answer: hopefully not and probably not...we have 4 QBs on the roster and the draft is right before training camp...but who knows I read once in a Spectator article that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins had not ruled out the option of bringing in a fifth quarter back.

You are right on that lukethompson. CFL contracts are not guaranteed and the players must first pass a physical and make the team in order to be paid. There is a limit as to how many players they can bring into camp, but it would not surprise me to see someone other than the 4 we have right now.

Excess players are traded if signed and if they can't get any takers then they are given their outright release! Under the new SMS every GM is trying to get the best "bang for their buck".

We have already seen lots of players released and some re-signed at lower contract prices.

There will be lots of players looking for work after TC and I'm sure there will be a flurry of action before the opening game! With the new coaches, few hold-overs and a new system it will be interesting to see who will stick. Right now it is a "hip-shot"!

Hamilton needs to get rid of that loser jason moooose.

I think the cats should scan the NFL Draft
list for a QB with some foot speed,the four
we have now don’t look like good scramblers.

Ti-Cat management must have listened to your request. I do not see a Jason Moooose on the roster.

Who do you think will be picked #1? I hear lots about JaMarcus Russell but I don't think he's #1 material. I think based on talent it should be Calvin Johnson. Any thoughts?

Jason Mooooose making fun of duh.

I did expect us to dip into the NFL pool, except now, I'm not too sure, I'm relatively optimistic about our quarterbacks now. I expect Maas to rebound.

IF Maas does not rebound, i would like to have a
biger choice at QB, i think we need to pick up
at least one more QB with foot speed. :cowboy:

I don't think foot speed is as important as everyone makes it out to be. Who are the best QBs in the CFL right now? I think Buck Pierce and Dave Dickenson would get most votes.

Neither of them are speedsters.

D.Dickenson in his prime had foot speed.
then there is Printers,Buris,fluie etc etc

Will the cats pick up another QB after the NFL Draft gets their pick ??????? any comments?
Why? Hes not going to be CFL ready right after college so whats the point?

Warren Moon had foot speed and was not drafted

Warren Moon had foot speed and was not drafted
Yeah, but there were more reasons to why he was not drafted then simply being over looked.

There has been exceptions to this rule, May be
we will get lucky. A QB who can throw well on
the run is a bonus in the CFL.

Chuck Ealey had great moblity lead us to a Grey Cup win in his 1st year and was not DRAFTED!!!

Talking about an excellent prospect for the
CFL coming out of the NFL draft selection
is QB KEVIN HUFF ,at little bit to short for
the NFL, but excellent foot speed, as they
mentioned in his profile.


Tell me what you think???? :thup:

DO you think we need one more QB????